To Open Older Sealed Vinyl Or Keep It Sealed??

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by gates69, Dec 15, 2012.

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  1. '67 Chevy

    '67 Chevy Forum Resident

    That's a fair point, but it seems it would have to be a much rarer occurrence than the risk of over-graded open LPs or sealed LPs with factory defects. As you say, individuals and people selling records from their own collections would not have a resealing machine. OTOH, someone who sells LPs for a living can't afford to get caught, and it would only take one negative Feedback about a re-sealed album to do far more financial harm than the Seller would gain from such deception. Very high risk proposition for the Seller, it seems.

    And if a Seller is of the kind of character that he re-seals albums and represents them as factory sealed, he probably has other negative qualities that would be revealed in the Seller's feedback as well.

    Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to weigh the different factors and probabilities :)
  2. Jim T

    Jim T Forum Resident

    Play it. Life is too short.
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  3. buckeye1010

    buckeye1010 Zephead Buckeye

    Dayton, OH
    Music was meant to be played!
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  4. hvbias

    hvbias Midrange magic

    But the tape probably only has around 100 play lifes (assuming a perfectly set up R2R deck) before it will start to degrade in sound quality. An LP is no where near that.
  5. MrRom92

    MrRom92 Forum Supermodel

    Long Island, NY
    I tend to disagree, if anything I'd say that the tape has more of a life than the LP assuming a nice deck runs well and is maintained. Much more than 100 plays for sure.
    But that is besides the point. The way I see it, is if the discussion is suddenly flipped from commercial LP's to master tapes, I feel that a lot of the people in the "music is not an investment" crowd may start suddenly changing their personal opinion on the matter and thus choose to play the LP.

    We must keep in mind, of course, the situation is purely hypothetical. We assume the wear life is the same, the LP in question is sourced from the master, and the cost to acquire each was similar.
  6. dconsmack

    dconsmack Forum Resident

    Las Vegas, NV USA
    I buy sealed vintage LPs whenever I can. I always play them. Just expect them to be warped. Most of mine weren't, but it's the risk you take.
  7. hvbias

    hvbias Midrange magic

    I've heard a few mastering engineers say 100 plays. Example.

    Other engineers have posted similar thoughts on the Gear Slutz board with measurements (high frequency degradation)

    I don't think anyone has undertaken it with vinyl.
  8. ggergm

    ggergm I really don't mind if you sit this one out

    I have a few sealed records that are investments. I own opened copies of those titles to play but I'll be selling the sealed ones in the future for a lot of money. They are worth a lot now and as soon as I see them stop increasing in price and start leveling off, they will be sold.

    Otherwise, play the sumsofbitches.
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  9. Runt

    Runt Senior Member

    Motor City
    Yeah, it it's something you don't have on either opened vinyl or CD, then by all means open it and play it.
  10. Eobard Thawne

    Eobard Thawne Forum Resident

    It's like comic books that are printed on newsprint, they yellow after 20-30 years. You can slow it down but baging them in
    plastic sleeves and boards etc.
  11. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    Open them as they were meant to be played, unless you want to start hoarding them and keeping them sealed (theres no guarantee that they will be valuable still later).
    Hehe, I have few vinyl still sealed (extra copies that I found for real bargain price) but I suppose Im gonna take them out and play them.
  12. Chris180g

    Chris180g Forum Resident

    Easy choice for me, music is made to be listened to. Play it and enjoy it
  13. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
    If you have difficulty opening a record, I recommend either a box cutter or an x-acto blade. There are no sealed LPs in my house.
  14. Robin L

    Robin L Musical Omnivore

    Fresno, California
    And I operated the sealing machine at Tower Berkeley for a few years. Lots of places have shrink wrap machines—Rare Records Glendale, the Borders store in Fresno where I used to work. It's no big. You could buy one cheap enough.

    Just make sure you keep the wire that heat-cuts the shrink wrap nice and clean and shiny. Otherwise you'll have tell-tale burn marks on the shrink, a dead give-away for a re-shrunk record. If you ever see a brownish tinge at the seam of a shrink-wrap job, you'll know it was done by some minimum wage tool at some record store. It happens much more frequently than you might imagine.
  15. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    Open it. I find most titles, even when found unopened from the 70's, are not that valuable. I had purchased Johnny Winter's "John Dawson Winter III", Doobie Brothers "Once Were Vices Are Now Habits" albums unopened a number of years ago for 9.00 bucks each. So unless you're talking a rarity here....
    I did not hesitate to open mine. I bought them to play.
  16. keef00

    keef00 Senior Member

    I wouldn't be above flipping a sealed album without playing it. As someone said already, you can probably buy a NM copy of the same record with the profit. Plus, you can probably find a torrent of the exact same LP available to download somewhere, so then it's a have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too situation. Having said all that, there are exactly zero sealed, unplayed albums in my collection.
  17. Arkoffs

    Arkoffs Remote member

    Right behind you
    The only one I ever sat on sealed for a long time was Big Star #1 record. Finally opened it one night when some friends from Memphis were there to discover a copy with a big pressing flaw. heh.

    Since then if I pick up something sealed I want to hear, I open it. That's what they're made for. I do pick up other sealed things here and there for a friend who runs an online store, and he often opens them to check the condition anyway. Right now I have a sealed TJB Whipped Cream I'm not sure what to do with ... saw it at a thrift store and just couldn't leave it there unsupervised!
  18. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    I am unable to leave albums sealed, or let sleeping dogs lie.
  19. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Maybe one day they'll invent a record player that can play still-sealed records.
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  20. triplecask

    triplecask Forum Resident

    London, England
    I would rather have a sealed record that's been opened and had a plastic inner put in for preservation. For me having a spotless mint record is more important than a record that has some specs of dirt from the plant, got shoved into a paper insert and was then sealed. It might look clean on the outside but on the inside...

    However if you are in collectors territory then do what you do.
  21. izgoblin

    izgoblin Forum Resident

    I have this same dilemma. If an album isn't too rare sealed, then I open and play it, but I've bought $30-$50 records in sealed condition specifically to upgrade a used copy that I have and darnit if I can't bring myself to open the damn things. Case in point, I have a couple of Varese Sarabande soundtrack albums (Phantasm and Martin), the former which goes for good money in decent condition. I think I paid $20 for my sealed copy (a steal!) and my existing copy has groove damage, but it's gonna hurt to open up that sealed one. I keep searching for another cheap minty or sealed copy so I don't have to do it!
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  22. Laservampire

    Laservampire Down with this sort of thing

    I recently purchased a still sealed 1966 mono Capitol LP called "The Who's Who Of Country & Western Music", which was a favorite from my childhood, which my grandmother gave me. My copy was an Australian record club pressing, with no cover, and is now absolutely ruined!

    Got the package last night, the seal lasted about 15 minutes before I unsealed the record from it's 47 year imprisonment. Flat as a tack, not a mark to be seen!

    After a light clean, this one is getting needledropped on the first play so I can give a CD-R of it to my nanna :)
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  23. buckeye1010

    buckeye1010 Zephead Buckeye

    Dayton, OH
    In my humble opinion, vinyl was made to be played.
  24. dvcarrick

    dvcarrick Forum Resident

    I have bought a few sealed albums ... They get opened... Thy get cleaned.... They get played :)
  25. wayved

    wayved Guest

    Life is short. If you don't have another copy of it open it up and play it if you want! Entirely up to you!
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