'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Jack Francis

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    (Whether or not the thing you're not doing is not streaming first, or not buying blindly.)
  2. scotti

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    Well how about some Tone Poet chatter...

    Heard from Joe earlier and he told me comparing to his first pressing of "Expansions" he feels this new version is so much better. It's a very dynamic on the master so they let it breathe. Yes, will need to be turned up more than usual, but once the horns come in you'll know why the overall level was kept under control. He's looking forward to what we think...

    And talk about digging deep into the Tone Poet chest, on 8/18 & 8/19 the Tone Poet gurus will be at it in the studio mastering the Sonny Clark "Trio" and how about this for a title I bet not many were expecting...Carmell Jones "The Remarkable Carmell Jones" on Pacific Jazz.
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  3. Pushpaw

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    ha, I'm actually guilty of this. I didn't like jazz writ large, and definitely not the songs, until I had some of the albums on audiophile vinyl. A big part of the experience and enjoyment is the sound itself, along with the music. Hard to explain it, but there it is. Now I'm hooked so perhaps I could listen to jazz on tinny iphone speakers, but I doubt I would last long. Maybe this is proof I like the sound better than the music. Not sure.
  4. Jack Francis

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    Portland, OR
    Leave it to Joe and friends to curate a title that doesn’t even have a wikipedia entry. It’s almost like we get to go back in time to the 1960s all over again and get these albums for the first time!
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  5. Starquest

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    Oh excellent, this is BLP 1579? One of my favourite BN covers!! Music ain't bad either :D Can't wait for that one! I don't see it on the 2021/2022 list, so I'm wondering if it'll be a while.
  6. Harrison_Bergeron

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    I own an OG stereo pressing and I absolutely love this album. Carmell’s such an underrated trumpeter. And Harold Land kills it per usual. I’m excited everyone will get to experience this West Coast Hard Bop gem as a Tone Poet release.
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  7. bruinuclafan

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    Wonderfully said!
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  8. Jeffrey Weiss

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    I greatly prefer Extensions over Expansions, and that cover is to die for.
  9. Briskit

    Briskit “I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razy!”

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    Rootin' for mono on the Clark Trio date.
    Carmell looks very interesting. Where do I know Gary Peacock from? Something with Jack Dejohnette I think?
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  10. this_machine

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    I think this session falls in the period where RVG was recording to both mono and stereo tapes, so it’ll be interesting to see how they approach it. The Cooker was recorded just a month earlier and was released as a stereo Tone Poet.
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  11. Instant Dharma

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    Well, yeah the trio consisting of then obscure Keith Jarret and DeJonette;).
    Also played for many years with Jimmy Giuffre.
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  12. KUJayhawk

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    Oh hell yeah!!
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  13. Johan1880

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    Music Matters considered the Sonny Trio, the tape box was photographed for this article, but I can't determine whether this was the mono or stereo.

    Nevertheless "I'll stick with mono!"

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  14. Mrtn77

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    Gary Peacock first made waves playing with Albert Ayler, long before Keith Jarrett.
    And I wasn't aware he'd played with Giuffre for years. When was that ? Could you not be mistaking him with Steve Swallow ?
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  15. bresna

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    York, Maine
    I first heard McCoy Tyner's "Expansions" in the early 90's on the Blue Note CD. It has never been a favorite. I have thousands of Jazz CDs to choose from when I want to spin one. This one doesn't come out often enough. Since I started buying LPs again. I am now finding myself looking at the LP rack almost as long as I have to look at the CD rack before pulling something out to play. There is only so much time in the day where I can play music. Work & life intercede. So I have to be choosy. I already know I am not a huge fan of "Expansions" on CD so I know that won't change if I buy the LP. It's that simple.

    Why should I buy it on LP? If I really want to hear it, I can blow the dust off of the CD, which still sounds pretty good to my ears, and play it.

    Unlike some here, I am still a fan of CDs, particularly if they are well done. I play my CDs back on very good systems and I get tons of enjoyment from it. Some people forget that this forum was originally started to discuss Steve Hoffman's DCC releases, which were sold in huge quantities on CD. People still talk about them. They have not suddenly started sounding worse because a new LP came out.
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  16. pglbook

    pglbook Forum Resident

    Great news. I have the Mosaic Select Carmell Jones box set which has “The Remarkable Carmell Jones” in it but of course I will be getting the future Tone Poet. Thanks for sharing the info as always!
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  17. scotti

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    So I was able to get a hold of Joe this morning regarding the Sonny Clark Trio. They have both the mono and stereo tapes and they will make a determination after listening to them. He has both the stereo and mono versions (records) and he told me that the stereo is more like expanded mono and not what you would expect from a Rudy stereo recording from that era. If Rudy ran both, they always listen to them first before they make their decision.

    Once they master it, I will get the final answer...
  18. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    Knowing what Joe has chosen on those situations before, it'll probably be the Stereo.
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  19. Gabe Walters

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  20. nosliw

    nosliw It's a hairstyle, not real cat ears :P

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
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  21. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    I'm almost thinking the same the way he sounded, but this one might surprise us. Of course it will come down as to what tape is in the best shape...since the stereo sounds like expanded mono and if they decide to go with that one, the soundstage will be very interesting what they do with it.

    @Gabe Walters I agree 100% (mono vs stereo), Joe has no preference, I believe it comes down to what sounds best to their ears.
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  22. Kimiimacman

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    Please don’t take offence but I t’s interesting to me that you often qualify the enjoyment with your “sweet spot”. I understand the sentiment but to me the sweet spot can at times be a distraction insomuch as it’s easier to fall into the ‘listening to the gear’ or ‘the detail’ trap; I’m not saying you do of course. I’ve been in the HiFi industry so long that I know it’s all to easy only to be disappointed later on. Like I said, just an observation, nothing personal.

    From my perspective, I know that my system is delivering the musical goods most when I’m not in the sweet spot, indeed when I’m not even in the room; if I’m still emotionally engaged then I know my rig/the recording is working big time. Crank to 11 and leave the room, sounds like a quartet playing in the other room to me, happy days.
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  23. recstar24

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    great point! I agree to a certain extent. I was spinning Juju MM45 last night and my listening room has an open entry way into our kitchen and living room. I remember going into the kitchen and saying to myself “wow this sounds so amazing” lol. This has happened before but last night it just really clicked that the stuff still sounds so good even when listening from a separate room, it was like the combo was playing live and I just happened to leave the stage area to use the bathroom at a live club.
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  24. gmeese34

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    You could always splurge for the Mosaic box if you can find one for a reasonable price
  25. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Ha! Good shoutout and may I say I rarely listen to music in my sweet spot even though it sounds like I'm always there. Its only when I want to really want to wrap my ears around the sound the best I can. And yes it can be a distraction at times as I can end up drifting off too much and not focusing like I should be. Most of the time I'm standing back at my bar or playing some pool as I listen. More relaxing that way...

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