Tonight Show with Johnny Carson coming to Shout! Factory TV April 1

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    I didn 't watch Carson for the music -but he was top of the heap in his field , unmatched by anyone. Mho I believe he influenced every type of comic media of his time- books, movies, tv. He was the true king of comedy- timing, wit, brilliant without being stuffy, cool yet engaging. - he had it all. And he was at his happiest when a new comedic talent did a groundbreaking monologue that won over the audience. He paved the way for all the great comics of the time, many who we are still watching today.

    But I never watched him for the music. For the music, I watched Dave.
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    a terrific '74 appearance by Steve Martin

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    From a cursory scan of Shout's web site, their collection seems to be based on the same episodes Antenna TV airs. I'm not really seeing much there that I don't remember seeing on Antenna TV when I spent a year or two watching. Antenna seems to repeat the same episodes every year, so I would guess their library is in the hundreds of episodes. I noticed that some of Shout's episodes have random, small edits for time, while Antenna seems to air the same episodes unedited.

    Here is one of the craziest appearances I've ever seen on Carson. Rod Hull with his very excitable and irritable Emu puppet. It's amazing no lawsuits resulted from this.

    The behind-the-scenes story of the appearance is here:
    News From ME - Mark Evanier's blog

    Shout also has the full episode, and this appearance is at 29:00:
    ShoutFactoryTV : Watch The Johnny Carson Show Episode : The Johnny Carson Show: The Best Of Richard Pryor (6/9/83)
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  4. That was terrific, what a great and original puppet act.
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    Yeah, Rod Hull was obviously never well known in America, but he seems to have been on children's shows and been better known in the U.K. and I think maybe Australia and Canada. YouTube has other clips of him terrorizing talk show hosts unexpectedly, as well as more rehearsed acts on his children's shows. He made another appearance on Carson two years later, which is absent from the internet, but it proves Carson enjoyed the joke.

    I think a great movie could be made about his life, if a good comic actor steps into his role. There's the insanity of his act, which most Americans have never seen, several infamous appearances, some pathos in that he wanted to maybe be a bigger star, but plateaued with this puppet act, and even the unfortunate freak accident that killed him, adjusting the antenna on his roof. One of his obituaries says, "He rose to the top of his profession but fell from grace because of over-exposure, mismanagement and his own naive nature." He went bankrupt at one point, making it a rags-to-riches-to-rags story. And through it all, he seems like he was an upbeat guy who never took life too seriously.

    Obituary: Rod Hull

    He even met the Queen of England and had Emu eat her bouquet:

    Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother with British entertainer Rod Hull... News Photo - Getty Images

    "No respecter of authority or royalty, Emu ate the Queen Mother's bouquet at the Royal Variety Show in 1972. "She didn't bat an eyelid. Just looked very concerned and said: `I think your Emu is rather hungry'," revealed Hull."
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