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Tool's NEW ALBUM Fear Inoculum - August 30th, 2019

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chrome_Head, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Admerr

    Admerr Forum Resident

    I’m more curious why they let the exchange rate at that time negatively impact their opinion of the band.
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  2. Hattipper

    Hattipper Forum Resident

    Sarver, PA
    Fear Inoculum Physical Tracklist:
    01. Fear Inoculum
    02. Pneuma
    03. Invincible
    04. Descending
    05. Culling Voices
    06. Chocolate Chip Trip
    07. 7empest

    Fear Inoculum Digital Tracklist:
    01. Fear Inoculum
    02. Pneuma
    03. Litanie contre la Peur
    04. Invincible
    05. Legion Inoculant
    06. Descending
    07. Culling Voices
    08 Chocolate Chip Trip
    09. 7empest
    10. Mockingbeat
  3. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, CA.
    Source for this?
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  4. Zurna

    Zurna Well-Known Member

    I've a friend who has always loved this band, but I've never really given them a go. Just a group I think I've always said I'll investigate at a later point but haven't yet. They still seem interesting and timeless from what I've read.

    This seems like a good time to start their discography.
  5. Hattipper

    Hattipper Forum Resident

    Sarver, PA
  6. Blaine Jacobs

    Blaine Jacobs Forum Resident

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  7. Alternative4

    Alternative4 One of These Days I'll Get an Early Night

    New Zealand
    Not everyone lives in the USA
  8. miller_time22

    miller_time22 Forum Resident

    Glad to hear the CD package contains a download card, since it appears the CD capacity is insufficient to include the interludes on the album.
  9. Simon_LDT

    Simon_LDT Forum Resident

    England, UK
    Hmm, if that track listing is correct and the interludes are missing from the CD, surely it's basically a coaster? I know some of the interludes/outros in the past are not always fantastic but they do form part of the album (more so the interludes). Plus the band have written and sequenced it that way for a reason.

    Don't know why this wasn't 2CD or even a DVD-A/V which could have been authored to play upon insertion (no startup menus) and could have also stored the full album in hi-res too.
  10. Surely they can fit the extra tracks on the CD.

    What's the vinyl version going to be then, a quadruple disk 2m foldout gatefold?
  11. VinylMario

    VinylMario The Crow

    7empest sounds interesting! I wished these were stretched out between 2 CDs. Maybe the cost of two CDs per package would've been too much, I'm guessing? I'll bet the segues are kept in tact for the vinyl pressing tho!
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  12. theshape

    theshape Forum Resident

    Saint Joseph, MO
    Not according to Metallica with their last album....
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  13. whoman4says

    whoman4says Forum Resident

    Pissed that the CD's missing the segues but once I've paid nearly £50 for the CD, I'll not have even a slight moral dilemma about nicking the hi-rez digital version from a torrent site somewhere! After that, I'll probably never play the CD again anyway.
  14. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident

    Loudwire review says this for 7empest

    "This thing is BRUTALLY heavy and there’s no breathing room at all. No little soft transitions to connect crucial landmarks, just vicious and relentless metal. How can a band string together so many gigantic parts without taking a breath? Tool give absolutely no ****s.
    This is the best thing Adam Jones has ever recorded. It’s beyond epic. I’m absolutely blown away and baffled by this 20-minute monster. No other band could do this. Not a chance."

    Oh my gooooooooddddddd I'm excited
  15. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Would it really have cost a lot more to make this a 2cd set? I thought that the manufacturing cost of a compact disc was mere pennies.

    Or maybe they didn't want to break up the flow of the album by having the listener change discs half way through.

    Fair enough, but if true then it doesn't bode well for the prospect of a future vinyl release.
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  16. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    That's exactly was their argument against streaming that it's some artistic intent and flow instead of random streaming shuffle.
    Then somebody said to them "so why you play your songs out of any album sequence live then?"

    CD can hold a bit less than 80 minutes. This album in total clocks way over 80, it seems.
  17. mertoo

    mertoo Forum Resident

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  18. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    What I liked hearing the most out of these reviews is the fact that Danny Carey is front and center playing like lead drums if you will. He is hands down my favorite member from this band, and this is awesome to hear. Now I'm really excited for this. Not sure I'm fond of the way the CD is leaving some pieces out though...no telling what my final spend will be on this now...ouch! but in a good way. I bet the vinyl version is going to sound sweet as can be!
  19. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    Only one track with angry Maynard though apparently :(
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  20. oneway23

    oneway23 Forum Resident

    NY, US
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  21. St. Troy

    St. Troy It feels superior.

    Well, today I finally went from :) to :mad:. I haven't concerned myself with the download card until now because I didn't/couldn't take seriously the notion that the band would release a CD containing only part of the album, but since it now appears that they have taken this moronic and indefensible step :doh:, I have some questions:

    Does the "digital download card" have files on it, or does it grant access to something online from which you download the files?

    Amazon describes it as an "MP3 download card," whereas the toolband.com August newsletter describes it as a "digital download card" - do we know if these files will be MP3, or something else?

    Will the sound quality differ between those two sources (CD and the download files)? It sure as hell will reek if 3 tracks are noticeably weaker in quality (I worry that MP3 files - if that's what they are - can't be as high quality as the CD tracks, although I have very little experience with MP3 files), and if they differ, no way in hell would I just listen to the whole thing on MP3 for the sake of uniformity. :cussing:

    When I ask if the sound quality will differ, I should point out that I don't have audiophile speakers or headphones; mine is not a situation where I can say (as some have) things like "when I tried it out on my Klipsch system, the individual toms occupied different points in space, and I can hear Danny's stool creak when he leans in." I don't have the ability to find or hear sonic fingerprints, but if it's a meaningful difference, I will hear it, and I will be pissed.

    Further background of my music process to explain what I do and why:

    I only listen to music through my iPhone (home and vehicle are out of the question for various reasons), which means everything first gets loaded into iTunes on my laptop, and from there copied to my iPhone. When I receive my physical copy of FI, I will first copy the CD tracks to iTunes/laptop, and then the download files for the 3 tracks left off the CD. I will combine the two sources so that it all appears as one continuous album in iTunes (with proper running order etc.), and from there put it on my iPhone. If there is the option to download some kind of "super HD tracks" that aren't compatible with iTunes, they would be of no use to me.

    And no - I'm not going to stream it!
  22. Gila

    Gila Forum Resident

    MP3 is a lossy format by definition and by concept. Whether you will hear it or not is another question.
    I think there were some studies showing that people can't reliably tell 320kbps MP3 (maximum MP3 quality setting) vs CD.

    That (iTunes/iPhone) is also using a different lossy compression format. Thought I'm not too familiar with it, I think there's also Apple Lossless format.
    Not sure if importing MP3s into iTunes/iPhone/iPod will transcode them from one lossy format (MP3) into another lossy format (AAC).
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  23. St. Troy

    St. Troy It feels superior.

    Am I alone in thinking this source separation is a listening stumbling block?
  24. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    So now I'm getting really confused here...there is a limited CD/vinyl version up for sale on ebay with the 8/30 release on it. Is this right? Do not see this listed anywhere else...
  25. Sane Man

    Sane Man Forum Resident

    Bethlehem, PA
    The only announcements I've seen thus far are the limited edition CD with digital download and streaming options. The differentiation in tracks between the CD (7) and the digital (10) only reinforces that I'll be waiting for a 2xLP vinyl option with the entire album sequenced correctly.
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