TV Shows that didn't hang around long enough (aka Brilliant but Cancelled)

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  1. James Slattery

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    Long Island
    Quite a subjective list but there are many fine shows over the years which for various reasons, bad time slot, politics, network stupidity, etc., should have lasted longer.

    He and She
    Occasional Wife
    East Side West Side
    For the People (1965)
    The Governor and JJ
    Love on a Rooftop
    The Paul Lynde Show
    Slattery's People
    Bus Stop
    The Don Rickles Show (sitcom)
    The Paul Lynde Show
    The Nancy Walker Show
    Now and Again
    The Immortal
    Coronet Blue
    My Friend Tony
    What Really Happened to the Class of '65
    Medical Story
    Doctors Hospital
    Lucas Tanner
    Hey Landlord
    T.H.E. Cat
    Outer Limits (original)
    Way Out
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  2. R. Totale

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  3. The Panda

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    The rebooted Fantasy Island with a sarcastic abrasive Malcolm McDowell as Rourke
    He had an assistant that was very easy on the eyes, also.
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  4. Etienne Hanratty

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    American Gothic-the 1990s series. Arguably failed to maintain momentum over even one series-the potato boy?-but a lot of unresolved storylines which would’ve benefitted from being capped off.
  5. EddieMann

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    Geneva, IL. USA.
    The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd.
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  6. JozefK

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  7. Deuce66

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  8. halfjapanese

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  9. tlake6659

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  10. keef00

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    Pushing Daisies
  11. Duke Fame

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    Tampa, FL
    Men of a Certain Age
    Sullivan & Son
  12. evillouie

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    One of my favorites was a little-known "dramedy" from 1982 called "Making The Grade". It was set in a high school and starred James Naughton as an English teacher, and also starred a then-unknown George Wendt as the gym teacher, before he got his big break as Norm on "Cheers".

    I loved "Making The Grade". It should have lasted waaay longer than the half a season that it was on!
  13. bare trees

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    The Good Guys
    Freaks And Geeks
  14. The writing on the second season for The Outer Limits, Ellison episodes aside took a distant downward spiral (the two part episode is also an exception). Without Stefan’s and Stevens, it wasn’t the same show.

    I would nominate Brisco County Jr., Firefly, The Night Stalker (the remake and original—the original was kind of spotty in terms of writing but Darren McGavin and Simon Oakland all made it worthwhile).

    I keep hoping that Shout Favtory will put out a blue ray of The Night Stalker (the original film and the series)
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  15. Dan C

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    The West
    Anyone remember the CBS drama "WIOU"? It was about a troubled local news station. It aired in the early-90s I think and was cancelled before the final few episodes of the season aired. CBS got a lot of blowback about that.

    IIRC it was a critical darling with complex characters and long, winding storylines. It came and went before dramas like "E.R." and "NYPD Blue" were able to change people's perceptions on TV dramas.

    dan c

    PS: Here's the Wiki article on the show. Not much info. The final episode wasn't aired. IIRC it was in the listings but simply never aired. Very disappointing.
    WIOU (TV series) - Wikipedia
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  16. The Zodiac

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  17. Veggie Boy

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    Here is a repost from recently watched tv show thread.

    Caught a rerun of Trophy Wife. First Wife...Second Wife...Trophy Wife

    This was an ABC sitcom that was cancelled after only one season!! Every time I catch a rerun I get annoyed about the cancellation. Trophy Wife was funny, smart, and had a great cast. Why was this cancelled? It wasn't a laugh-track inserted mindless piece of crap that run for multiple seasons (like Two Broke Girls for example).
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  18. Dan C

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    The West
    NBC News Overnight was so brilliant. I remember watching it as a sleepless teen and deciding right then and there I wanted to be a journalist at NBC in New York! I became a journalist but not in TV. :) Glad some of those shows survive on YouTube.

    dan c
  19. britt2001b

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    Then Came Bronson
  20. Eyewire

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    My So-Called Life
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  21. John Lloyd

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    Roseville, CA
    Tenspeed and Brown Shoe
    Open All Night
  22. Chris from Chicago

    Chris from Chicago Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

    There was a sitcom on ABC called Better Off Ted that was brilliant.
  23. modrevolve

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    Awake and Pan-Am were two favorites in our household that only lasted one season.
  24. MoonPool

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    Wonderfalls was great, but only 4 episodes were ever shown. At least the rest of the episodes were available on the DVD set. Brimstone was lots of fun and never made it past the first season and no DVD! And Tru Calling, which did make it to a short second season was cut down way too early.
  25. the pope ondine

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    there was a show five-six years ago about some high profile thieves with ray liotta, only made about half the season?

    ps if some of these shows weren't cancelled........would they be in the other thread "shows that went on too long" ?

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