Tyll Hertsens is retiring...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bern, May 12, 2018.

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  2. Sad to see him go but great to be able to go out on your own terms and fulfill some dreams . I've been reading his reviews for a good 20 years when I got back into headphones. While I didn't always agree with his assessments (ie Grado) I could always be sure where he stood and a baseline to guide my own online purchases. I am several years older than Tyll and can relate to his hearing decline, it comes to us all with age and there are times when doubt does creep in when trying to evaluate sound quality. In his job near enough isn't really good enough.
    I do hope he has an enjoyable retirement.
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  3. Metralla

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    Do you know where the name "Tyll" came from? Sounds Nordic.
  4. scribbs

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    What a great guy. I will miss him.
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  5. BackScratcher

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    Dang. There goes the headphone neighborhood.

    Best wishes to Tyll (and Putt).
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    What missing from that tiny home van? Monitors! Why? My prerequiste to living in a tiny home is LS3/5as.

    Tyll probably did as much to put quality headphones on the map as the iPod did. We were discussing headphones for years at Head-fi before they exploded with the iPod and Tyll was long leading the cheer for quality cans and amplification. My first headphone amp was a Total Airhead, as it was for many of us who followed Tyll and headphone.com like a religion. I wish him a great life on the road. But, Tyll, where the hell is the system?!
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  7. scribbs

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    I feel privileged to have been in the same room with Tyll for a panel a few years ago. He's a great soul.
  8. vertical

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    Great for Tyll!
    Unfortunate for the headphone community.
  9. Matt Richardson

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    Anyone know if Tyll keeps a blog about his nomad adventures? -Didnt see anything on FB. I think that would be cool to be able to follow his road trips around the country.
  10. Ogre

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    Wonderful & innovative man who educated consumers on the technical side of the industry.
  11. steviebee

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    Hope Tyll has fun out there. Be great to bump into him on the road (not literally!)

    Have a great time Tyll. Well deserved! You'll be missed.

    My old Airhead sends its love!

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