UFO - Phenomenon - 3CD Deluxe Edition

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    Just saw this on IMWAN and thought it deserved its own thread. A new deluxe version of UFO’s Phenomenon coming out this October. Not too much new on this but it will be nice to have everything here in one package. Bull Moose has this up for preorder for $13.97, which is very reasonable for a 3 disc set. Per that page:

    UFO - Phenomenon

    Disc 1

    1 Too Young To Know
    2 Crystal Light
    3 Doctor Doctor (2019 Remaster)
    4 Space Child
    5 Rock Bottom (2019 Remaster)
    6 Oh My
    7 Time On My Hands
    8 Built For Comfort
    9 Lipstick Traces
    10 Queen Of The Deep
    Disc 2

    1 Sixteen (Demo / 2019 Remaster)
    2 Oh My (Demo / 2019 Remaster)
    3 Give Her The Gun (A-Side Single / 2019 Remaster)
    4 Sweet Little Thing (B-Side Single / 2019 Remaster)
    5 Sixteen (Outtake / 2019 Remaster)
    6 Doctor Doctor (Single Edit / 2019 Remaster)
    7 Rock Bottom (Single Edit / 2019 Remaster)
    8 Doctor Doctor (Mono Single Edit / 2019 Remaster)
    9 Oh My (Instrumental Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    10 Sixteen (Instrumental Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    11 Doctor Doctor (Instrumental Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    12 Rock Bottom (Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    13 Time On My Hands (Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    14 Built For Comfort (Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    15 Lipstick Application (Instrumental Rough Mix / 2019 Remaster)
    16 Queen Of The Deep (Early Version / 2019 Remaster)
    Disc 3

    1 Oh My (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    2 Doctor Doctor (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    3 Built For Comfort (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    4 Give Her The Gun (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    5 Cold Turkey (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    6 Space Child (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    7 Rock Bottom (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)
    8 Prince Kujuku (Live in Atlanta - 5th November 1974)

    UFO are widely regarded as one of the UK’s best hard rock acts and this year (their final one) are celebrating their 50th year in existence with their final world tour. Phenomenon was the bands debut for Chrysalis and was a departure from the bands previous Space Rock sound to a Heavier rock style. This was also the debut for Michael Schenker who was going to have a major influence on the band in years to come. It was produced by Leo Lyons at Morgan Studios and contains some of the bands biggest rock anthems in Doctor Doctor and Rock Bottom. This set has been newly remastered from the original analog production masters by Andy Pearce. Presented here in an 8-panel digipak with o-card with new sleeve notes by Martin Hann – it contains a disc of B-Sides and unreleased demo versions as well as third disc of live material. The band are currently on a 50th Anniversary World Tour which sees them playing into 2020.They kick off the US tour 9th October.
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    This is my favorite UFO album, so I’ll get this. The price is reasonable and I absolutely love that Electric Ballroom show.
  3. four sticks

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    Good price for a 3cd set. I have the live 74 set on the Chrysalis Years 73-79 box but I'll pick this up nonetheless.
  4. The Hud

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    Very happy that Andy Pearce is doing the remastering! This should sound amazing!
  5. Spitfire

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    I'll get it. 13.97 is a good deal
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  6. BDC

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    Definite purchase for me, likely vinyl, and CD.
    Hope Pierce hasn't smiley face EQ'd it.
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  7. sgtpppr84

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    The previous remasters of this album have been disappointing. Andy Pearce can do a great job sometimes (Black Sabbath, Elf) but it’s not a guarantee. My favorite UFO album but I’ll wait for reviews before making a purchase.
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  8. Opeth

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    This combines all the bonus stuff from the chrysalis years and the other collection in one.
    Cold turkey ! Give her the gun, sixteen and sweet little thing are worth the price of admission alone.
  9. Jimmy Agates

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    Oh My indeed!

    I obviously have to get this - I'm assuming that this is opening a can or worms and we can expect quite a few of these to follow from UFO - gotta top up Moggys retirement fund somehow!!!
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  10. four sticks

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    Vinyl tracklist

    UPDATE: UFO Classic, Phenomenon, Gets 2LP AND 3CD Deluxe Edition Reissue

    Phenomenon (2LP 2019 Remaster) – UFO

    LP1 – Side One (A)
    01 Too Young To Know
    02 Crystal Light
    03 Doctor Doctor
    04 Space Child
    05 Rock Bottom
    LP1 – Side Two (B)
    01 Oh My
    02 Time On My Hands
    03 Built For Comfort
    04 Lipstick Traces
    05 Queen Of The Deep

    LP2 – Side One (A) [Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, Georgia – November 5, 1974]
    01 Oh My
    02 Doctor Doctor
    03 Built For Comfort
    04 Give Her The Gun
    05 Cold Turkey
    LP2 – Side Two (B) [Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, Georgia – November 5, 1974]
    01 Space Child
    02 Rock Bottom
    03 Prince Kujuku
  11. 99thfloor

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    What is "the other collection"?
  12. Sounds interesting.
  13. Opeth

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    The complete studio albums was one box, the other was the chrysalis years. The instrumental and rough mixes weren't on those. The show and most of A side b side stuff was though, it's a mix of exclusive stuff to each set. I think this has all of the stuff those 2 did is what I meant, plus more :)
  14. xcqn

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    Andy Pearce remaster. I’ll pick this one up!
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  15. 99thfloor

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    Aha, I see, I have the Chrysalis Years and the previous separate remasters, which seem to be identical to what's in the Complete Studio Albums, so I have all that. I thought you meant everything on here was included on previous releases, so I misunderstood anyway. It's a shame they couldn't also squeeze in the relevant BBC stuff as I don't have At The BBC On Air (never got neither that nor the Official Bootleg Box Set as I'm not interested in the post-Schenker material).
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