"Urban Cowboy" (1980) - finally coming to blu-ray!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by agentalbert, Mar 26, 2020.

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    This has been on my blu-ray wanted list for years. Not sure why they waited so long, but I'm glad a blu is finally happening. Release date scheduled for June 2nd, 2020. I'm ready to ride with Bud and Sissy again!

    Urban Cowboy 40th Anniversary Blu-ray Edition

    That cover image is so processed, Travolta looks like a wax figure. And notice the awkward hand. It should be holding a beer bottle, but they obviously removed it. Pretty silly. Here's what the cover image SHOULD look like, from the soundtrack.

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    Wow, it's creepy-weird without the beer bottle in Travolta's hand! It sort of looks like he's massaging his own stomach... Doesn't really scream "cowboy".

    I saw this movie years ago, and it was all right. As it's from 1980 (filmed in 1979...?), its milieu seemed to age badly as the 80s progressed. Which just further killed off John Travolta's career (as if the legacy of Saturday Night Fever wasn't enough). I think of this movie as one of the last of the 70s'-style gritty, working-class dramas that targeted a fashionable and mainstream audience. After this, if you wanted to hit a large audience with a drama, working-class struggles weren't going to sell it. (Not that this movie was a huge success, but it did all right.)
    Could be worse:
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    I’ve love this movie! Not sure why but always have. Great soundtrack too!
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    Yikes that is bad haha not sure why they would do that, it’s just a beer bottle

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