Used Records / Vinyl much longer will prices keep rising

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by radickeyfan, May 14, 2018.

  1. radickeyfan

    radickeyfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It seems stores can not price used vinyl high enough , no matter how high they go , it still sells ...thoughts on when this will peak ???
  2. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    Prices are stable in LA.
  3. radickeyfan

    radickeyfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    i have just noticed many local places (esp w/ 80's titles ) -keep raising their prices on what was once common 80s titles (Madonna , MJ , Prince , Bruce , Leppard , the Time , Priest , Maiden , Cool J , PE , Beasties , BDP , etc) --and they still sell just as fast as they did when the prices were $10-$20 lower ....
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  4. awsop

    awsop Forum Resident

    That's only a small subset of the whole universe of used records.
    Ebay and Discogs are more representative. Discogs prizes are rather stable in my experience.
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  5. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    Don't a lot stores price their used stock on what the titles are fetching online? I know some of the rarer titles I've seen seem to be priced according to Discogs.
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  6. mahanusafa02

    mahanusafa02 Forum Resident

    I agree, but only since what I'm looking for never moves because it's priced too high.
  7. joshm2286

    joshm2286 Forum Resident

    I have seen a few record stores with very reasonable prices on common records that go for double even triple the price online. For now I'm holding off on buying records online.
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  8. Weirwolfe

    Weirwolfe Forum Resident

    It's back for good.
  9. vinyl diehard

    vinyl diehard Two-Channel Forever

    Mind you, some mom and pops are more forgiving than others. Got a VG+ 1st pressing of UK Genesis LLDOB for 24.00 Cdn. Seems fair.
  10. joshm2286

    joshm2286 Forum Resident

    You are right I happened to find a few record stores in Arizona (while on vacation) that had reasonable prices on well over half they're vinyl inventory.

    A record store not far from me has kinda high prices on vinyl records and CDs so I don't shop there as often as I use to.
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  11. Danby Delight

    Danby Delight Forum Resident

    Boston has plenty of competition among stores selling used (and new) vinyl, so prices never get too inflated. I haven't noticed any upward creep over the last 15 years I've been living here.

    What, Reid is gonna go through all 50,000 LPs at In Your Ear! with a pricing gun? Never gonna happen.
  12. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Timely topic. My local store I think realized they jumped the shark when $19.99 was starting to become more and more common there. I've noticed in the last few months $14.99 is starting to be more or less the top tier, while $8.99 is pretty common now, not $15-$20. A lot of $19.99 titles have been sitting a very long time, so if this market, which is pretty large, is any indication I think it's peaked and coming down. I thing the incredible amount of reissues is now effecting a lot of the used titles. I'm sure vintage titles of a few bands we all know of are going to stay up there, but not for more common titles. Most folks don't realize the difference between a good pressing of an original pressing and a new one for about the same price...they are obviously going to buy the new sealed copy.
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  13. radickeyfan

    radickeyfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Interesting , not happening in the North East (yet) today's round of shopping , i noticed everything has a basement price of $19.99 to $24.99....and then way up----I noticed someone buying Hall And Oates catalog titles (he had about 10 of them, when he was checking out ) they were all $20 to $40 ( Rock N Soul) ...his total was $300+ , kind of stunned me that someone was paying that for what were $1 albums , a few years back
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  14. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Well, here those would be $4.99-$6.99 but a couple years ago maybe a few dollars more. Geez, you can get the Mobile Fidelity of Rock n Soul for not that much more ($32 I think and that and all the other Fidelity H/Oates albums are stunning and not that expensive). Perhaps there aren't a lot of stores in that market, or just more buyers than supply. I don't know how much longer they can continue with all the reissues coming out. Pretty remarkable. Does that store have a good selection of new?
  15. samthesham

    samthesham Forum Resident

    Moorhead MN
    As long as buyers keep feeding the beast
  16. Gill-man

    Gill-man Forum Resident

    I was going to say, I think we’ve passed the peak. While some stores and sellers are still delusional in their pricing, especially with their price to condition ratio (I feel nothing VG or lower should be any more than $5 and that’s being generous. No record with audible scratches and is visually damaged should cost more than that unless it’s an autographed record or an anomaly like a butcher album. Of course many VG rated records are actually deserving of a much lower rating.), many have gotten way more reasonable. Many stores don’t price for pressing variations but charging $20 for a 70s reissue of Buffalo Springfield’s Last Time Around is excessive, for example.
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  17. radickeyfan

    radickeyfan Forum Resident Thread Starter

    NE PA , and there are about 5-6 stores within 30-40 minutes ....Yes, this guy pretty much carries , everything in Print , huge new inventory....

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