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Van Morrison - Album by Album discussion - PART THREE

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DJ WILBUR, Feb 29, 2008.

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    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    haha....that was supposed to be our little secret...:shh:...not sure any are really turds, but tom and I were discussing these three in a PM and well, that was my flip way of saying, far from my faves. i havent heard them in years, so maybe my opinion will soften? we shall see what we shall see....anyway, I'm back...
  2. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Too Long in Exile

    St. Thomas, ON
    Oops, sorry about that, chief. Anyway, glad to have you back.:wave:
  3. butch

    butch Forum Resident

    I liked those albums,tho they weren't up to the quality of the other Van albums of his Silver Age. A Turd Trilogy,harsh words indeed!But when you expect a certain measure of quality from an artist and they literally lay a few "rotten" eggs then the sky falls down.All in all, Van's worst is preferable to a lot of artist's best.......
  4. jostber

    jostber Forum Resident

    Skien, Norway
    Too Long In Exile had in the great "Wasted Years" one of many collaborations with John Lee Hooker and Van in the years to come in the 90's. A cool video here with the two doing "Baby Please Don't Go" from 1992:

  5. tfarney

    tfarney Active Member

    Welcome back, William. I don't have the other two, but I listened to You Win Again the other day for the first time in a long time. It wasn't as bad as I remember. I was still left with "who is this woman and why is she boogering up my Van Morrison album," but I made it through.


    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    ah, here is your review....i missed it and ended up in the "ouch" thread discussing this with you...i found this on line....

    Set List: Van Morrison, Austin, Texas 2008
    The day before Van Morrison was to make his first-ever appearance at SXSW, he delivered a set heavy on tracks from his album due April 1 from Lost Highway, “Keep It Simple.” Some might argue – and I am sure plenty of car discussions on the way home involved this – that a concert with prices of $250 and $150 for orchestra seats deserved a heavy dose of the familiar.
    Not so with VanMo. The Belfast Cowboy delivered seven or eight tunes from “Keep It Simple” in his encore-free show March 11 at the Austin Music Hall and beyond “Moondance” and “Bright Side of the Road,” Morrison stuck with tracks from his recent country and jazz discs. He did however, play more alto sax than usual and his voice was spot on.
    The set:

    This Love of Mine / Can You Dig It / Playhouse / Magic Time / Moondance / I Can’t Stop Loving You / How Can Poor Boy / That’s Entrainment / Keep It Simple / School of Hard Knocks / No Thing / Professional Jealousy / Don’t Go to Nightclubs Anymore / End of the Land / Bright Side of the Road / St. James Infirmary / Behind the Ritual

    I'd of been a bit disappointed with this set list as well and not so sorry to be skipping his show tonight. I have a friend going tonight, so I'll get some highlights to report....
  7. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Too Long in Exile

    St. Thomas, ON
    Everyone, sing with me now...I can't stop lo-ving you...:cheers:

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    Irish Heartbeat coming up. All you celtic vanatics...we expect to hear from you shortly.....
  9. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    That sounds about right except I am certain that "Professional Jealousy" was not played, not that I would've been too excited if it was. . .

    "Behind The Ritual" which I misidentified above was a very nice set closer, strong song with a hint of the mystic to it. (I am assuming the review has it correct because the review I saw of SXSW show also mentioned it was the set closer for that show.)
  10. laughingboy

    laughingboy Forum Resident

    Bucks, UK

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    so my friend went to see Van in NYC last night and I asked her to send me an email about how it was and here it is....from Joanna.....

    Well my dear, stop fuming, because had you sat in those 300 seats you would have been mighty grateful that your money still sat in your pockets ... his set lasted 90 minutes and he didn't even crack one improvised line, did much of set with his back to the audience and long instrumental breaks between most of the songs orchestrating his band... did not introduce one member and his voice did not reach peak until his forth song in. He opened with "this love of mine" (Magic Time), segued into "Magic Time", then a new tune (I think), "St. James Infirmary", "You Better Stop (drinking that wine)" some more tunes from the new cd, "Keep It Simple" , and so on. He did a melody with "Gloria" etc. His voice became stronger and then a stage hand came on with a better mic, but the show was half over at that time. My sister was politely interested, but the audience was excessively chatty around us. What can I say? I love this man wholeheartedly but must admit I was really disheartened at his indifference to the audience. Not to even introduce the band? two folk at keyboards - two drummers, and electric violin, horns, etc. only two back up singers, (not his usual ones). Let's see if the critics were thrilled with this one. I don't think so.
  12. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    Heh, sounds like we got a much better show down here in Tejas.
  13. mrbillswildride

    mrbillswildride Internet Asylum Escapee 2010, 2012, 2014

    Sound like Van has no business "going thru the motions" to promote his new release. I'm sorry, but this kind of star moodiness rubs me the wrong way, no matter my respect for the man's canon, and because we and he knows he can do so much better if he only tries. It's ashame and asin ~ moralizing over.

    Has he lost the plot? His 'joi d' vive' for live performance, having a bad year?
  14. drewslo

    drewslo Forum Resident

    Van has never been Mr. Personality on stage. Like Dylan, it's all about the songs. I quite enjoyed the BBC set - Magic Time, One Irish Rover, Poor Boy and Behind the Ritual in particular. There have been some very positive reviews of the recent shows as well - He is definately being adventurous in bypassing the old material in favor of the new - he'll never become a nostalgia act. I think that shows a commitment to his music/muse.
  15. drewslo

    drewslo Forum Resident

    It sounds like John Platania (not sure if spelling is right) was on guitar on the BBC show - some great licks throughout. He of course, goes way back to the early 70's with Van. Also longtime bassist David Hayes (from at least '73) and John Allair on organ (from late 70' & 80's) sound like they are also in the band.
    I'm listening to the BBC show again as I write this and they are all laying down a great groove.

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    i enjoyed the BBC set as well, but didn't spend hundreds of dollars to hear it. If I paid the $304 top dollar price for the New York show and the show that was given, I'd be disappointed. I probably would have enjoyed it, but at those prices I expect a bit more from any artist. i've seen him smoking and going over the 90 minute mark, people spending that kind of money deserve a tiny bit more entertainment/respect...but this conversation has been hashed and Van is Van and a legend living is a legend living, I take what I can get....i'm just glad I sat this show out...

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    Saint Patricks Day Irish Heartbeat

    So it's that time of the year when we all pull out our Irish Heartbeat cds and vinyls and give this one a spin on St. Patricks day. Being 1/8 Irish, I get all Irish on this holiday cause New York Irish do it right...i'm sure Irish everywhere do it right, but ya need the soundtrack to go with it IMO....

    I for one really enjoy this album for the few listens I give to it each March and then I tend to put it away til the following year.

    the shining star on this cd for me is She Moved Through The Fair. the subtle intensity and longing just make me float through space, especially the way the song ends..."won't be long, won't be long"...whispering out with the instrumention also whispering out. Another absolute joy for me is My Lagan Love, that tin whistle opening just seduces me every time and Van's mournful vocal interpretation is just stunning, everyone on these two tracks holding back but delivering so much...

    I prefer both re-do's on this one compared to the originals, Celtic Ray and Irish Heartbeat. But the real focus and energy of this record is on the trads. and my other fave trads are their versions of Raglan Road and Star of County Down both wonderfully arranged songs that I adore. Carrikfergus might be the one mistep for me, but I dont skip it.

    Its a beautiful record and one I always enjoy when its on. Having once been to Ireland, it always reels back in my mind all the places I visited and the things I did see there. It's a gorgeous country and its clear why so much of Van's music is so gorgeous. You can't live in such a place and not have it permeate all that you do. This gorgeous celtic music perfectly re-captures it all for me.

    Happy Saint Patricks Day to all...

    All songs by Morrison unless noted otherwise

    "Star of the County Down" - (traditional) – 2:41
    " Irish Heartbeat" – 3:52
    "Ta Mo Chleamhnas Deanta (My Match It Is Made)" - (traditional) – 3:31
    "Raglan Road" - (Patrick Kavanagh) – 4:43
    "She Moved Through the Fair" - (traditional) – 4:44
    "I'll Tell Me Ma" - (traditional) – 2:29
    "Carrickfergus" - (traditional) – 4:23
    "Celtic Ray" – 3:47
    "My Lagan Love" - (traditional) – 5:19
    "Marie's Wedding" - (traditional) – 3:17

    [edit] Personnel
    Van Morrison - vocal, Guitar, Drums
    Paddy Moloney - Harp,Tin whistle
    Ciaran O'Braonain - Bass
    Maura O'Connell - Vocal
    June Boyce - Vocal
    Kevin Conneff - Vocal, Bodhran
    Martin Fay - Fiddle
    Seán Keane - Fiddle
    Mary Black - Vocal
    Derek Bell - Harp, Keyboards, Tiompan
    Matt Molloy - Flute

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    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    The Rolling Stone Four Star Review of "Irish Heartbeat"

    Irish Heartbeat

    Rolling Stone Magazine: 4of 5 Stars Average User Rating: 5of 5 Stars


    It would be hard to imagine a more natural merger of pop and folk than this collaboration between Van Morrison and Ireland's preeminent oldwave traditional band, the Chieftains. Yet even those expectations don't prepare one for the splendor and intense beauty of Irish Heartbeat, a collection of ballads that finds both acts at the top of their form. It's no coincidence that Morrison chose to re-record "Celtic Ray" (from 1982's Beautiful Vision) for this album: after his recent series of frustratingly opaque records, which merged themes of spiritual yearning with music that meandered between jazz and New Age, the line "I've been away from the Ray too long" takes on a significance it never had before.

    Never hokey and always affecting, Irish Heartbeat taps into the melancholy, deeply spiritual side of the Irish heritage, in which centuries-old music is more than a way of life; it is life. In "Carrickfergus," a homesick old drifter prepares to die; in the Gaelic "Tá Mo Chleamhnas Déanta (My Match It Is Made)," a man searching for his true love learns she has "crossed the ocean." Even brighter songs like "My Lagan Love" and the oft-recorded "She Moved Through the Fair" are as overcast as an Irish afternoon.

    The collaboration benefits both parties. Whether buzzing like a bagpipe on "Celtic Ray" or singing a jaunty jig like "I'll Tell Me Ma," Morrison sounds more relaxed than usual; "Raglan Road" is a vocal tour de force that progresses from a hushed, urgent tone to a rush of melismatic phrasing. The Chieftains, who've approached parlor-music tedium on recent recordings, sound unusually frisky on "Marie's Wedding" and "Star of the County Down."

    The album's musical and lyrical themes converge in the title song, which originally appeared on Morrison's 1983 album Inarticulate Speech of the Heart. What was once a minor track on a relatively minor album is given a new context, and the song, a meditation on the ties that bind, opens up and breathes for the first time. Toward the end, the placid arrangement builds to a swell of fiddles and tin whistles, and Morrison, lost in reverie, starts scatting. Rarely has such a small moment symbolized so much. (RS 532)


    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    well it was his fifth show in as many days, you saw the first....so that alone made me skeptical about how good it could be. five days, five shows, four flights...not a good Van combination....

    i guess our European forum members can start buying the new cd as of tomorrow...I hope you chime in.
  20. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Too Long in Exile

    St. Thomas, ON
    I'm drinking a glass of Smithwicks as I read your review, William!:cheers:

    Happy St. Pat's Day to our Irish forum member gohill, who resides in Glasgow.

    "Carrickfergus" a misstep? WTF?

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    I'm not crazy about the vibe of this performance, his vocal seems so imitative of an irish crooner from the 1920s. I don't know, its the one for me that seems a bit 'forced'.

    everything else fits like a sublime glove and then there is this one...it's fine, but it bugs me somehow. its also the only trad song on this album I knew prior via Bryan Ferry's version on The Bride Stripped Bare album and I think thats preferable for moi, so it tainted it for moi....Vans Irish Crooner imitative delivery can be a bit ..:yikes:
  22. mrbillswildride

    mrbillswildride Internet Asylum Escapee 2010, 2012, 2014

    I apologize for my grumpy post this morning... woke up on the wrong side of the couch, and for some reason that bad concert review just stuck in my craw... I needen't have added more negativity... shant happen again... :shh:
  23. mrbillswildride

    mrbillswildride Internet Asylum Escapee 2010, 2012, 2014

    OH and Happy St. Patty's day to all, pass the Van !!

    DJ WILBUR The Cappuccino Kid Thread Starter

    how could we have a Van Morrison thread without "grumpy" being a part of it?

    Happy St. Patricks day to you too...
  25. JA Fant

    JA Fant Well-Known Member

    Happy St. Patricks Day.
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