Vintage Speakers making a come back... JBL Klipsch etc...

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    Are they kidding?

    As in a countdown: six-five-four-three-two-one with a .99 just to highlight the absurdity?
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  2. 389 Tripower

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    RTR 600D made in California USA, vintage '76. My dad picked these up for free from a work buddy buck in '85, and he thought I would like them.
    I refurbished these a couple of years ago with new audio-grade caps in the x-overs, and new foams.
    They're on the warm side, and a little power hungry, so they're great for '70's era solid state. No need for a sub with these babies - the bass goes deep into your chest.
    I'll be running them with the Pioneer SX-1010 after I go thru it's boards for reliability.

  3. Nielsoe

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    Aalborg, Denmark
    Well I have my trusted Yamaha NS1000M’s ( with upgraded xovers ). To my ears they leave nothing to be desired (within a realistic range).
  4. LitHum05

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    Not to mention those crappy JBL headphones they sell at Walmart.
  5. ronm

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    southern colo.
    I'm very ok with my vintage speakers.Don't think I'll ever change them out totally.
  6. rxonmymind

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    My Klipsch Bell's aren't going anywhere. Absolutely fantastic sound with new crossovers and possibly some new mid-range horns to go in there in the future. But for now it damn sweet. Listening to Duncan Miller jazz and couldn't be happier.
    Then I have a pair of Pioneer hpm 100… something about that sound coming from both. I I certainly hope this generation picks up the Baton and runs with two channel listening and learn what good sound is. Maybe it's true that everything comes full circle.
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  7. Wngnt90

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    1981 Cornwalls
    1977 HPM-150's
    Neither pair are going anywhere...
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  8. Chris Schoen

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    Maryland, U.S.A.
    Someday when my SS receiver has to be replaced, I will consider a tube amp or tube integrated receiver. I had looked at Jolidas, but didn't bite. Just got a Schiit Loki equalizer, to help some thin sounding
    records before needle-dropping. Interested to hear how the Loki can trim or add some body to the sound of the Heresys. Have not added the Loki to my system yet.
  9. Steve Baker

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    Columbia, Maryland
    I have been the proud owner of my KG4'S for a year and 6 months. I replaced the tweeters with Bob Crites drop in. Have to say head and shoulders over my B&W'S, Polk"s, Bose. I am officially off the "I need to upgrade my speakers" chain.

    I have spent the last 3 years getting all tube gear to replace my SS B&K pre /amp. Some of it restored ( Dynaco ST35 ), some brand new ( Schiit Valhalla 2 , Schiit Saga, and ProJect TubeBox SE ). As of this writing I am satisfied with what I have.

    LP's is what I buy now.

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  10. Galactus2

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    Speaking of this trend, if any of you are checking out the CES this year, did you take note of what JBL is doing? In case you missed it:

    JBL by HARMAN Introduces Updated, Iconic JBL L100 Loudspeaker at CES 2018

    But yikes, that price. Think I’ll stick with the used / refurbished vintage stuff.
  11. Dennis0675

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    The price of the JBL stuff is crazy. They have virtually no market share in North America and it doesn’t look like they are trying. There is just no reason for those Mexican made boxes to cost 4K. The JBL brand must be much more valuable in the international market and they are trading on that.
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  12. russk

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    Wow. 4K a pair for one of the worst sounding speakers of all time and that's coming from someone that grew up with a pair and gave restored pair a listen a few years back thinking I might be interested in purchasing them. Hopefully the mentioned improvements were substantial. I wonder where they are made now. The messed up thing is that I really want to hear them.
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  13. SandAndGlass

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    I never understood what the fascination of these speakers were. They were marketed as a home version of their studio monitors, but were different in many aspects from the studio monitors (I wonder how many studio's actually used these things for monitors).

    JBL prices today, are down right stupid. Other manufacturer's offer similar equipment (or better), for far less money.
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  14. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 District Champ

    My best guess is that Harmon is well aware of what the vintage JBL's are selling for and pricing based on that. Some of the stuff from the 60's ships to Asia for crazy money. Great speakers for sure but the collector value and limited supply is driving that price more that the performance of the speakers. As far as I can tell there is next to no dealer network or distribution so the only people getting them are the one that are searching them out and willing to pay.
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  15. Doc Diego

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    At some those prices I’ll stick with my vintage JBL’s and a nice tube amp for my bedroom system. I bought my first JBL’s (L166’s) from Pacific Stereo in 1976 and never regretted it.
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