Vinyl grading: am I being picky?

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    sweet VA.

    No age will not change the rating....just the percentage of surviving VG+'s........making them more valuable?
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    It's both. A good seller will have 50% of his VG inventory play VG+ or better. Most sellers vacillate between play grade and visual depending on whichever is better to grade. On one listing they say, "Nice shine, few marks, appears to have little play" something which is noisy, then, "Plays amazing" things playing well that have lots of hairlines. A good seller describes both, stating for the above, "Looks pretty well but some noise" and "Lots of scratches but plays well" and grades lower. By doing so he lists at 50% of the first seller's price and never gets the sale, so that ends up being 5% of sellers.

    This is why buyers complain so much, they pay twice as much, at the low end of the higher grade, hoping for a bargain and receive something over-graded. Then the contacted seller deflects with "it looked good" or "it played great". There's no way to tell bad from good sellers either since discogs scrubs feedback. This is why I'd never buy records online.

    I recommend asking tough questions to check the person's knowledge for grading. Ask how it looks and plays, how the drop in and runout looks, ask for a picture of their inspection station and lighting, what kind of box they mail in. A seller who is competent will entertain this discussion.

    Remind yourself that sellers are picking out of record stores, their profit is often dependent on over-grading. Some have better stores than others.
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    The problem with audible scratches vs. inaudible scratches is that they are gear dependent. Different cartridges have different stylus profiles which ride the portion of the groove differently. Some preamps will emphasize noise more than others. Some speakers will roll off frequencies where crackles occur more than others. For me it would have depended how deep the scratch was. If I could feel it, it would be a no go, even if it played back with minimal noise with one of my cartridges. Odds are I could hear it with another cartridge since I have a few.

    Big visual flaws need to be mentioned by the seller, whether they affect play or not on the seller's rig.
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    Yes this is why having both gradings is the most beneficial as sellers can lean on one or the other to boost the end price of an album in ordinary condition.
    Novice collectors be aware!
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    Yes they do but often are not.
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    You are not at all being unreasonable.

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