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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bill, Sep 15, 2001.

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  1. Bill

    Bill Senior Member Thread Starter

    Eastern Shore
    I couldn't take any more TV coverage of the week's events so I ventured out to a used record store today where I found a mint vinyl copy of Who's Missing for...$4.50. I bought it based upon comments made on this board and Steve's credits on the back.
    What a difference from the CD! Steve, if you're around, why is the vinyl so much better? Did Two's Missing ever come out on an LP? Is it also markedly superior to the CD?
    Great remodeling of the board. It was worth playing hop scotch with the address over the last month- kind of like returning from your first semester of college and discovering that your parents moved without telling you- over and over and over.....
  2. lukpac

    lukpac Senior Member

    Milwaukee, WI
    Funny...I've never known the vinyl Who's Missing to be an improvement over the CD (FWIW, Steve did both), but I know the Two's Missing LP *is* (Steve did the LP, but not the CD).

    Also, I must say Steve's "touch" is a bit too heavy-handed for my tastes on a few of the tracks, notably When I Was A Boy. The version of Rarities sounds a lot clearer without being cold or harsh, while the version on Who's Missing just seems too mushy...
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