Warner Music Group+Social Media=Greed

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by youraveragevinylcollector, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. youraveragevinylcollector

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    Commerce, GA
    I've noticed a lot of UMG and WMG songs online, whether it be YouTube, or even on social media, are getting removed left and right. Even to the point of removing them from Instagram, and I've had vids of things on there for a solid year and nothing has ever been said. I guess record labels are getting so greedy that they're killing content in short clips as well. Anyone else with a social media (i.e. Instagram) noticing these things?
  2. c-eling

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    Watch out for Warner Germany, those boy and gals are tuff. Good luck trying to Youtube a Nena b-side :winkgrin:
    PIAS has been blocking up's as well it seems.
    I wouldn't call it greed as they can monetize YT vids. It may be licensing issues. If it's a problem go and buy it.
  3. Former Lee Warmer

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    Don't even have their music playing in the background of a video you post.
  4. Scott Davies

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    You know, it may depend on the artists. I rarely have things pulled off my page but two recent yanks came from WMG, both coinciding with new releases. The Cars 'Hello Again' Extended was pulled when they were about to reissue that version on the Heartbeat City deluxe. And a week or so ago, a remix I made of a Kate Bush song was pulled, coinciding with her recent reissues. Other than that, I rarely have a problem.

    What I really didn't care for is licensing albums for CD that had never been available digitally before, and then a couple of months later they take my remastering work and offer it as downloads and streaming when it wouldn't have been there had it not been for my work and fee paid to THEM.
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  5. c-eling

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    Interesting Scott. I wanted to showcase (for EQ comparisons) the new Intervention Erasure Wonderland and PIAS blocked it. It was during the last of the re-issue campaign.
  6. youraveragevinylcollector

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    Commerce, GA
    It was two Eagles songs, I Can't Tell you Why (I was showcasing my new to me Technics SL-D1 with a sealed copy of Eagles Live my parents got me for Christmas) and Hotel California (showcasing the sound quality, which even sounded good through high compression) with my new cart. It's getting bad. If I get anymore removed, I'm afraid my Instagram account will be taken down or something.

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