What are the best stores to sell used vinyl to in toronto

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  1. polchik

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    hi torontonians

    i'm relatively new to selling used vinyl to stores here, and have only sold to BMV as it's in my hood ….

    today i went down to sonicboom and was shocked at what they were willing to offer me …. in some instances only a NICKEL !!! lol

    and EVERYthing else was either $1 or $2. i spot checked any scuff i found beforehand to make sure they were inaudible as well. there were a lot of LPs from my personal collection that i had only played less than 10 times. many of the great sounding ones had paper inners and subsequent 'marks' on them, and i guess they visually seem worse than they are sonically. but i considered them, play graded at VG+ to NM.

    i politely declined their offer lol (and thought BMV would be more to my liking considering their rent / overhead is most likely a lot less than the huge sonicboom.

    also curious if there are any stores that offer more in credit.

    i've been thinking of walking down to june records or kops on bloor …

    just wondering if there are some seasoned veterans out there with some helpful advice.

    much thanks!
  2. Adam9

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    Toronto, Canada
    Try She Said Boom! on College east of Bathurst. There is another location on Roncesvalles. If you're that far west you may want to check our Pandemonium which is in my 'hood.
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  3. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    hey thanks i totally forgot about 'she said boom' … i can walk there too !

    pandemonium will have to wait until the spring LOL
  4. ShortstackRecords

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    Toronto, Canada
    Shortstack Records at Queen & John pays 50% of the selling price in cash or 70% in store credit. And makes housecalls too.
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  5. Wally Swift

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    Brooklyn New York
    No record shop will ever give you even close to what a record is worth. Sell'm yourself online. Either that or take them to a record show.
  6. johnny 99

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    Sonic Boom will take advantage of anyone they can when it comes to buying product for their store.
    They will tell you your stuff is scuffed, that they have many copies already in overstock, etc... They want your product for as little as they can get away with paying you for it.
    They are liars.
    They are also not fair and respectable when it comes to the treatment of some of their female employees, I'm told.
    BMV on Bloor Street smokes them in terms of product (Lp's and CD's) and in terms of fair customer treatment.

    Avoid Sonic Boom like the plague.

    They are not Toronto's best record store; they are one of it's worst.

    I won't do any business with them ever again (and I can count the number of items I've purchased from them in the last 5 years on one hand and they were CD's that were fairly priced and in good condition, which is rare for them now)

    Their used stuff is all mostly over priced and in questionable condition much of the time. They also have been caught in the past selling used product as new by "resealing" items.

    They were a better store from around 2002 to 2006 when they were on Bloor Street, but they've changed. They're not the store they once were (and they were never fair when it came to buying CD's from customers)

    I have no respect for them now.
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