What happened to drummer Eddie Hoh?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jdmack, Aug 18, 2007.

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    Ask him if he remember jakobian1946...

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    Tell him that he's one of the greats, and is most certainly not forgotten. Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Eddie Hoe...yes, he is in that elite group of players!
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  3. Kendude

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    I'm excited to go see Fast Eddie tomorrow. Thank you so much everybody for all the kind words you have written to him; it's really going to make his day. The great man, has just the biggest smile when I come to visit and I think he's going to be overwhelmed by all that you awesome people have said to him. I may bring my lap top with to his pad and type answers to your questions live as I sit with him, to be sure I'm getting it all accurate straight from Eddie's mouth. I had printed rather large on paper, what you have said and asked above already, so its good and easy for him to read, so that's how I'm going over it all with him tomorrow. We may have a lot of snow tomorrow, so the weather will determine if my lap top leaves my house tomorrow or not. If I don't bring the lap top with, I'll take the best notes, word for word, as possible for you.

    Next week, I'm going to start to sit with him and go over his Wikipedia with him. I'm going to start to learn about his early years and fill in missing blanks such as his birth date, and ask him about his childhood and how he got started playing drums and how he got to Cali. In later weeks, I'll go over all of his career information with him, which I'm sure is correct, but I want to double check it all with him for accuracy. As for the later years and what happened in 1971 and then on, that will be totally up to him as to what he wants us to know; I don't even know much of it myself, right now. All I know is where he is now, and he's just the coolest, most humble dude in the world!

    And finally, I'm going to ask his permission to make him a facebook fan page. I'm sure he'll be all for it, but nothing I post or place on the net will ever go out without him asking for it, or without his permission and seeing exactly what I post, first.

    Hopefully you all will hear from me tomorrow night! I'm also hoping the person who started this forum is seeing all this. It's awesome that you started this blog by asking, "What happened to Drummer Eddie Hoh"!
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    Hi Kendude,
    I tried to private message you but wasn't allowed to - if possible, could you email me at chipab323@gmail.com ? Might have some info for you
    regarding some correspondence I had with a friend of Eddie's
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    Okay, here we go with some Q & A from "Fast" Eddie Hoh! I walked in with a printed piece of paper, copied and pasted with your questions and compliments up above and told Eddie, I had fan mail for him. He was shocked and said, "Me?" It was so awesome to see him so happy. The first thing he wants you all to know is much of this is 50 years ago. There are some things he can't remember, but as we sat and he though, much came back to him. The better part was, he double checked everything I wrote to be sure I wrote it the right way and corrected anything I may have written incorrectly. And SOMEBODY on this forum spelled his name wrong and he pointed that out. We'll get to that as we go. As we say in the music industry, "Lets start from the top"...

    Kunstwork asked if Eddie still plays drums, I had already answered no. The second question was who the guitar player in the Mamas and Papas at Monterey was.
    Eddie says he remembers two, Tommy Tedesco and Eric Hord. I don't know if I spelled those right, but those are the names he said. He believes you may be remembering Tommy.

    BadJack, he read your comments, smiled and said,
    "That's really cool, man!"

    Mister Charlie, You said you played with his recordings and tried to keep up and Eddie Said, "Man, I wish I could still play like that. That's cool."

    Clarkophile, you wanted to hear about Eddie's stint in the Gene Clark Group. Eddie Said, "Yeah, I remember Clarence White and John York. They were good guys. You know, Gene Clark played in the Byrds. Do you know the Byrds? He knows I'm 45 years old and figures I need a little musical history lesson "Then he went on his own and played with Doug Dillard, too. We played at Whisky a Go-G0 on Sunset Strip in Cali. It was a good time. Gene's manager took us all out for dinner one time at this real swanky restaurant near by and it was a great time. Had to cost him a fortune."

    Hep Alien, You paid him the nice compliment of saying he's definitely on your list for one of the great rock'n'roll drummers of all time! Eddie smiled from ear to ear, read it again and said, "That's good news!"

    Parlophonhy, This got interesting. When you asked if he remembers about cutting the Door Into Summer over what is believed to be Micky's original drum part, he read it twice and paused a bit. Then he turned to me and said, "I told Mickey he was okay. He was really good on guitar." I was interested that he didn't answer your question, so I asked, "Is that what they did? Mickey's set wasn't as good as what they wanted so they replaced is track with you?" and he replied, "Don't say that, that ain't cool. Mickey could play, I told him he was okay. And he was really good on guitar." So I changed my question to, "Better on guitar than drums?" and again, he stuck up for his buddy Mickey and said, "No, no, he could play drums too man, don't say that." So if it's true or not, we may not know for certain; Eddie wouldn't tell us if it is, because he doesn't want to say anything at all to rip on any of his old buds. Told you all He's a great guy!!

    ruben lopez, He didn't really have any stories to tell about playing with Mike Bloomfield but he had this recollection:
    "I really liked Mike Bloomfield's beautiful guitar solo."

    action pact, He looked at that photo of jakobian1946 for a long time and didn't know who he is. Give us a name and maybe an older photo and he'll recognize him better.

    Pool_of_tears, Eddie read your awesome compliment and all of the sudden points at the paper and says,
    "This guy spelled my name wrong! It's H-O-H, not H-O-E." So I told him there is a bit of discrepancy around the internet on how his name is spelled and he said, "What discrepancy? It's H-O-H, that's it." So I said, well look at the awesome things pool_of_tears said, though. And finally, he said, "Yeah, that's really cool."

    Finally, I had a question of a discrepancy of my own I wanted to know. Did "Fast Eddie" come from his drum playing or his way with women. He laughed and said,
    "Neither. I was playing at Tony Paris's Show Lounge and there was a nice pool hall upstairs. One of the regulars got to know me and started calling me 'Fast Eddie' when he'd see me. You know the Movie The Hustler?" I asked, you mean some guy started calling you "Fast Eddie" relating your name Eddie with the
    "Fast Eddie" in the movie the hustler? Eddie replied,
    "That's it, and it stuck from there. That's all there is to it. Nothing fancy, just some guy starting to call me 'Fast Eddie'."

    There was one other thing I talked to him about, I found a photo in another forum, of him, two other guys and 5 girls in front of what looks to be a cabin. I think one of the guys in the photo actually posted the photo on line. I left that photo with him because he thought it was so cool, but I had written the two other guys' names on it, and now I forgot who they are. But Eddie remembered the picture and said he remembered that day. He said he played at a club and there was a lady and 5 girls that were staying at some sort of camp or resort that were at the club one day when the bad was playing. They invited the 5 band members to their cabin for dinner, where the photo was taken. He doesn't know where the other 2 guys were for the picture, but he remembered there were 5 guys in the band and 5 girls. The girls cooked them boiled chicken and it was the best meal he ever ate!

    And THAT is all I have for now. Next week he wants to see his Wikipedia. If I am going to edit it, he insists I do it with him there. Eddie's as sharp as a tack folks! And he's as big of a stickler for detail as I am. And I have more respect for him every day. Thank you for making him so happy with your kind words. He asked me to print him a copy of what you wrote to him on the forum so he can keep it, and I promise, I will.
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    Thanks, Kendude! It's so great to read that after years of whispers and reports of his demise, that Eddie seems to be healthy and happy.
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  7. Nice write up Kendude!
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    If you're speaking with him again, ask him if he walked into sessions such as for "Words" with any pre-session chart or input.... and especially if the input at the sessions was coming from Chip Douglas. I guess "Words" was tracked a couple of times anyway, but I've always wondered who was steering some of those sessions after Kirshner.

    I sometimes get the impression that whoever found the song, steered the session...... but from the aspect of the run-throughs, I sense Douglas was the one really interacting with Eddie and the others ......and seeing head arrangements through to some sort of commercial vision. I don't exactly envision Mike running the "Words" session.
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    Thanks, sorry for some typo errors, it's getting late here in Illinois. "The Village Recorder" are you the actual production studio?

    I just want to set Eddie's story straight. I'm glad I can help answer so many people's questions, especially that he is alive. Most of all, I'm really glad to have been introduced to Eddie Hoh and get to see him on a regular basis.
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    Great to hear news about Eddie . Really appreciate his playing. Thanks, Kendude!
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    This is SUCH great thread!

    Eddie's Monkees work is fantastic and was the first I ever knew of him, but *this* performance, even for all of its technical glitches, is still utterly fantastic. I absolutely *love* the way he keeps vamping while they try to get the mics working.

    And check out that grin of his at :48 seconds :)

  12. Kendude

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    Chip, thanks so much for posting that You tube. Any more that you find, please post them for me. I will play them for Eddie when visiting him and I especially love seeing them myself. So freaking Cool!! I love that smile at :48 seconds too, the Dude was having a good time!! He's a real Genuine Great Guy!
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    Thanks for the info and interview, Kendude! So great to have that mystery solved. I love Eddie's playing on Super Session - it's really his groove that keeps me going back to those jams again and again. :)
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    Eddie's drumming on Harvey Mandel's albums Christo Redentor and Games Guitars Play is some of my favorite rock drumming. He was especially outstanding on the track Before Six from Christo Redentor.
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  15. Byrdsmaniac

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    And here is Before Six:
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  16. Kendude

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    I'm looking for loooking. I forgot the cabin photo was earlier on this thread. Eddie remembers you and Vic Cerny, and I'm really sorry I forgot your name. I wrote it on the paper with the photo, but Eddie wanted to keep it.

    Loooking, If you are seeing any of this thread, please post a reply.
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    Hi Ken,

    I am SO THRILLED that you are in touch with Mr. Hoh! His body of work is just so great.
    If you get more Q&A time with him, could you ask him if he knew the songwriter Craig Smith (composer of 'Salesman')?

    Thank you again!

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  18. WayOutWardell

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    Also wanted to share this - a film short featuring the Millionaires from '62 (perhaps before Eddie was playing with them). The sax player is the father of actress Anna Chulmsky.
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    Kendude: could you ask him if he still has the Gretsch kit I sold him? I had heard someone stole it.
  20. MarkTheShark

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    Thank you, kendude! As far as the misspelling of his name, that possibly might stem from his name having been misspelled on the back cover of Pisces. I believe I live not far from Mr. Hoh -- would love to possibly meet him and get him to sign my Pisces album some day. Heck, I would be glad just to have a chance to say thanks for the music.

    I remember seeing the credit:

    Drums: Micky Dolenz, (Fast) Eddie Hoe (sic), Kim Copli (sic)

    ...and thinking it meant if the drums were played fast, it was Eddie. (I was about 7 years old at the time)

    I remember reading a quote from Davy Jones where he said Eddie played drums on "Christmas Is My Time Of Year." That's from 1976, so that seems late for him to be on it if he quit around 1971. Can you confirm?

    Geez, I don't know what else to ask about. I'm just glad he's still around, knows he's appreciated and remembered, and apparently he's happy to know it.

    I wish him the best.
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    I love Eddie's work and would love to track down more songs with him playing. If he is interested, I do host a radio program in southern IL on a community station where I play 60's music. Many shows go online. I'd be interested in doing a whole program based on his work if you guys wanted to have an audio interview. It wouldn't have to be me giving the interview, it can be you since he's probably most comfortable that way. Here is an example using an old interview with Harry Nilsson: http://lollypop.podomatic.com/entry/2014-01-13T11_43_00-08_00
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    Great thread
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    Here's some more goodness by Eddie - a take of 'Words' with drums isolated!

  24. Kendude

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    Al, Eddie said he traded in the Gretsch set you sold him, and the set he got afterwards is the one that was stolen.
  25. Kendude

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    Mark the Shark, I'm thinking of setting up a P.O. Box for Eddie. If so, If you would like to send your album, Eddie says he'll be happy to autograph it for you.
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