What is Stereophile smoking? "Finest loudspeaker to ever grace my home"

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by MichaelXX2, Oct 13, 2021.

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    The curves change as the volume level increases or decreases. You are the genius who will somehow design a speaker with SLIDING CURVES!! right? Also, the guy mixing your music in the studio was already adjusting for the curves (as he heard it).
    Don't give me this bullsht argument dude....The truth is...it takes a lot of skill to make a speaker measure flat and sound good...The low IQ dummy designing speakers in his basement will need this argument as an excuse for his lack of aptitude (i'll name them all if i have to....these dummy offerings that so many guys on this forum own). He is obviously not Andrew Jones or the engineering PhDs who work at JBL...
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    In case it weren't obvious enough from the text that I was making a joke, I included a jovial emoticon at the end so that there would be no doubt. Certainly not my intention to upset anyone.
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    Yes, I can do it. (Does that make me a genius?) But you do it with DSP/EQ, not the speakers.
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    The very best I've ever heard are the all new PerListen Audio S7T's with matching subwoofers ! Game-Changer

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