What is the appeal of Radiohead?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Archguy, Jul 31, 2020 at 3:47 AM.

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    Radiohead didn't "lose" their label or get dropped. They chose not to re-sign to their deal in order to give fans the power to choose the price of downloading In Rainbows directly from the band. They wanted more control over their releases, and they got it. And that record is considered by many to be their best, and by most as Top 3 for Radiohead....Even after offering a download for "pay what you want," the physical CD still hit #1 in the UK and US. Here's an article about it:

    Radiohead In Direct-Licensing Deal For New CD
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  2. And this really obscure Pink Floyd track (that went completely unreleased until the Floyd Early Years box a few short years ago), has some serious Radiohead vibes/sound going for it (“Roger’s Boogie” from 1968 - which has virtually nothing to do with sounding like a ‘boogie’).

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    Boogie seems to be a strange word. I've never used it once in my life but from observation I've learned that it can mean many different things to different people. FWIW.

    ETA: Actually I have said "boogey man" when I was a kid. Is that a variant??
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    My wife’s social media reminded us that the last Radiohead show we saw was 2 years ago today. Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, the last date of their 2018 tour. Hell of a show.
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    The Bends was my gateway. I hate to bring up Beatles, but I consider The Bends to be the Rubber Soul of the 90s.

    Special mention for In Rainbows, I consider it a masterpiece.
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  7. Crawdad

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    None in my opinion.
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    I agree. So that OK Computer is Revolver and let's continue this way:

    Kid A = Sgt. Pepper
    Amnesiac = Yellow Submarine
    Hail To The Thief = The White Album
    In Rainbows = Magical Mystery Tour
    The King Of Limbs = ? (I don't know, The Beatles just didn't go further like Sgt. Pepper Part 2)
    A Moon Shaped Pool = Abbey Road
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    I’m with you on that, it’s the vocals. It’s always the vocals.
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  10. Rose River Bear

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    Jonny Greenwood gone......no Radiohead. At least nothing worth listening to for me. Somehow his musical brain is wired differently than most musicians.
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    Yes! I originally heard it performed by Stephen Malkmus, who opened for Radiohead on their 2003.

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    Thanks - I can only tell you what I think. I rarely listened to rock music after about 1989, but I did, and do, check out bits and pieces; The Bends was one of them, and I bought OK Computer too. I couldn’t, and can’t, hear much in the way of revolution about it. It’s a rock LP with some nice production twists from Nigel Godrich and some anthemic songs. It obviously builds on the style of The Bends.

    If I compare it to what was going on elsewhere, it just didn’t seem all that interesting, and I can fully see why they decided to reset and create Kid A.
  13. reg slade

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    aside from 3-4 worthy songs, a great press & mktg team, suck up UK writers and the post grunge gomers who lapped it up like they’d found their generation’s own pink floyd
  14. whatwhat

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    greatest band of their era, and amongst the greatest ever
  15. Choba b CCCP

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    Love this live appearance: one of their best shows to my taste — they are so happy and hot here:

  16. Matisse

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    I meant "healthy" as in "beneficial" (to the band or other artists).
  17. Malinky

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    This just shows how musical tastes can differ so much, while you think that the clip of `Spectre` is one of the best ever, I just listened to it (have never heard it before), and just found it plodding, with annoying vocals, and indecipherable lyrics.
    Oh well, different strokes, as they say. No offense :wave:
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    I haven't really followed them for a while but I thought WIXIW (which is an excellent album btw) had a big Radiohead influence.
    This is the opening track for anybody who hasn't heard that album.
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    I'm drowning in the ocean of Spectre!
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    Same for me, Kid A was a gateway to much more esoteric and interesting music.
  21. misteranderson

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    That sounds more like Bon Iver than Radiohead to me, aside from the bass line, which is kinda-Colin G-like.
  22. ARK

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    i knew exactly what you meant. I’m just questioning your premise about unwarranted praise being unhealthy for a band’s future music quality.
  23. Exitmusic

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    Leicester U.K
    This is something a bit harder from the same album
  24. Chrome_Head

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    I was 12 or so when "Creep" was a huge MTV hit. I then promptly forgot about the band.

    Several years later my friends and I were all mainly listening to Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and Tool. One friend in our group was singing the praises of this album The Bends by that band that had the one-hit wonder about being a "Creep". He played it for me, but I still found the The Bends to be a little too light and wispy for me in places at the time.

    Then I see this bizarre animated video on MTV. I missed the song title and artist at the beginning. The video was slightly disturbing but the song I found to be utterly fascinating. That was "Paranoid Android". The album dropped probably a month later. That same friend in our group who championed The Bends bought OK Computer the day it came out. I still vividly remember riding in the back seat of his Honda, a group of us getting high and hearing OKC for the first time and the opening to "Airbag" ringing out. I became a huge fan and never looked back at that point.

    Though I will admit, OKC took a few listens to fully appreciate.
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    I wasn’t necessarily talking about the quality of the music. I do have my opinions about Radiohead’s output since Kid A, but they’re debatable. What I intended to say is that in the long run, disproportionate praise will attract the wrong kind of attention (and possible backlash), and it will also create a weird environment for other artists where everything becomes more about their image and less about their actual music. A good example is that era in the 2000’s where every other alt-something band was expected or encouraged to "do a Kid A", as if that was a meaningful achievement in itself.

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