What is the greatest baroque/psychedelic pop album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SurrealCereal, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. For the Record

    For the Record Forum Resident

    Ontario Canada
    I gotta stop getting up so early in the morning. I read the thread title as:
    What is the greatest barbeque/psychedelic pop album?

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  2. Pjotr into Music

    Pjotr into Music Don't be afraid to play this LOUD

    Currently discovering the Sundazed (cd) Sagittarius - Present Tense. Really falling for this ; )

    Next on my list is The Millennium Begin
  3. Big Time

    Big Time Active Member

    Boise, ID
    It is very pet-like, however. What with the dogs at the end and all.
  4. Luisboa

    Luisboa Forum Resident

    Coimbra, Portugal
    pink floyd's saucerful of secrets.
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  5. metallicramen

    metallicramen Member


    The Beach Boys - Smile
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  6. idleracer

    idleracer Forum Resident

    :kilroy: To me "Baroque" implies harpsichords, strings and woodwinds, closely miked. Interestingly, this predates "Walk Away Rene" by a month. I kind of like the weird stereo mix where one speaker remains empty until a minute into it, when it suddenly fills up with a string quartet and backing vocalists:

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  7. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    The Twilights~ Once Upon a Twilight
  8. idleracer

    idleracer Forum Resident

    :kilroy: It doesn't get any more "Baroque" than this. Too bad they didn't record a whole album in this vein:

  9. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

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  10. LeBon Bush

    LeBon Bush Hound of Love

    The Notorious Byrd Brothers
    The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    other: The Kinks - Face to Face
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  11. Celebrated Summer

    Celebrated Summer Forum Resident

  12. Courtfield Road

    Courtfield Road Forum Resident

    SW7, London
    Such an amazing song and track!
  13. Dr.Robert

    Dr.Robert Member

    Not sure any of these are baroque? I've never really considered Forever Changes to be categorizable in any way.

    Left Banke are the first thought when I hear baroque pop
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  14. Stuggy

    Stuggy Forum Resident

    Left Banke 1st lp was my first noticed omission. I thought that was pretty well known and the main one that was sold on being Baroque pop that also fits in with psych.

    So good to see other people are saying the same about it being something taht should have definitely been included.
  15. Yovra

    Yovra Collector of Beatles Threads

    As a fan of The Beatles and The Beach Boys I'd Say The Kinks' "We Are The Village Green Preservation Society".
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  16. gjp163

    gjp163 Well-Known Member

    The Rain Parade - Emergency Third Rail Power Trip/Explosions In The Glass Palace
  17. idleracer

    idleracer Forum Resident

    :kilroy: This is the only cut on that album that I would describe as being specifically "Baroque." There's a prominent harpsichord throughout, and oboe, bassoon, and some pizzicato strings in one speaker:

    :kilroy: Needless to say, "The Last Of The Steam Powered Trains" is not baroque.
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  18. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    I'm not familiar with the Byrds or Love albums (but I am working on that)
    I voted Odessa although I love all the other albums up there
  19. idleracer

    idleracer Forum Resident

    :kilroy: It has occurred to me that an entire separate (and much more lengthy) thread could easily be cobbled together from groups who throw in one token baroque track on to what are otherwise not baroque albums:

  20. Yovra

    Yovra Collector of Beatles Threads

    Neither is "Getting Better" or "Sloop John B." i.m.o., but they were included in the poll.
  21. sami

    sami Mono Rules

    Jersey Shore
    Voted for the Stones, Zombies, and Love. Could just as easily picked the Byrds and Bee Gees. I couldn't pick just one, or rank them.

    Not so sure most of those on the list could be described as 'baroque', however.
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  22. Jet Age Eric

    Jet Age Eric Forum Resident

    SIlver Spring, MD
    This -E
  23. peopleareleaving

    peopleareleaving Forum Resident

    This one fits perfectly into the OP's line of thinking:

  24. Hardy Melville

    Hardy Melville Forum Resident

    New York
    My vote in any event would have gone to Sgt. Pepper's, but I do think it worth mentioning that Children of the Future by the Steve Miller Band is worthy of consideration, especially the first side.
  25. bibliotudinous

    bibliotudinous Music Freak

    Sonoma County, CA
    Throwing this one out there, because it is criminally overlooked: July - July (1968), featuring the song "Dandelion Seeds"


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