What was, in your opinion, the last truly great album released?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by garrincha, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. Pastafarian

    Pastafarian Forum Resident

    Started and finished with 2017 and the winner is Laura Marling's -Semper Femina but then I realised Jake Xerxes Fussell's - What In The Natural World, was released 21 days later.
  2. oxenholme

    oxenholme High Quality Posts™ a speciality

    The Beatles - A Hard Day's Night
  3. NotTimCurry

    NotTimCurry Active Member

    Nashville, TN
    Not bad. This is certainly the last, best recent thing I heard.

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  4. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    I just listened to Childish Gambino's "Awaken, My Love!" and thought it was great. It's definitely the best R&B album I've heard in a while.
  5. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    That Jake Xerxes Fussell record is really really great. It's in my top 10 of 2017 easily
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  6. Davey

    Davey very clever with maracas

    SF Bay Area, USA
    How many reallys does it take to equal a truly? Just kidding, I gave that one a couple listens, mainly because I'm a big Joan Shelley fan and she sings on the last song, but didn't quite connect, probably need to revisit this one, it's got all the makings for something I'd love, maybe just don't like his voice, not quite sure. Paradise of Bachelors puts out some good stuff, love the Wooden Wand record from last year too, some connections to the same extended group of artists, though music is quite different and I just realized it's on Three Lobed. Some of the same musicians as on Joan Shelley's latest.
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  7. Steve G

    Steve G Forum Resident

    los angeles
    For sure a truly great album!!! But you know, with the passage of time I've come round to spending a lot of time with hope six demolition...
  8. mozz

    mozz Forum Resident

    Madrid, Spain
    It is not sad, it is what it is. I don't think The War On Drugs or "American Idiot"are that great, what can I do. They're not bad at all, but not that great.
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  9. Arkay_East

    Arkay_East Forum Resident

    Ok it's really really truly great! It does connect with me on many levels. I love his first record as well.

    His voice ... I like it now. It might have taken a few listens to settle in w me but the guitar playing! I sometimes find myself second guessing the guitar player but every choice he makes sits well w me.
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  10. chrisblower

    chrisblower Forum Resident

    Hand Cannot Erase - Steven Wilson 2015 (another shout for this superb album)

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  11. mr_spenalzo

    mr_spenalzo Forum Resident

    Yep, my vote too. If a truly great album is one you keep buying copies of to give to others (who subsequently play it to death), then this is the one.
  12. Michael Rose

    Michael Rose Forum Resident

    I just got this record. Gave it a spin and WoW. The thrash galloping sounds are on point. The lyrics are great and even motivating. Really great album.
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  13. JamesLord

    JamesLord Forum Resident

    Anything by Shearwater. Magical stuff.
  14. Henry Phillpotts

    Henry Phillpotts Well-Known Member

    Oxford, UK
    Just listened my way through 20 pages, some interesting recommendations so far. My pick for the last great album is An Awesome Wave by Alt-J. On a more personal level (but great to me) is Sleeping Operator by the Barr Brothers.

    I'm hoping for something new to give me that special embrace soon! It might be out there and take a few listens over a number of years to get me though. It's not always the ones that burn the brightest which burn the longest...
  15. saturdayboy

    saturdayboy Forum Resident

    Hurray for the Riff Raff - "The Navigator"

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  16. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    the producers - made in basing street
  17. Brendan K

    Brendan K Forum Resident

    Lorde - Melodrama (2017)

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  18. rock4ev

    rock4ev Forum Resident

    CA USA
    D Generation - Through The Darkness (1999)
    There are others, but this one jumps to mind as been recently listening to it, also to note is the sound quality of the production by Tony Visconti, you can really hear the dynamics and levels between drums, bass, guitar and vocals and being it was released in 1999 a lot dynamics were being lost in mastering or production. This album sounds amazing and the music/songs are great. This album is as good as anything the 80's "rock" had to offer up, seriously. IMO of course.
    A great listen!
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  19. LitHum05

    LitHum05 Disco Es Cultura

    Chinese Democracy
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  20. Crimson jon

    Crimson jon Forum Resident

    I haven't heard it yet. Are you a fan of under the cork tree and infinity on high by chance? I love those two albums but haven't bothered since.
  21. AlanDistro

    AlanDistro Forum Resident

    Sandy, OR
    Love both of those albums, yes. Most of FOB's output has been good, aside from a misstep track here and there. They were a very different band back then from what they're doing now, but if you love those albums I would definitely give their three most recent releases a try (Save Rock and Roll, American Beauty/American Psycho, and MANIA).
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  22. Crimson jon

    Crimson jon Forum Resident

    Good to see another fan on this type of forum geared towards classic rock and jazz fusion. They have great melodies and just flat out rock. Even my own brothers mock me for spinning the first three CD which have Dr value of like a 5 on regular basis. I like what I like so i will definitely check the latest few albums put out.
  23. If I Can Dream_23

    If I Can Dream_23 Forum Resident

    United States

    What would be "sad" is pretending an album is great or "classic" when you don't enjoy it (or only modestly enjoy it).

    It's funny, people like to blame the listeners, but the burden is on artists to make albums that listeners may fall in love with. Not for the listener to claim they love them when they really don't. I don't know of anyone on Earth who would listen to an album, find it great, and go out of their way to say it's not great. One thing no listener can have too many of is great albums! Why would they ever shy away from saying a particular new album (or an old album, for that matter) is great?

    And all this from someone who doesn't really despise any album, and always gives every album the benefit of the doubt. But, simply put, I hear very few albums today that move me in the same enormous way as past classics. But I'm always open to listening... :)
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  24. joleary59

    joleary59 New Member

    Toronto, Canada
    So many great albums, really tough to narrow it down, but these two definitely qualify imho.

    Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle

    Björk - Vulnicura
  25. Trevor_Bartram

    Trevor_Bartram Forum Resident

    Boylston, MA, USA
    Current radio earworm, Fatboy Slim "Praise You", thanks to WERS!
    Last great albums:
    Within the last month, Glen Hansard "Between Two Shores".
    Within the last year, Micheal Kiwanuka "Love & Hate".
    Great finds within the last few years (never to be bettered IMHO):
    The Frames: Fitzcarraldo.
    Jellyfish: Spilt Milk.
    Sainte Ettienne: Good Humor.
    Stereolab: Margerine Eclipse.
    Waterboys: Fisherman's Box.
    Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.
    Boo Radleys: Wake Up.
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