What were your party records?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joeinator97, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. beverett

    beverett Forum Resident

    Austin, TX USA
    I know it's not "back in the day" but when we have people over, these records always seem to jump out of their sleeves.

    The Popcorn - James Brown
    Mink Rat or Rabbit - The Detroit Cobras
    77 - Talking Heads
    Red Clay - Freddie Hubbard
    Holly - Nick Waterhouse
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  2. LitHum05

    LitHum05 El Disco es Cultura

    Motley Crue (especially Shout at the Devil).
  3. JackDVD78

    JackDVD78 Forum Resident

    Just about any Donna Summer Disco era LP still sounds like magic.
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  4. Get the party started with as many friends, beer & hash as possible. And to kick it off I would drop this A-bomb in the winter of 1982, cranked to 11. We were 16 years-old & in high-school...
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  5. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Talking Heads too
  6. garrincha

    garrincha Forum Resident

    Plymouth, UK
    Motown Chartbusters Vol III

    come on.....

    1. "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - Marvin Gaye
    2. "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" - Diana Ross & the Supremes and the Temptations
    3. "My Cherie Amour" - Stevie Wonder
    4. "This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You)" - The Isley Brothers
    5. "I'll Pick A Rose For My Rose" - Marv Johnson
    6. "No Matter What Sign You Are" - Diana Ross & the Supremes
    7. "I'm in a Different World" - The Four Tops
    8. "Dancing In The Street" - Martha Reeves & the Vandellas
    9. "For Once in My Life" - Stevie Wonder
    10. "You're All I Need To Get By" - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
    11. "Get Ready" - The Temptations
    12. "Stop Her On The Sight (S.O.S)" - Edwin Starr
    13. "Love Child" - Diana Ross & the Supremes
    14. "Behind a Painted Smile" - The Isley Brothers
    15. "(I'm a) Road Runner" - Jr. Walker & the All Stars
    16. "The Tracks Of My Tears" - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
  7. Leeston

    Leeston Forum Resident

    Back in the day.......Creedance clearwater revival, heard it through the grapevine a great favourite at parties...
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  8. Micke Lindahl

    Micke Lindahl Forum Resident

    Back in the '70s (when I was still partying :) )

    Status Quo - Live
    Status Quo - Piledriver
    Gasolin - Sådan (Live)
    Kal P. Dal - Till Mossan! (Live)
  9. BDC

    BDC Forum Resident

    Heres some sh!t I could drink to.......
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  10. BDC

    BDC Forum Resident

    Better yet
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  11. Mbe

    Mbe Forum Resident

    What’s that you say? A party! Well now I just love a good party, or do I?

    Invitation is in the post...
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  12. acemachine26

    acemachine26 Forum Resident

    Usually went for some laid back smooth jazz at our house parties. Stuff like Peter Brotzmann's Machine Gun.
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  13. rednedtugent

    rednedtugent Forum Resident

    Funk, Ohio
    what do you mean, "back in the day?" :rolleyes:
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  14. Marc Perman

    Marc Perman Forum Resident

    West of the Hudson
    Full House by J. Geils Band, a few years later it was Some Girls, followed of course by Thriller. After that I started making my own party mix tapes.
  15. AlienRendel

    AlienRendel Forum Resident

    Chicago, il
    Joy Division - but it was a pretty sedate party.
  16. Galley

    Galley Forum Resident

    Every party I ever went to in the '80s played The Kings' “This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide”. It might have been a law.
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  17. milankey

    milankey Forum Resident

    Kent, Ohio, USA
    usually Perry Como but I didn't throw real great parties :cry:
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  18. jojo getback

    jojo getback Forum Resident

    west coast
    after all the " rock and roll " in the early morning hours out would come Supertramp's Crime of The Century .
  19. mneuliep

    mneuliep Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI, USA
    Well in high school I brought King Crimson’s Islands to a party. Perhaps it’s not so hard to believe I wasn’t at many parties :)
  20. m0thra

    m0thra Active Member

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  21. Todd W.

    Todd W. Forum Resident

    The first I can remember, at a drinking party, was a friend's house when I was 13. That album was...........


    Though, there might have been other things being smoked............:evil:

    At my July 4th and New Years Eve parties, it was this one.............

  22. Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Yah Mo B There

    Reno, NV
    I wouldn't dare take any of my personal platters, but I did keep a few beater copies of stuff like Best of the Doobies and ZoSo to bring so I could seem personable.

    Pity we didn't have today's tech - pair your phone to Bluetooth and serve up your party playlist.
  23. Terrapin Station

    Terrapin Station Forum Resident

    NYC Man
    I would have had to go to parties, but I never really did. Not that I am or was a loner. Instead, I've either:

    (1) Gone to parties where there was live music, only because I was one of the live musicians,
    (2) Hung out with one to a handful of friends, usually musicians, where we usually play each other new discoveries that we think the other guys will enjoy or at least find interesting,
    (3) Hung out with girlfriends

    I can't say that I've never been to a "normal party," but I've not been to many of them. The few I went to I was uncomfortable at, partially because of rowdy, drunk people, and partially because when there's loud music playing, I can't talk to anyone--I can't make out what they're saying. For that reason I never hung out at clubs/bars with loud music, etc. either.
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  24. veloso2

    veloso2 Forum Resident

    maceo parker : live
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  25. action pact

    action pact Forum Resident

    "Let's Dance On" by the Monkees often ended up on party mix tapes when I was in college (early-mid '80s).

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