Whatever Happened To? - (Actor or Actress)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Tone, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Scooterpiety

    Scooterpiety Ars Gratia Artis

    Sarah Holcomb who appeared in "Animal House" and "Caddyshack". She was a talented young actress, but she apparently had personal problems of some kind and gave up acting, Very regrettable.
  2. Scooterpiety

    Scooterpiety Ars Gratia Artis

  3. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Senior Member

    Sure loved her in Cat People.
  4. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    vanessa marcil
    nikki cox
    marsha thomson
    molly sims

    the ladies of the TV show 'las vegas". has any of them had a job since?
  5. mannymarks

    mannymarks New Member

    Oakwood, GA
    Speaking of which, I haven't seen Matthew Modine do anything in a long time. He was memorable in Full Metal Jacket.
  6. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

    SoCal, Long Beach
    I think a lot of these actors we don't see or hear about go to broadway.
  7. daglesj

    daglesj Forum Resident

    Norfolk, UK
    Hardy Kruger retired too early.
  8. Texastoyz

    Texastoyz Forum Resident

    Texas, USA

    Vanessa Marcil is coming out on General Hospital. I think Molly Sims did some comedy last year about cheerleading.
  9. zebop

    zebop Well Known Stranger

    She's been on General Hospital for the past year.
  10. john greenwood

    john greenwood Senior Member

    Even some you still hear about. Among the actors I have seen on stage in NY within the past year:

    Robin Williams
    Ethan Hawke
    Robert Sean Leonard
    (but not together)

    Al Pacino
    Chris Rock
    Ben Stiller
    Jennifer Jason Leigh
    Edie Falco
    Marisa Tomei
    Frank Whalley
    Stockard Channing
    Ellen Barkin
    Jim Parsons
    Annabella Sciorra
    Linda Lavin
    Daniel Radcliffe
    John Laroquette
    Zach Braff
    Jim Belushi
    (and Denzel Washington a year and a day ago)

    I missed Francis McDormand's performance, though.
  11. soundboy

    soundboy Senior Member

    Or off-Broadway. There's an article on Yahoo today regarding the debut of Joyce DeWitt (Janet on "Three's Company") on the New York stage.
  12. Roninblues

    Roninblues 猿も木から落ちる。

    Snowblind and adrift.
  13. zebop

    zebop Well Known Stranger

    He talked a good game but despite his early successes, he never had his daddy's chops that's for sure.

  14. She's been on the show since the beginning appearing in the occasional episode.
  15. sparkydog

    sparkydog Forum Resident

    I notice a lot of "whatever-happened-to" actors/actresses in directing credits on TV series. Of course, I can't think of a single one right now. Oh yeah, Peter Bonerz.
  16. john greenwood

    john greenwood Senior Member

    Replacing Eve Plumb
  17. Torontotom

    Torontotom Forum Resident

    Nastassja Kinski was, and still is, one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Although she worked regularly, it's a shame she never became a bigger star. It seemed that about 10 years ago, she was making somewhat of a comeback with small but well-received roles in films like "The Claim" but then she went off the radar again.

    She was brilliant in "Cat People", "Paris, Texas" and, of course, "Tess".
  18. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    Incredibly, Matthew Modine has a part in the upcoming Batman film The Dark Knight Returns. He actually works a lot, but mostly in small films. There's a ton of 1980s & 1990s actors who do the same thing -- you don't see them a lot, but they're staying busy.

    He was a very, very busy sitcom director in the 1990s, and he's a good guy. His IMDB resume is a mile long. Peter is 72, so I don't think he's working as much as he used to.
  19. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits, Abbie & Mitzi: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Up there for worst name ever:

    "It's pronounced 'Bonnerz!!!"

    "Yeah, whatever you say, Boners!" :laugh:
  20. spanky1

    spanky1 Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    It was THE DARK KNIGHT that gave Anthony Michael Hall a role, although he hadn't exactly been out of the spotlight.
  21. proufo

    proufo Forum Resident

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Madeleine Stowe?

  22. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

    SoCal, Long Beach
    Revenge (TV series) 2011
    The Christmas Hope (TV movie) 2009
    Raines (TV series)2007
    She was busy thru 07 but I think she just took a break.When not filming she spends her time at her ranch in Texas.
  23. proufo

    proufo Forum Resident

    Bogotá, Colombia

    Paige Turco?

  24. DPM

    DPM Senior Member

    Nevada, USA
    Kristen Cloke. She was in the sci-fi series Space Above And Beyond back in the mid 90s. She also appeared in an episode of the X Files and was in several movies, but she dropped off the map afterwards. She was a good actress and easy on the eyes as well.
  25. Drew

    Drew Senior Member

    Grand Junction, CO
    This may be a weird one, but even though I thought Jonathan Frakes was a
    mediocre actor as Commander Riker in ST:TNG, I thought he did an excellent
    job directing the movie Star Trek: First Contact which was a big budget motion
    picture in a huge franchise. I figured he'd get an opportunity to direct
    something away from the scifi genre.

    According to IMDB he has acted a few bit roles on some TV series I don't watch
    and directed a few episodes of some TV series I also don't watch.
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