what's the most recent documentary you watched (film/tv/web)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by polchik, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    did a search ... couldn't find any general threads on docs .....

    shangri-la (showtime)

    .... a doc series on record producer rick rubin, and his 'shangri-la' studio ..... (the same studio in 'the last waltz' btw)

    just finished eps.1

    enjoying it so far!

  2. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Digging For Britain.

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  3. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan on Sabbatical

    Central PA
    Hard to tell if Summer Of Soul could be considered a "documentary", or a "concert film". And...why not both...
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    MARTHY Forum Resident

    PBS series: ICON: Music Through The Lens: On Camera -- a 6-part series on Rock Music photography. The first ep was last Friday; next ep is tomorrow (July 23) at 9pm.
  5. jwoverho

    jwoverho Licensed Drug Dealer

    Mobile, AL USA
    GIMME SHELTER- The Maysles brothers brilliant documentary of the chaos and death surrounding The Rolling Stones concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969.

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  6. Pastafarian

    Pastafarian Forum Resident

    BBC Philly DA and I won't say what it was about:laugh:
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  7. charlie W

    charlie W EMA Level 8

    Area Code 254
    Tokyo Olympiad (1964) on TCM.
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  8. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    such a BEAUTIFUL film !
  9. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    a new doc series on HBO about surfers and the 100 foot wave.
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  10. Michel_LeGrisbi

    Michel_LeGrisbi Far-Gone Accumulator ™

    Gimme Shelter

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  11. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

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  12. R. Totale

    R. Totale The Voice of Reason

    Hail Satan

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  13. hybrid_77

    hybrid_77 Forum Resident

    New England

    I've been watching these. He also did a 3 part doc on the Let It Bleed era. He did a really good job. Lots of pix and film that I had never seen. Well researched. And I'm not a big Stones fan.
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  14. Quadboy

    Quadboy Forum Resident

    Come Together. The Rise of the Festivals. from Sky Arts UK.
    Covering Music festivals from the 1960's to more modern day ones with lots of good artist and organiser talk, but lacking a bit in rare/unseen footage.
    a lot of good stills though.
  15. Valkenburg

    Valkenburg Forum Resident

    The Thelonious Monk documentary Straight No Chaser on TCM a few weeks ago.

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  16. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    punk (hbo)

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  17. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident Thread Starter

    wu-tang clan : of mics and men - hbo
  18. The Panda

    The Panda Forum Mutant

    Marple, PA, USA
    Danny says
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  19. DLD

    DLD Senior Member

    Dallas, Tx
    Last Chance U. The season about the Junior College in Skooba, Miss. Can't help but pull for these kids. 2 epis in.
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  20. Saint Johnny

    Saint Johnny Forum Resident

    Asbury Park
    On YouTube, the Making Of Smokey And The Bandit.

    I forgot how great Jerry Reed and Paul Williams were! And this reminded me.
  21. john hp

    john hp Forum Resident

    Warwickshire, UK
    Online yesterday :- 'Michael H. profession : director'

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  22. kanakaris

    kanakaris Forum Resident

    Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage. : very good.
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  23. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith You fill up my senses, Like a gallon of Magnet..

    'The Sparks Brothers'
  24. steveharris

    steveharris Senior Member

    A bunch of War documentaries covering all sort of depressing aspects most of us will fortunately never fully understand.History is completely warped.
  25. Brannon Walker

    Brannon Walker Well-Known Member

    New York, NY
    Netflix's documentary on Richard Ramirez, AKA The Night Stalker. I was attending college at UC Northridge at the time so the documentary piqued my interest. Not a brilliant piece of work but it brought back some gruesome memories.
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