What's your favorite piece of absurd music trivia?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BroJB, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. JonW

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    Yes, my bad.
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  2. astro70

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    Sgt Pepper and most of Odessey and Oracle were recorded on the same 4 track machine. Not really surprising as both were recorded one after the other at Abbey Road but still sort of mind blowing that that same machine is responsible for 2 of the greatest psych pop masterpieces of all time.
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  3. Old Fart At Play

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    Los Angeles
    Bobby Fuller and Janis Joplin died (or at least Fuller was discovered) about 100 yards and four years apart.
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  4. Old Fart At Play

    Old Fart At Play He won't eat it, he hates everything

    Los Angeles
    The Trout Mask Replica band only played one live performance.
  5. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    Legendary engineer and producer Tom Dowd worked on the Manhattan Project.
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  6. I dont think I'd heard about this before - I wonder if Syd actually listened to the tape?
  7. The Warlocks were around long enough to put out a couple of singles, although I don't know if Beard is on either of them seeing as he was a latecomer to the band. They're well worth checking out if you're a garage rock aficionado.
  8. MGSeveral

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    This was a Malcolm interview, possibly from the Radio 1 Saturday Richard Skinner magazine show. He'd arranged to meet him at a hotel, but was wandering around reception for ages, then saw someone he recognised by his eyes. "Syd?..... um, I have this tape for you to hear." "Leave it with reception, number (whichever)" at which point he went into the private bar area. So, Malcolm left the tape, and went back a few hours later to find the tape was now gone. I don't think he got a reply, but suffice to say...
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  9. Timos

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    Mike Nesmith's (The Monkees) mum invented 'typewriter correctional fluid', aka Tippex.
  10. poisonedhangman

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    David Axelrod was an ex-junkie street hoodlum and amateur boxer paid by mobsters to smack heads in labor dispute brawls.

    Turned his life around to produce Cannonball Adderley and become one of the most sampled artists in hip hip. Simply incredible life story.
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  11. Duffy Shrimpton

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    Skiffle legend Hazel Plympton went on to open a Nandos Peri Peri chicken stall in Camborne
  12. BroJB

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    Freddie Mercury had four extra teeth - which caused his overbite and which he also credited for his vocal range: "I was born with four additional incisors. More space in my mouth means more range.”
  13. BroJB

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    Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden was once the #7 ranked fencer in the UK.
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  14. mercuryvenus

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    Most of you probably know this already, but Mick Jagger studied at LSE.
  15. jlf

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    United States
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  16. Trash Panda

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    On the (U.S.) Billboard Hot 100, for the week ending November 22, 1975, the Pete Wingfield hit "Eighteen With a Bullet" reached Billboard #18 -- with a bullet.
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  17. agnamaracs

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    The film Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare was released in 1991, two months before Freddie Mercury died.

    The score for Freddy's Dead was composed by Brian May.

    ...the Australian composer who also scored the first two Mad Max films.
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  18. sharedon

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    In the Steely Dan song "Everything You Did", a lyric says, "turn up the Eagles, the neighbors are listening." Welp, Timothy B. Schmit, who sang background vocals on "The Royal Scam" would later join the Eagles.
  19. ledsox

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    "Message in a Bottle" has 25 repeated "Sending Out..." lines at the end but the very last one is "Sending out an Esso Blue"

    They were referencing the jingle for the kerosene in the UK.
  20. Atmospheric

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    Harvey Mandel, not Rory Gallagher.
  21. funhouse

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    Long Island, NY
    He was born with teeth?
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  22. jimjim

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    Apparently, the Velvet Underground were also in the running for that slot. Warhol was supposed to tour his Exploding Plastic Inevitable in Europe but couldn't get the finance which scuppered the band's agreement with Antonioni.
  23. Atmospheric

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    Everybody guested on Zevon’s ST.
  24. poisonedhangman

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    Doooh! Wish my typing hand wasn't permanently damaged. Don't have a sleeping disorder and fall into walls. Kids!
  25. redfloatboat

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    This is for Americans, Delia Smith is an English, celebritiy, television cook.[and author.]
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