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When you were a kid and listened to a song, what did you get totally wrong about it?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Muddy Holly

    Muddy Holly Forum Resident

    I don’t remember how I posed the request to the radio DJ but I must have asked for either “Lucy in Disguise” or “Judy in the Skies” because he asked me which one I wanted!
  2. jwoverho

    jwoverho Licensed Drug Dealer

    Mobile, AL USA
    When I was young I thought soundtrack recordings were the actual audio tracks from the movie. Who would want to just hear the movie?
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  3. Steve G

    Steve G Senior Member

    los angeles
    I thought it was spill the wine, dig that girl up until this moment
  4. Cookie!

    Cookie! Forum Resident

    FL, USA
    “Michelle, my bell, Sunday morning go play piano son, play piano son.”
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  5. coco77

    coco77 Forum Resident

    United States
    I thought Bob was singing Lady Elaine rather than Lay Lady Lay, and that the song was an ode to Lady Elaine Fairchilde of Mr Roger’s Neighborhood. Somehow it made perfect sense when I was 5...
  6. Steve G

    Steve G Senior Member

    los angeles
    They use an horrific poetic license and then triple down on it. It's such a feeling that my love I can't hide, I can't hide, I can't hide.
  7. classicrockguy

    classicrockguy Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    I thought it was "take that girl", which would seem to make sense
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  8. davebush

    davebush New Test Leper

    Fonthill, ON
    Same. Never considered it wasn't "dig that girl" until a moment ago.
  9. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Nuttier than a Snickers bar

    There was the song that could have been about a painter and decorator that must have had a reputation for doing a great job (and yes, it did sound like this to me)...

    I Second That Emulsion.


    It must be the Japan version (listening to that last night) that made me think that as it was the one from my somewhat younger days.
  10. OneStepBeyond

    OneStepBeyond Nuttier than a Snickers bar

    I had Monty Python's Life Of Brian 'Original Soundtrack' LP. When I finally saw the film (on VHS) I was amazed that it wasn't word-for-word like the LP and disappointed the studio recorded links between scenes were now absent.

    "Brian's on the run from the lobster..."
    Not in the movie he isn't! :cry:
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  11. Warand Pain

    Warand Pain Well-Known Member

    Bad boys bad boys what you gonna do, do you wanna go to camp with me.
  12. kevinsinnott

    kevinsinnott Forum Coffeeologist

    Chicago, IL USA
    The "Wow" is apparently sung by the writer/guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen. As you can see in this video lip-sync.
  13. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    The lyrics, I thought they meant something.
  14. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Augm

    Pete Seeger "Little Boxes"

    The singer has a larf at people in bad houses, I thought he obviously lived in a castle or some such.
  15. Cookie!

    Cookie! Forum Resident

    FL, USA
    John Lennon - "Cold Turkey"

    When I was a kid and first started hearing this song I had thought it meant that the singer was being chased by a giant killer turkey, hence why the turkey has him "on the run". At the end of the song the turkey catches up to the singer and begins to devour him as he pleads for mercy, begging the turkey to stop eating him.
  16. KinkySmallFace1991

    KinkySmallFace1991 I'm a 20th Century Man

    That made me laugh...and look at the song from a whole new perspective!
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  17. indigovic

    indigovic Forum Resident

    North Bend, WA
    Perhaps my favorite part of that is that the backing vocals repeat the end of that line:

    Elton: Just feel their genitals...
    Backing Vocals: ...Genitals!

    (I realize I’m replying to a 7-year old post, but hey... it’s new to me!)
  18. Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars Forum Resident

    My daughter aged 6 at the time thought that The Sweet's Little Willie was about a lamb!
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  19. bresna

    bresna Forum Resident

    York, Maine
    When my youngest daughter was little, Til Tuesday's "Voices Carry" was playing on the radio in the car and we were all singing along with it. When it came to the chorus, my youngest belted out "This is scary". We all laughed. I still sing "This is scary" sometimes just to smile a bit.
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  20. Rising Sun

    Rising Sun Forum Resident

    New York
    Some other classics that bear repeating:

    "There's a bathroom on the right" - Creedence Bad Moon

    "Excuse me while I kiss this guy" - Hendrix Purple Haze
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  21. SomeCallMeTim

    SomeCallMeTim Forum Resident

    Rockville, CT
    Elton John had me thinking our local discount store was headquartered in Vermont:

    "I'm in Rockingham. Rockingham! [bla-bla-bla-bla] Davidson-Levinthal." (I was 6, my radio was AM, and the man sang like he had a mouthful of syrup)
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  22. Pushpaw

    Pushpaw Forum Resident

    “The ants are my friends, they’re blowin in the wind, the ants they are blowin in the wind.”

    a dude I knew a long time ago said he thought this was the lyric when he was a kid. I still remember that.
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  23. SgtPepper1983

    SgtPepper1983 Forum Resident

    Berlin, Germany
    I love that!
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  24. NudieSuitNezHead

    NudieSuitNezHead No Michael, "teriyaki" is NOT 13 letters...

    East Tennessee
    When I was a kid, I thought The Animals were American and that Eric Burdon was black.
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  25. classicrockguy

    classicrockguy Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Til Tuesday, "Voices Carry" always sounded like

    "Hush hush
    Keep it down now
    Whats so scary..."


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