Which is the best Mogami for the turntable quad vs single- how to wire

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    Hi Everyone :edthumbs:

    I have been thinking of getting the Van Den Hul D501, and have been in the the past like :magoo: thinking that cheaper cables were not even worth looking at.

    Recently i have used a few cheap van damme cables, despite the low cost were not bad. I have read around here on the forum and Mogami seems popular, and the best thing i can get the 2534 here in Australia online for only 3.99/meter. There also is the 2549 which is good.

    The quad star layout of the 2534 is a bit confusing in ways of terminating. It could have lower noise than the 2549 or better suited for a turntable interconnect.

    I currently have a diy 30awg silver wire and (not the best shield - like the thick spiral on the van damme and mogami cables. I am thinking also copper is good all around since the arm and headshells are copper

    Which Mogami would suit, sure i can find the 2549 here also

    The Technics SU-V9 has 2 phono interconnects. I just use a MP110 cart so its MM. Its by no means a bad cart. I also have other turntables one with a Empire 2000Eiii. Its a diy cable also and headsells - i managed to get a very thick sheild for that cable. I do like the sound of the empire.

    It would be more expensive to copy the empire phono interconnect vs the already made Mogami cables.

    I cant recall but i think i did the shield on the turntable end ( straight wire from turntable no rca plugs) and also the rca end to the amplifers rca sockets

    The factory internal cable is shielded both ends with the wire attached at the input pcb and spiral to the rca sockets


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    Sorry mods for the double post, cant see how to edit my post
    This is from a Mogami pdf i see in another thread somewhere here
    2549 has been designed using our famous Neglex OFC to provide the highest quality of audio reproduction
    in any recording application. It features #22AWG conductors and lower capacitance than our quad cables.
    The served shield and twisted pair construction is excellent at preventing noise caused by
    electromagnetic interference. This cable is recommended when high frequencies are important and where long cable runs are needed, and, it is cheaper and easier to terminate than quad cables.

    That said though 22awg too large for low signal phono. Since capacitance is important with phono, maybe the 2549.

    metion of others like

    I am going to read their specs now

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    I'm not 100% clear on what you're asking when it comes to the circuit board diagram you're showing and the wiring of this cable that you're talking about. And you're running shielded twinax now?

    When it comes to the Mogami cable you're talking about, are you talking about the interconnect wiring from the tonearm to the preamp?

    As a general rule, for phono interconnects between the tonearm and the phono preamp, low capacitance is good practice, and that's especially true with a relatively high inductance cart like the MP110.

    A star connected quad cable is going to be among the higher capacitance choices you can make and probably not the right cable geometry for the application (though that Mogami, quad connected, I think is only around 35 pF/ft capacitance from conductor to shield). Even a lower capacitance shielded twinax like the 2549 is probably going to be higher capacitance than some coax you can find (like Mogami 2964, a coax which is around 19 pF/ft capacitance).
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    Hello Chervokas
    I was only show the layout of the internal factory cable within the amplifier.

    Currently i have pure silver wire 30awg, and a braided ( not a thick one) silver platged copper pulled from another cable.

    It would be an interconnect from the rca socket of the amplifer to the turntable with the rca plugs on the amplifer end.

    Current turntable set up

    I would re use the expensive rca cables and machine it back to the copper for the mogami cable

    What i thought the MP110 would need low capacitance. Some years back when i got into turntables again, i use an Atlas Equator cable, it was like a coax in design it had to it. Back then i had a MP11

    New Atlas specs i think the old was around the same value, you are right it its was a co-ax cable

    Thanks so the Mogami 2964, woudl be what i should be looking at.

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