White Album 50th Anniversary Edition Price and Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BuCo, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. BuCo

    BuCo A Guy Who Can't Have Enough Super Deluxe Box Sets Thread Starter

    New York City
  2. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member



    CAPITOL 6757195
    UPC: 602567571957
    Release Date: 11/9/2018
    LIST PRICE: $179.99 (you save $40.02)
    $139.97 New

    Pre-order - will ship 11/08/2018

    TBC - TBC
  3. Braulio Acosta

    Braulio Acosta Forum Resident

    Lima, Perú
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  4. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

    When you pre order from Bull Moose when do they charge you, at time of delivery?
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  5. BuCo

    BuCo A Guy Who Can't Have Enough Super Deluxe Box Sets Thread Starter

    New York City
    Prices and links for other editions at Bullmoose:

    3CD Remix/Demos: $23.97
    tbc - tbc

    4LP Remix/Demos: $94.97
    TBC - TBC [12 inch Analog]

    2LP Remix: $47.97
    TBC - TBC [12 inch Analog]
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  6. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Preordered. Since we do not have an amazon outlet here in Denmark i will have to wait some days extra, but that is how it is. I might buy the iTunes version of the remixed main album so i have that on the release day at least.
  7. Smash

    Smash Well-Known Member

    Never ordered from Bullmoose. Do they have a pre-order price guarantee similar to Amazon?
  8. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Orange, MA
    At delivery
  9. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    Orange, MA
    Yes, but their prices tend to not go down.
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  10. jlf

    jlf Custom Title Unlocked

    United States
    Does Bull Moose match other retailers’ prices?
  11. Diego Lucas

    Diego Lucas Forum Resident

    Thread officialy open
  12. BuCo

    BuCo A Guy Who Can't Have Enough Super Deluxe Box Sets Thread Starter

    New York City
    Are any of you in the US who are buying the set holding off for an Amazon US listing?
  13. No
  14. I always pre order at Amazon because it is easier than any other place to cancel if need be. I always get release day delivery from them too. If their price is close to others, even though it may not be the very lowest, I’ll stick w them.

    Returns are seamless if there is an issue as well.
  15. SixOClockBoos

    SixOClockBoos The Man On The Flaming Pie

    That'll be me.
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  16. crossroads69

    crossroads69 Forum Resident

    London Town
    Hoping to play less than £100 on release day, let’s see how that goes....
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  17. I Have Been Floated

    I Have Been Floated Duke of Kirkcaldy

    SW Washington
    I'm trying Bull Moose this time. I've had Amazon delay too many things I've pre-ordered lately
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  18. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
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  19. MARTHY

    MARTHY Forum Resident

    Bullmoose doesn't charge you until the order is filled -- but there is no price guarantee. Therefore, because you haven't yet paid, it's fairly easy to cancel a preorder online with them.
    In fact, speaking of price guarantees, I don't think I have ever seen Bullmoose raise or lower a price for an LP once it's been posted. I suspect that as a retailer their prices don't vary like Amazon's.
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  20. YpsiGypsy

    YpsiGypsy Forum Resident

    Michigan, USA
    I'm waiting for the US Amazon listing, last year the Peppers50th was delivered to me on release day so I am expecting to get my ears around it on Nov 9.
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  21. Groovy

    Groovy Forum Resident

    Size 9.
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  22. rjraphael

    rjraphael Forum Resident

    Palmdale, CA, USA
    Prices do change occasionally. They will sometimes lower an initial price to a sale price a week or two before release. Catalog prices seldom change. I've had to contact them to request the price change on my pre-order (fairly simple on their website). The advantage to ordering from them for me is that they don't charge me California sales tax. On a $140 item, this increases the price from Amazon over $13 (assuming they have the same $140 price). Also, Bullmoose packs better than Amazon and I'll sometimes get the item the day before release date even though they are shipping from Maine.
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  23. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    i am waiting for a US listing
  24. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant dancing about architecture

    San Francisco
    Yup. Path of least resistance.
    (And the final price is usually competitive when you order early and ride out the market adjustments.)
  25. The Beave

    The Beave My Wife Is My Life!

    No, going for a Japanese side and UK same.

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