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DCC Archive Who Sell Out Master Tape on Ebay

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by aceman400, Jan 4, 2002.

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  1. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan Thread Starter

  2. TommyTunes

    TommyTunes Senior Member

    Sounds like it's a copy of the tape not the original. Still way cool. Remix it to your liking.
  3. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member

    Something similar (an original digital CD production master of Zappa's "Ship ARriving") was also sold on eBay recently.

  4. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Steve, if I buy this, how much would it be to let you borrow it too?

    Got to admit though, sounds like the 4 track of 5 songs, not the complete album, even being a copy.

    [ January 04, 2002: Message edited by: Sckott ]
  5. David R. Modny

    David R. Modny Senior Member

    Streetsboro, Ohio

    Considering that only 3 of the 5 songs that the seller lists are on the album proper, that's an understatement...lol!

    Heck, they're not even all from the same recording session(s). I'd be a wee tad leery of what this actually is.
  6. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    I agree. I mean, you can ask the buyer, but chances are, it's a weird tape, and nothing actually prestegious.
  7. mikenyc

    mikenyc New Member

    NYC Metro Area
    It would be a nice pricy collector's item that would be great to throw on the old reel to reel when you had the chance...but unless you have a large disposable income to hand over to a team of lawyers, and you fancy butting up against Universal Music, MCA, The Who, the RIAA...it might as well be a door stop.

    I'm sure the story has yet to be told about how Talmy, Townshend, and Universal finally "got together" for the allegedly upcoming "My Generation" release.
  8. RetroSmith

    RetroSmith Forum Hall Of Fame<br>(Formerly Mikey5967)

    East Coast
    yea, but before you throw it on the old reel to reel...look at the ad closely....its 4 track HALF INCH. Those machines are not exactly garden variety....you'll have to find an old AMPEX or OTARI...the TEAC 4 tracks that we all had in the 80s (I still have mine) were all Quarter inch. No good.
  9. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    I had one. They can be obtained. Hell the radio station I was at had one. I still have an unused Ampex reel! Can be expensive though, even the Otaris... WAQY had a good one. ;)

    [ January 05, 2002: Message edited by: Sckott ]
  10. Chris Desjardin

    Chris Desjardin Senior Member

    Ware, MA
    Sckott, you used to be at WAQY? Rock 102? I listen to it every day! Great station. I miss the days when they used to have the rock block weekends. You could always hear some pretty unusual stuff then (live stuff, etc). I miss the radio of old (well, not too old - 70's and 80's radio). That's what I grew up with.
  11. Douglas

    Douglas New Member

    Here is what the seller says in an email. Sounds pretty cool:

    Hello friend

    The item I have is a transfer from one of the original session master tapes
    (which I believe Pete Townshend has as he is The Who's official archivist)
    probably made for a 1970s reissue of the album. The format is a half inch
    four track recording (ie. four separately recorded audio tracks on a
    magnetic tape half an inch wide) and is therefore unmixed. The tracklisting
    is: Someone's Coming, Mary Ann With the Shaky Hand, Summertime Blues
    (unknown version), Our Love Was and four different takes of Relax. The tape
    also includes various studio chat between some of the recordings.

    I have been in possession of the tape for over ten years since it was
    rescued from the trash of a recording studio I was working for at the time.
  12. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    Great station indeed! I liked the fact that in that area, that station didn't get scared of playing deep cuts of classic albums. Playing "White Bird" and some Badfinger got me a stiffy, and so did their production facilities. They DID have a 1/2" multi, they used DAT to back up all of their commmericals, and they used a MAC for multitrack editing. This was the mid-90's mind you.

    I kept telling everyone, even though I was there for a very short time, I specified that I wasn't kissing up, but this would have been the radio station that I would want to DIE in.

    To start off, they used Dennon style- CD cases to keep the CDs free from "filthy hands", and the dennon CD players could cue up a disc to 100th of a second. They shelved all these vertically on a huge shelf and kept the real jewel boxes against the Dennon carts of each, so jocks could feel like they're cuing up REAL Cds...

    They had a great (14 or 16 channel) WheatStone mixer console, and digital timers that WORKED on button strike, but some things were simple, others complex. For every reason and idea that I HATED other stations for, this one had every idea that I had dreamed of.

    The place was decked out in new carpet, and every studio was downstairs in long, well decorated halls, and they even bothered to hang John Lennon art for tops!

    Funny story, a Playboy Playmate worked there as Promotions Mgr. I had arrived, and since I moved far from Springfield, I asked the PD if he could find any hotels. He said he did, but by the time I got there, he forgot. He said just nap in the Pro office, because I was desperate. I wasn't getting a lot of money and was on my last week, but I had to give my 2 weeks. Ok, so the staff knew and said "no problem, Some of the staff from before have been known to nap in there on busy days!"

    So, I fetal position myself. Four hours later, this blonde waltzes in GET THE FFF OUT OF MY OFFICE!! Even though it was "open" turf and not an expensive office.

    The PD heard about it and apologized to me. He wanted me to continue, but I coulnd't. The receptionist girl was cute! Very nice too, warm and great to talk to. Found out 3 weeks after I left, that she was murdered by her ex. The Production Manager liked me, because I've worked with that equipment and I "respected" his domain. He looked very similar to a blonde Steve Hoffman!

    The staff was terrific. Most of them photogenic! Lot of weekend crew were regular people with real jobs, and they could handle it all in style. Everyhing was "manual" in a sense.

    Today, radio stations are robo-jock easy with hard drive music libraries. Ever hear a SCSI HD go belly up on the air? What's worse is the joks don't have to sound intelligent. They usually don't for the lower markets. WAQY was VERY well wound for the market share they were in.

    The Playboy Playmate got lightly repromanded (was a misunderstanding), and that's when she BECAME a playboy girl afterwards. When I moved here, they heard I worked for WAQY. "What was she like?" Of course, this was ON the air, and I told the truth. Bitch.

    I'll give you the inside scoop. She wasn't that "hot" looking 1st thing in the morning.
  13. Chris Desjardin

    Chris Desjardin Senior Member

    Ware, MA
    Actually, in the mid 90's I sent the WAQY PD a cassette tape of primo bootleg stuff as a sampler. I wanted them to do a weekly show of live stuff. A few other stations in the area did that - WHCN in Hartford had "Bootleg Weekends" and WAAF in Worcester had "Vault Weekends". While my tape seemed to make the rounds at the station (I also wrote liner notes for it), they said it would be too risky to air bootleg material. Bummer - it would have been fun.
  14. Sckott

    Sckott Hand Tighten Only.

    South Plymouth, Ma
    WZLX does Beatles Breakfast. The guy who does it, John Laurenti uses MUCHO bootleg or "off-label" material. He even used the "Ringo" material that became demos and some George Harrison stuff in early production (apple) that I had never heard of.

    John Laurenti is one of the sweetest guys I've known in the biz, and he knows his music like most people "act" like. I used to intern at WHJY in its heyday and he and I got spoiled by a couple of chaps from a store with Ben & Jerrys as payment for playing a request. One of my favorite memories as I was there was listening to King Biscuit CDs before they aired in the HUGE production room, some Stones concert, eating White Russian with the chair leaned back. Bad ju-ju to eat in there, but no one minded. That was another great Prod room for its time.

    I had Cds the station didn't have yet, as the CD technology was sorta new. He loved borrowing a few. Their vinyl collection condition-wize was like chopped liver. Ah, them daze.

    John L. gets swamped by CDRs now. That show has taken off, and I'm glad that people listen and contribute like that. Many stations would turn up their nose. He deserves to do stuff like that. Fun fun!

    [ January 05, 2002: Message edited by: Sckott ]
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