Who was the fastest draw you've seen in a western movie or TV series?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by shokhead, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. The Panda

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    Blazing Saddles
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    Yep, the most fantastic quick draw is Terence Hill LOL. He is leaving the bar & someone draws to shoot him in the back. Facing the door, Terence Hill draws & shoots the bad guy over his shoulder backwards without even looking! Clint Eastwood wouldn't stand a chance.
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  5. Vidiot

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    And then there's this guy...

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  7. Michael

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    Hmm, I guess that's applicable as well.
  8. Gregory Earl

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    To me it has to be Clint Eastwood. He was fast with an attitude. Just his stare alone was enough to make you have second thoughts.
    Pete Townsend was right. All the best cowboys have Chinese eyes.
  9. NickCarraway

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    Jim Zubiena, firearms consultant for "Miami Vice", as Calderone's hitman Ludovici Armstrong.
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  10. JozefK

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    From the book Alias Smith & Jones The Story of Two Pretty Good Bad Men by Sandra K. Sagala and JoAnne M. Bagwell:

    As script writer, who usually follows the protocol of not supplying directions for the director’s shots, [producer Roy] Huggins nevertheless added this note to show exactly what he had in mind: “We must see both men down to the holster in this and the following shot. We are using the draw that we use in all Smith and Jones shows in which we are on the antagonist for precisely twelve frames as he starts for his gun.”

    According to Alex Singer, one of the directors of Alias Smith and Jones episodes, “this instruction is a familiar but always effective Editorial device. 12 frames is half a second of screen time. If the camera is on the antagonist for half a second while he’s going for his gun and then you cut to our man with his gun already drawn, you in effect ‘collapse’ the time interval in which our hero has made his draw. Since you were watching the other guy draw first you believe the Kid allowed him a head start, confident that he would outdraw him in any case and also clearly establishing the first offender. Putting the instruction in the script is the Producer’s way of making sure the Director gives the Editor the proper footage.”​
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    Good information. Thanks for sharing.
  12. cboldman

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    Lucky Luke could outdraw his own shadow.
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  13. Brenald79

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    From a TV show it's easily Raylond from Justified.
  14. alexpop

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    Eli Wallach. Have a bubble bath and shoot and the same time. :)
  15. SurrealCereal

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    When watching a Clint Eastwood western, you can pretty much assume before the movie has even started that Clint’s character will have the fastest draw.
  16. Matt Richardson

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    Jack Palance in Shane

  17. captainsolo

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    It usually depends on the talents of the editor to make you believe it was a fast draw. Some actors got very good at handling guns, and Eastwood actually did his own in the Dollars films-however Lee Van Cleef could always outdraw him much to his consternation. It was said Van Cleef only needed three frames of film to draw, cock the hammer and fire.
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    I recall reading an interview with LVC where he claimed that early in his acting career he was told by a director to slow down his draw, because it was too fast for the camera to catch.
  19. trip1

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    Alan Ladd in Shane

    To Jack Wilson, your a dirty yankee lyer.

    Wilson, prove it
  20. beercanchicken

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    That show should be way more popular than it is/was.
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  22. Michael

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    TV -The Rifleman
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  23. I don't know if that is fast draw, or good planning. Besides, when you have to shoot, shoot...don't talk.
  24. Linger63

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    What about Ned Nederlander!!!!!

    Check it out from 1:05.30

  25. alexpop

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    The fastest gun assembler ?
    Eli Wallach. :)
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