Will solo Beatles eventually become group compilation albums ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by johnny moondog 909, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Where did Fine Line hit #1???
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    Why would the word 'Beatles' be used? It's an EP of SOLO material. That 'B' word shouldn't be used.
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    I agree. I never said it should be used, I just pointed out it wasn't.
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    Very true. Obscenities like the 'B' word shouldn't be allowed on CD covers.
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    This site lists a lot of charts, seems to match 112. I check a few others and they match the Wikipedia page, even has sales listings.

    UKMIX • View topic - Japanese Charts-The Archives

    I hope it's OK, from another forum.

    (Just a section)

    1982/11/22 The Girls Is Mine # 37 , 13 weeks, 60,300
    1983/11/14 Say Say Say # 16 , 22 weeks, 178,200
    1984/10/22 No More Lonely Nights # 84 , 6 weeks, 12,780
    1990/11/19 Birthday # 62 , 3 weeks, 8,650
    1993/02/08 Hope Of Deliverance # 88 , 1 week, 4,000
    2005/09/19 Fine Line # 112 , 2 weeks, 2,066
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    Well, Wingspan has Tug Of War and Pipes Of Peace on it...:D
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    Nah. As time goes on folks will care less and less for the Beatles as an entity. In other words they'll be less demand to group the four lads solo music together. If they did it now there would be some interest, curiosity if nothing else.

    Ultimately, the solo material will vanish long before the Beatles tunes are forgotten.
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    Clearly the good Doctor is not deserving of a Tesla. Perhaps the attached will better fit his needs...
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    I'll take two!
  14. Michael

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    no... should just stay the holy grails that they are...US & UK.
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    I don't see these compilations ever coming out. When they did Beatles "1" which sold over 31 million copies worldwide, they missed their chance to release the Beatles Solo "1" using the same criteria. And could look something like this

    01. My Sweet Lord-GH
    02. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey-PM
    03. Imagine-JL
    04. My Love-PM
    05. Give Me Love-GH
    06. Photograph-RS
    07. You're 16-RS
    08. Band On The Run-PM
    09. Whatever Gets You Through The Night-JL
    10. Listen To What The Man Said-PM
    11. Silly Love Songs-PM
    12. Mull of Kintyre-PM
    13. With A Little Luck-PM
    14. Coming Up ( Live at Glasgow)-PM
    15. (Just Like) Starting Over-JL
    16. Woman-JL
    17. Ebony And Ivory-PM and SW
    18. Pipes Of Peace-PM
    19. Say Say Say-PM and MJ
    20. Got My Mind Set On You-GH
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    A double album 70-75 , Red/Blue style cover (four pics of each one alone on that balcony)
    One side for each member , not a mix of songs
    Even the Ringo side could be pretty with Photograph ,It don't come Easy , You're Sixteen ,I'm the Greatest,Back off Boogaloo
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  18. maccawings

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  19. maccawings

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  20. maccawings

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    We made this just shortly after Beatles "1" came out. We kept the Red & Blue and used the same criteria. This is not for sale, we made this for our own collection
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    For you to take the time to go through all of this.....great work.....i'm not sure how the titles of the cds mean anything to the songs, tho. But, it's a great collection.and well-thought-out..thanks.
  22. idreamofpikas

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    I can see why Paul and even Ringo would be in favor of that, but George and Yoko would never have allowed something like that, they would have not have been thrilled with the Beatle brand being used to to market something which is mostly a Paul's greatest hits. It diminishes their legacy and props up Paul's and neither George or John (or their respective estates) were ever in favor of that.

    Beautifully put together mind.
  23. maccawings

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    I actually have done this as well. I had them sitting done for a couple of years and finally did the disc artwork yesterday. Fun to go through and make your own collections. Great job in doing your own
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    I certainly would understand their position. But we wanted to stay with the "1" motif that sold so well. We didn't really know how it would shake out until we did the chart research

    At least for me, it's a fun disk to have added to my Beatle's collection
  25. johnny moondog 909

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    Much better idea, than the suggestion of solo-together album of #1s only. Which would be too biased towards McCartney & omit way too many SIGNIFICANT solo hits.

    Give Peace A Chance for example, barely made the top 10 on the singles charts, but 50 years later ( 49 ) it's a worldwide classic, sung at events, causes, celebrations, by tens of thousands over & over & over again. Or Instant Karma, It Don't Come Easy & What is Life, classics all beloved & known to this day by millions. The endearing Nobody Told Me, Lennon's posthumous hit from 84 only reached # 6. But is beloved by many really his last solo hit. McCartney too has songs that failed to climb to #1, but we're still big in their own right, Maybe I'm Amazed for example.

    Where I disagree is where you say one double volume of 70-75... For starters it should probably be 1969, & instead of (69)70-75. There should be 2-3 perhaps something like..69-72, 73-75 & 76-80 ( including Lennon's posthumous)

    1. Instant Karma
    2. My Sweet Lord
    3. Maybe I'm Amazed
    4. Come & Get It
    5. It Don't Come Easy
    6. What Is Life
    7. Imagine
    8. Another Day
    9. Give Peace A Chance
    10 Hi Hi Hi
    11 Uncle Albert
    12 Isin't it a pity
    13 Happy Xmas
    14 Beware Of Darkness
    15 Every Night
    16 Back Seat of my car
    17 Back off Boogaloo
    18 All things must pass
    19 Gimme Some Truth
    20 Love
    21 Dear Boy
    22 Jealous Guy
    23 That Would Be Something
    24 Awaiting On You All
    25 Cold Turkey
    26 Too Many People
    27 Oh Yoko
    28 Crippled Inside
    29 C-Moon

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