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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Ingenieur, Oct 11, 2021 at 1:19 PM.

  1. Ingenieur

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    7 in the US under 13.5, but 2 look like re-listings.
    So 5 net.
    Not very common.
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  2. The 9k states condition of 6 with gashes that would recommend sending back to Wilson for repair. Those gashes are very large and deep in the pictures, that would have happened from dropping or something very heavy hitting it very hard. Wilson speakers are very hard and durable that must have been hard to do. Might be more damage then just the cabinet by the location of the damage also. Three of the listing one st 13,950 and two at 12,950 are the same speaker person needed an immediate sale in less then a week and only wire or bank check and Texas delivery for a grand more. Hard to sell any hifi at over 5k individually in a week, looks like the person did at 12,950.
    Owning a Wilson speaker I know they are fairly durable on the cabinet and gauges like that would have taken something big happening.
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  3. avanti1960

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    wilsons may not be the best choice for the business end of your room. the right one will be crowded and the left will block a traffic lane. unless you have another wall that will work i agree that narrow towers like the Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene might be your best fit.
  4. timind

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    Yeah, I said 5. Not very common for sure. But owning a pair of Yvettes isn't very common. My intention was to provide info, nothing more.
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  5. Ingenieur

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    That is the unfortunate conclusion I refuse to accept. :)

    I've looked at all options and can't come up with a practical one.

    A narrower configuration would be better.

    That speaker looks very interesting.
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    HIRES_FAN Forum Resident

    "Full range" speakers are a compromise, in general. The optimal location for your other drivers, optimal imaging, etc is different from where your low bass module should be for optimal bass. "Full range" speakers are a compromised carryover from a time in audio when subwoofers were crap. A non-value added exorbitant chunk is spent on the cabinet when a low bass module has to share the same cabinet. Subwoofers have drastically improved in quality these days. Going full range these days is primarily for bragging rights and because a old school dude doesn't know any better. While he's at it, he can also have his entire room taken over by huge bass traps and massive treatments (primarily because the dude doesn't know what to do with subs).

    Any "full range" speaker can be beat with non-full range speakers with cream of the crop components (that do what they do best) and a pair of correctly integrated high quality subs.

    The exorbitantly expensive F-35 is classified as a 'multi role fighter'...you know what that means? It is very compromised in every role...
  7. Ingenieur

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    EVERYTHING is a compromise in general, and specifically.

    WE don't know, but YOU do.
    Quit being ageist, makes you look like a little shyte.

    The fact that you bring 'bragging' into this says a lot about you, none of it good.

    Lighten up, make your choices, allow others the same courtesy.
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    HIRES_FAN Forum Resident

    I am probably older than you and i also have full range speakers. Would that make you look like a "little shyte"? :D

    It's normal to get bottom hurt when the common koolaid drankin gets challenged once in a while. Those huge dumb egos can be huge in the audio world. I could give a rats bottom about what you bought though. I was responding to a different dude.
  9. Don’t really understand your comment, please don’t explain, this page is for the OP who you just insulted for no reason.
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  10. Ingenieur

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    Your ilk always go to the @$$ pain.
    Sounds like personal experience and normal for you. That is not right.

    You act as if you know what you are talking about. You have left a trail of incoherent posts that prove otherwise.

    Thank you for allowing me to buy what I like with my $.

    The common kool aid gets challenged. Lol
    You're a real trail blazer. With anal retentive issues by your own admission.
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  11. pacvr

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    If you check these two reviews you will see where the Yvettes are pretty much close to room boundaries and both reviewers were still quite taken by them. On the test: Wilson Audio Yvette speakers - Too Loud and wilson audio yvette | Reviews Tests > Articles > HifiClube.

    But the Wilson is a pretty large speaker Height 41 inches (104.14 cm) w/o spikes; Width 13 1/4 inches (33.66 cm); Depth 20 1/16 inches (50.92 cm). In this price range you do have the Magico A5 which is a more compact speaker - A5 — Magico Loudspeakers (magicoaudio.com), but with three woofers and a sealed cabinet. Given the size of your space and your far-field seating, I would think you would want a speaker that could fill and energize the room. If you try to right-size than you may end up with a speaker not much better than you currently have.

    Just some thoughts.
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  12. MaxBuck

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    Good heavens, those are ugly measurements. But you might love them.

    Have you ever heard them? Do you like the way Wilson speakers sound?
  13. Ingenieur

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    I don't listen loud, 75-80 dBA, mostly acoustic, jazz, vocals,
    The room is large and open to other large spaces, it would be hard to pressurize the space. My sub has made a big difference in the overall presentation.

    There is a shop 2 hours away that carries Vandersteen and Joseph Audio.
    Might be worth a trip.
    The Joseph mentioned above and the Treo are both available for listening,
    Might be fun.

    ps: read the previous review you posted.
    It made me want it more!
    But such is life.
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    HIRES_FAN Forum Resident

    Yep, when the guys at Magico, TAD, etc come out with a non-full range something that costs 3 times as much as good ol' Yvette, they must have simply been out of their minds, right...yep yep....

    Contain the pain....and LOL it out as much as you can....:D
  15. Ingenieur

    Ingenieur Going with the flow... Thread Starter

    OK, you are incoherent.

    Their top of the line are full range.

    You need to stop dwelling on your pain.
    The hemorrhoid cream goes down, not around your neck. ;)
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  16. carbonti

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    Enough of the variables line up that you should go for it. The secondary market avails opportunities that can cause somewhat unplanned adventures. But I also believe that the desire to go forwards with a purchase like this is always for a brand or component/speaker that you have more than a passing interest in - as audiophiles we are interested in almost everything but there is ultimately very few we are prepared to drop money on at short notice. And most all buying opportunities in the secondary market are, in essence, on short notice.

    I bought my first pair of ATCs like this. I was always interested in ATC. Owning SCM20ASL fairly cheaply confirmed intrinsic ATC qualities that I could pursue up the line in ATC. Which I did.

    Good luck with this adventure. If you’ve been interested and wanted to own Wilson, dipping you toes in the water with a pair of Yvettes is not too shabby.

    BTW, some members are rude and struggle for relevance. Be not drawn in - water seeks its own level.
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  17. bhazen

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    Newport Hills, WA
    All I can say @Ingenieur is, congrats on your Wilsons! Anything else would be second-guessing and (probably) a bit of envy. :)
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  18. Clay B

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    Bhazen makes a nice point. There was joy in your original posts. Don’t lose that. All choices have pluses and minuses and there are lots of opinions. Just remember, one choice got you excited. Ultimately why not follow that joy. If it doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world. You’ll have no trouble selling Wilson’s. And if it does work, you get a great deal and a lot of enjoyment.
  19. Tullman

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    Huge dumb egos start with you. I don’t know what you wanted to accomplish by insulting me. I have two systems that use subs. Yes I know how to integrate a sub. You should know by now there are more ways than one to achieve great sound.
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  20. GyroSE

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    If you've the money and really want to make this upgrade then don't hesitate. As I said before- this chance to make a great deal and at the same time make your ears very happy you'll probably never get again. I had a similar experience last year when I had the chance to get a brand new Benz Micro LP cart around the same price as a Benz Micro Wood. I didn't hesitate that much and my ears are very happy today for taking that chance. Good luck with your new Wilson's! :righton:
  21. avanti1960

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    Chicago metro, USA
  22. I’ve only heard the P2 and they were not very good at lower volumes, not sure how the P1 compares. I listened to them because they are supposed to be excellent in large spaces. Wilson benesch required the demo room to be over 360 sqft with at least 10 foot ceilings. Which my dealer stated eventually caused him to stop carrying them, since he only had one listening room that size and was already dedicated to another brand which sold better.
  23. Boltman92124

    Boltman92124 Fish tacos.

    San Diego
    Of course. But it is the first model up in the line to have the two separate cabinet approach and dual woofers like the W/P. The SASHA DAW is the tribute to David A. Wilson.
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  24. Erocka2000

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    Left field recommendation. What about a pair of Quad ESL-2912's? They'd definitely suit the type of music you listen to and would most likely sound fabulous with your Luxman. While they need room behind the speaker, they're not as fussy to set up as some make out.
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  25. Ingenieur

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    Been looking at options. Like my recent amp adventure, a 180 turn may have occurred.
    Let the chop busting commence! :D

    I want the Wilson's, badly, regretfully I just can't make them work in my room.
    That is the reality.

    So, another option: Vandersteen
    I had a set a long time ago and was very pleased. I like the Quattro's but the filter in the line level signal path is something I do not like.

    That leads me to the Treo CT.
    Very positive subjective reviews and excellent measurements. Looking at the manual's location guide it is very flexible. The size is the same footprint as mine. Extremely flat and good bass.

    I looked in the manual and used their locating method and one option is right where I want them (and current location). They can also be angled to compensate for the hearth.
    The dispersion is excellent, both vertically and horizontally. The listening window at 12-14 feet is 6-8' wide by 1-5' off the floor.

    I can listen to them, 2 hour drive.




    The phase angle is <20 deg, meaning power factor is >0.9, the amp will not need to supply reactive power, only real power. Z is ~constant 6-9 Ohm range. A nice linear load to drive.
    When phase is 0 the load is purely resistive like a test resistor.

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