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    When i moved on from old quatro signatures the Treo ct got very serious consideration.Definately a move to a more "modern" style and sound.Same with the new Quatro...bass system actually fun to mess with and gives you great/flat bass in room.The older Quatro did require some volume to "come alive" however...not sure if this an issue with newer quatro.Vandersteen has to be a contender for the king of imaging also :)
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  2. Might as well give them a try in store, here’s a nice review with a Wilson comparison:
    Vandersteen Audio Treo CT Loudspeaker - The Absolute Sound
    These are pretty incredible, I heard them in nyc in a small/medium sized room, stay very dynamic even at low volume:
    Avantgarde Uno fino XD Black with Light Amber Bronze | Full-Range | Audiogon
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    If you place these on the hearth the tweeter will be very (too?) high. If you place these in front of the hearth and only 65" on center wide, the general rule of the equilateral triangle (1 to 1.25) of your seating position will be off where you intend to sit at ~136". I understand what you are stating for dispersion, but you should listen to these at the dealer with your estimated setup. Also, these speakers are not very heavy (80-lbs) but are narrow - 10", and if in front or to the side of the hearth the left speaker near your access path is at risk of being knocked-over especially if spiked.

    At this point, you've made the conscious leap to speaker as much as $12K. Your particular domestic arrangement kind of dictates a stand mounted speaker. You already have a nice subwoofer so maybe the plan could be to explore other stand mounted speakers to locate same as your current. Just a few quickly come to mind (and others will no doubt recommend others):

    Kef Reference 1 - REFERENCE 1 Standmount Speakers - Ultra HiFi Bookshelf Speaker | KEF

    Joseph Audio Pulsar2 Graphene - Joseph Audio Pulsar2 Graphene Loudspeakers | REVIEW - Part-Time Audiophile (parttimeaudiophile.com)

    MBL 126 - MBL Radialstrahler 126 Loudspeaker Review | StereoNET Australia - Hi Fi & Home Cinema News

    Good Luck
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    I was only going by Vandersteen's manual method. They have a chart to adjust cant based on ear height. They show it below optimum.
    I did the geometry and it can be adjusted for.
    I would call them first.

    Current location to center of speaker
    Sidewalls ~45"
    Rear wall 32"
    Width 72"

    They also show distances beyond the equilateral triangle.

    Nothing will be perfect, but imo I can get 'good'
    Right now pink noise is flat and RT60 where it is supposed to be per ITU standards.

    https://www.vandersteen.com//media/files/Manuals/Treo CT Manual 1-2018(1).pdf

    Supposedly any intersection is ok (I'm sure some better than others)

    Height adjustment, I would need more spacers for 12 feet and a relative height of 30 (off scale).
    I'd have my buddy machine them a bit short out of SS pipe, so that I 'trim' or fine adjust with the washers. Just like I had my KEF stands cut to match.

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    @Ingenieur, since you already have an excellent system, just sit this one out for now, and take your time planning how to get that dream Wilson speakers in the future.
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    Forgive me for jumping in since I think that have decided against upgrading speakers for now...I enjoy imaging and soundstage that is huge, detailed, wall to wall to ceiling, feel like you could dive into it. Does the treo ct live up to that?
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    In a post a few above there is a great Absolute Sound review. Stereophile also has on on the older Treo (not CT) model.
    Both are extremely positive.

    I read a Wilson Yvette review. A guy went to the reviewers house and spent a day setting up.
    In the end he moved them 1/4".
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  8. I think the sound engineer moved my Nautilus speakers about a 1/2” back and forth for 4 hours before being done. I did not hear the difference but apparently one location had better reflection numbers?
    Figured you’d like that review, specially comparing them to Wilson sound signature with a little less low end.
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    Dang...killer review

    Maybe I will enjoy what I have for now. That review made me look up the Wilson Sabrina :doh:
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    I don't want to get into a listening vs. measurement debate. But the reviews are all positive about SQ and involvement.

    The measurements show flat and smooth response.
    The electrical parameters all indicate an easy speaker to drive without a lot of phase shift and load variation, linear. That is kind of rare.

    I'm in no rush, these are still being made and no time constraints. But I will decide, the pin will be pulled eventually. Lol
    If like the amp, sooner rather than later.
    I planned on it for months.
    The speakers are fresher.
    With those, I'll be set.
    The cash is in my side business account, told the bursar to pay the taxes on $15k, she gave me the 'side eye', she knows somethings up.

    My last system was 12 years old. This may be THE last.

    Except for @Avanti planting the cartridge seed.
    But that is waaaay down the road.
    The AT vm 540 ml sounds sooooo good.
    Mingus Ah Um right now.
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    Occurred to me something hasn’t been mentioned.

    I can hear my late mother’s voice:

    “What about swapping the room?”

    Seriously, she could give you some ideas.
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    I’ve heard the Yvettes; they are stellar, especially for rock music or anything requiring some oomph (provided they are well-powered). Also auditioned some Vandersteen Quatro Wood CTs at the same time and liked them better; more natural and organic sounding.
    It depends on what kind of music the listener likes, I guess.
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  13. Only thing I will say about Vandersteen’s I’ve heard is they don’t really come to life or sound dynamic until you reach higher volumes. At raised volumes they sound amazing, they just don’t scale back as well at mid to low volumes like the Wilson’s. I think that has to do with the more neutral low end the Vandersteen’s have so they become thin at low volumes. All things to try at the dealer.
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    I've twisted myself into a knot trying to make it work. Honestly, the location is fixed.
    If along the short dimension Leaving a few feet behind the seating and speakers I would be 7' from the speakers, too close for me.
    Also the TV would be to the side.

    The current layout works well, lifestyle and audio wise.

    Sometimes you need to walk away...but likely towards Vandersteens. Lol

    Might road trip to listen next week.
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    I like more jazz/acoustic stuff.
    Older Fleetwood Mac.
    Not so much hard rock.

    The Treo are basically Quattro without amps and less woofer.
    I have a decent sub to reinforce the bottom end, but looking at response that may not be required.

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