Wings: Wild Life & Red Rose Speedway (Expanded Reissue)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Vaughan, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. GubGub

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    Feel free to shame me all you like because I won't be shamed by my standpoint. It is mean. There are thousands and thousands of people who have been paying Paul's bills for decades who will not be able to spring for a release at this price level. Have all the books and trinkets you like in a high end box for the affluent collectors but to deny those loyal fans access to the actual music is disrespectful. As has been pointed out, all of the other audio content will be available in cheaper configurations, 2 disc/album specific boxes/downloads but the live disc will only be available to those with a spare $400 down the back of the sofa. That doesn't send a very good message to a large proportion of the fanbase.
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  2. Flaming Torch

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    I tend to agree although I suspect the number of folk that interested in this music is perhaps not that large. The music not the product is the most important thing for me and as we can see that extra disc is going to cost as much as a Japan only Zep boot!
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  3. dormouse

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    There is that, but I doubt any of the items in the McCartney set are on that scale. I have not checked the page count but I suspect that the Imagine deluxe book alone will exceed the number of pages offered in the complete Wild Life/RRS bundle or be pretty close. I think the deluxe Imagine book is close to 500 pages. That is a substantial tome.
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  4. Bit the bullet for the big combo box. I’m now thinking of canceling my preorders for the two Kate Bush cd box sets. It’s a hard choice between two musical geniuses. The prog in me wants to go with Kate, the pop in me with Paul!
  5. Raf

    Raf Senior Member

    Toronto, Ontario
    Autocorrect. I thought I'd silenced that "feature" forever….
  6. dasacco

    dasacco Senior Member

    I ordered the bundle last night and got confirmation from paypal, but nothing from the website with an order number. Are order numbers emailed?
  7. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    An alternative answer to Ringo's question 'Where's the bus!?'^^
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  8. I get it. However, you can pay with PayPal credit with zero interest over six months. Not counting shipping, that’s $66.50/month. Can you think of any ways to save $66.50/month?
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  9. Thrillington

    Thrillington McCartney Scholar

    Cardiff, Wales, UK
    I was tempted by PayPal credit, but didn't fancy submitting to a hard credit check first.
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  10. maccawings

    maccawings Senior Member

    Enjoying the Live and Let Die from RRS and Indeed I do from Wild Life. Looking forward to my set now that it's pre-ordered
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  11. yardbuzzard

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    Exactly. I bought the Lennon audio box, the blu-ray, and the collector’s edition of the book - altogether around $250. That is basically a one album experience, similar to one of the Wings boxes. Much more expensive in reality!
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  12. Pawnmower

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    Dearborn, MI
    Will someone who buys the 2-disc "Red Rose" be able to piece together the "Double Album" themselves?
    Are the versions of the songs on the finished album the same as they would have been on the proposed double?
    If so, a lot of duplication on the first 2 discs of the RRS deluxe.
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  13. andrewskyDE

    andrewskyDE Island Owner

    That's one and a half month to wait. I will not pre-order but hope I can get both sets easily around Christmas...
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  14. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    Red Rose on Amazon just went from $130 to $200 in the last 5 minutes.
    Wild Life jumped from $100 to $150.
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  15. Gradese

    Gradese Forum Resident

    hear, hear! :) :) :)
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  16. Ben in Colorado

    Ben in Colorado Spending into extinction.

    Boulder Colorado
    I ordered and paid with a CC and received a confirmation email with order number.
  17. btltez

    btltez Forum Resident

    I'm From Detroit
    sorry to be lazy...but...the extras in the 400 dollar box are just a book, a box, and the live lp correct? It's beautiful but so are the deluxe cds. I have to have all the vinyl, I never play the cds, and will probably stream the extra tracks a couple times if that. Seems someone like me would be better off with the deluxe box sets and the vinyl, despite pry looking at the box sets and ephemera once or twice then they hit the shelves forever. But the vinyl and streams will get played forever. I mean, ST and Ram boxes were beautiful but I NEVER look at them, I play the vinyl or stream in my car when I want to listen. Live albums I hardly ever listen to by him and it will be easy to find on the internet once it's out. Hmmm. But that box sure is tempting LOL
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  18. pghmusiclover

    pghmusiclover Forum Resident

    I wonder if the "Live" album will be released separately (at least on vinyl) for Record Store Day at some point...
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  19. Frank

    Frank Senior Member

    It's a business. He's not your friend. You are not "paying his bills." You are paying him for products that he produces. It's commerce. It's not meant to be mean or to be nice or to have any feelings attached to it at all. He doesn't owe you any more than you owe him. You decide on a case by case cost/benefit basis.

    And, like it or not, there are benefits to being affluent. That's why people aspire to be affluent. Being able to buy products with less regard for their cost is one of those benefits. Affluent people have better choices in cars, houses and just about everything else in the world. Your choices are to feel hurt about it or to work to be more affluent and have those choices too.

    The fact that so many people here snapped it up as soon as they could and there are so many who can't because of where they're located but are itching to as soon as they can is pretty indicative to me that it's generally accurately priced for what it is.
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  20. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    They need to get those prices higher, so that the total is at least CLOSER to the bundle price ... ;)
  21. TimeandTempo

    TimeandTempo Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL
    Well, in celebration of the announcement, I have Wings Over America cranked to 11 in my office right now. I love Paul's vocal energy on this collection.
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  22. Arnold Grove

    Arnold Grove Senior Member

    Yes, even the 2-CD sets went up from $15.99 to $19.98.
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  23. beatleroadie

    beatleroadie Forum Resident

    I think Red Rose Speedway is higher because look at all those Linda photos in that book! 128 page Red Rose Speedway book + a 64 page "Wings in Morocco" photo book! Those pretty books alone would be $50 combined.
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  24. Fivebyfive

    Fivebyfive Forum Resident

    East coast, US
    That's the wrong direction.
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  25. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    Or until the stream disappears one day.
    As a collector, a stream is hardly "having" the music for me.
    I'm not mentally there yet.

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