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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joe Fornarotto, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    I should've known you'd know about Winter Hours, Guy. :thumbsup:
  2. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Yes, please. If there are holes in my collection I'd like to fill them in.

    In fact, with your kind indulgence, I'd like to post the tracks from my entire WH collection here, and if anybody knows of something I don't have, please let me know:

    Winter Hours (Arena Rock Reissue, 2010)
    1. Roadside Flowers
    2. Smoke Rings
    3. Carpenters' Square
    4. Familiar Places
    5. Just Like Love
    6. Longest Century
    7. Stay With Me
    8. Broken Little Man
    9. Rise
    10. Still (erroneously listed as "previously unreleased" -- it was, in fact, included on the "Roadside Flowers" CD single that Chrysalis released)
    11. Familiar Places [Demo Version]
    12. Stay With Me [Demo Version]
    13. Broken Little Man [Demo Version]
    14. Still [Demo Version]
    15. Bus Stop [Live] (Hollies cover)

    Wait Till the Morning (CD)
    1. Hyacinth Girl
    2. Wait Till The Morning
    3. Simple John
    4. Island Of Jewels
    5. Incendiary
    6. Churches
    7. Walk Away
    8. At A Turtle's Pace
    9. I Want
    10. All Along The Watch Tower

    Leaving Time (LP)
    1. Up There Again
    2. Tell Me Today
    3. The Confessional
    4. September Street
    5. Waiting for the Thunder
    6. Ten Minutes
    7. If I Could Make You Hear Me
    8. We Can Only Win
    9. Have You Ever Loved a Woman? (Freddie King cover)

    Say the Word (EP)
    1. Say the Word
    2. Under the Weight
    3. One Small Achievement

    from The Confessional (EP)
    Ten Minutes (electric version)
    September Street (mushroom mix)

    from All The Young Dudes (Link Records anthology)
    Tried So Hard (Gene Clark cover -- one of TWO recorded live performances at the Cabaret Metro)

    from A Few Uneven Rhymes (2-CD tribute anthology)
    Her Heaven (1989 demo)

    Live at the Cabaret Metro (free download)
    The Longest Century
    One Small Achievement
    Smoke Rings
    Up There Again
    Hyacinth Girl
    Tried So Hard (the other recorded live performance at the Cabaret Metro)
    Wait Till the Morning
    Roadside Flowers
    Island of Jewels
    Familiar Places
    Stay With Me
    Just Like Love
    Broken Little Man
    Rocks Off (Rolling Stones cover)

    from the band's Myspace page
    Hyacinth Girl (1984 demo)
    Tell Me Today (1985 demo)

    And that's it...
  3. John DeAngelis

    John DeAngelis Senior Member

    New York, NY
    I'm not familiar with the band Winter Hours, and using capital letter for "The Band" in the thread title made me think it was about The Band.
  4. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    How serendipitous! This place is just rife with opportunities to be exposed to something new.
  5. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    According to you are missing two or three releases, but I think all of the material overlaps with stuff you already have. So, unless you're a completist as far as collecting, it looks like you're covered.

    Have you seen these youtube clips?
  6. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    manicpopthrill, thanks for the heads-up on Discogs. I now have that bookmarked. I can see it being very useful.

    As you say, it looks like I've got all the material on that list, at least. I care mostly about having all the actual songs/recordings, rather than all the physical LPs and whatnot, so I guess I'm not really a completist in that sense.

    I will definitely take a look at those YouTube vids when I get home. Thanks for the links.
  7. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Wow, those were great! Now I'm REALLY bummed that I never got to see 'em. Of course, living down here in Texas, I never even heard of them until the Chrysalis release came out and "Smoke Rings" started going into medium rotation on the then-fledgling Dallas alternative FM station KDGE "The Edge" (since assimilated by The Borg Collective, a.k.a. Clear Channel Communications). And that, of course, was near the end of the band's career.

    Thanks for the links.
  8. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    You're welcome. They had an innocence and earnestness about them. They kind of fit in with what was called New Sincerity back then, like the Reivers from down your way.

    The cool thing is how timeless their music sounds today. Lenny Kaye did a great production job on the Chrysalis album and completely avoided the trendy techniques......the drums actually sound just fine to today's ears.
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  9. Joe Fornarotto

    Joe Fornarotto Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Jersey
    I just finished listening to the Remastered/Expanded edition of "Winter Hours"...Arena Rock did a great job on both packaging(Liner Notes) and mastering...the bonus tracks were a nice addition also.
    I was also a bit confused by the track "Still" being listed as previously unreleased when it appeared on the Chrysalis promo CD single.
    The 2CD Tribute to Winter Hours contains the demo of "Her Heaven" is that as far as they got with that song...I don't see a finished version released anywhere.
    Thanks to siestabug for that list. If you have the 2CD set "These Familiar Places" and the remastered edition of "Winter Hours" you have everything on his list except the 2 tracks from the tribute CD's and the 2 demos from the facebook page...
    That collects a lot of Winter Hours material on 3CD's....

  10. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    On the back insert of the original Chrysalis CD single the track is listed as "Still (previously unreleased)". Maybe somebody thought that was the title of the song and just carried it forward! :laugh:

    I think there's only the demo. At least, I too have not seen a finished track anywhere.

    Well, there was actually only one WH track on the tribute CD, unless you're referring to the sound bite at track 13 on Disc 2. The CD itself doesn't even give a title for it (there's a conspicuous blank space on the back between the titles for tracks 12 and 14), although Amazon calls it "WRHU Station IDs" and attributes it to "Winter Hours".

    Or were you referring to the East of Venus track? I have heard that that was an unproduced song written by Joseph and Michael during WH's original career that Michael decided to record with East of Venus. Is that what you were referring to? "TFP" doesn't contain a real Winter Hours demo of the song ("Faded Pictures"), does it?
  11. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    Still would like to see a track list.......anyone? :sigh:
  12. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    The Connells

    In that vein, another band you all might want to check out is The Connells. They had their greatest exposure in the 90s, after Winter Hours, but did release some stuff in the 80s. Their Boylan Heights album would be a good first listen for WH fans. Fun and Games is more representative of their sound, however. They did have a hit single in Europe in 1993 with "74-75", from their Ring album, but other than that they mainly flew under the mainstream radar, like WH.

    The Connells, as a band, is mainly a recreational pastime for the remaining members these days, who all now have other jobs -- they get together to play a gig every once in a while out in the Triangle area of North Carolina, where they're based. It has been 11 years since their last, independent release. I still like to put on their old releases every now and then, though.
  13. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    Good call. I do have some stuff by The Connells, but it's been quite awhile since I've listened to anything. I'll dig 'em out today.
  14. mykelcar

    mykelcar New Member

    New York, NY
    Leaving Time Instrumental plus....

    Hello all,

    I've joined this forum to answer a few questions that some of you had. The instrumental track between Up There Again and Tell Me Today found on Leaving Time was written and performed by Jane Byaela. Joe and I heard her performing one night on a New York City street corner. Not only did she have a beautiful voice, but played a beautiful classical guitar We befriended Jane and even had her open for us at the Loop Lounge in NJ. I got the idea of having an instrumental track before Tell Me Today from some early Rod Stewart records. He had done that with Maggie May, You Wear It Well and Farewell.

    The song Her Heaven that's tagged on at the end of cd2 is a live to 2 track cassette recording. We'd just lost our drummer(#3) Frank Giannini, so we brought in our old friend and original drummer Stan Demeski to help us out. We also recorded Still, Broken Little Man and Familiar Places during that session. I love the version John Caselli did with his tribute to CCR's "Hey Tonight" during the guitar solo.

    Winter Hours never recorded "Faded Pictures". There are some live performances of it floating around. I had recorded an instrumental called "Almira Street" which Joe liked and decided to put lyrics to it. Had we stayed together, I'm sure it would've been on out next record. We had about 8 new songs at the time of our breaking up. When I was asked to contribute a song to the tribute cd I decided to do an unreleased track with East of Venus.

    East of Venus are just about done recording 6 songs. We're hoping to have them all mixed by the fall and then figure out what to do from there.

    I recently gave Bob Perry all of our master tapes for the Link Records catalog which our former manager/record label so generously gave back to us. Our hope is to remaster the Wait Til the Morning CD and remix and release Leaving Time LP and Say The Word ep, both of which have never been digitized. All of these will have unreleased bonus tracks, both live & studio.

    Guy E had mentioned an earlier band that Stan and I had been in called Red Buckets. If anyone is interested in hearing any of their stuff, I would gladly send a few tracks out. I can tell you that folks like Michael Stipe, Ira Kaplan and Glenn Mercer were fans of the band. Richard Mason was one of the most gifted songwriters I'd ever worked with.


    Michael Carlucci
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  15. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Yes, please! Those will be must-buys for me. Please remember to post something here if that project is ever realized. I digitized my own copies of Leaving Time and Say The Word from LPs I bought on Ebay (for my own personal use only, of course), so I wouldn't have to restrict myself to listening to them on vinyl. Leaving Time came out brilliantly. Say The Word is pretty good, but there is a little subtle crackle from the vinyl that I just couldn't get out in software. A professionally-made set of CDs would be very welcome!
  16. Capt Yossarian

    Capt Yossarian New Member

    I just joined the forum, serendipitously came upon this thread, and have already more
    than recouped my initial investment of, well... nothing, by being convinced to buy the
    remaster of the Chrysalis Cd/downloadable live show and by finding that T.S. Eliot's
    "The Wasteland" was the inspiration of "Hyacinth Girl". There are some stunningly
    knowledgeable folks here. I know I'll learn a great deal and hope that I can contribute
    the odd thought myself. Reading these posts sent me off on several hours of Googling
    and YouTubing and I'm now listening to Game Theory's "Lolita Nation" (The OTHER
    White Album).
    I still recall pulling off to the side of the road when I first heard "Hyacinth Girl" on
    the radio in the mid-80s. At the time, I was dating a woman who had on shift on
    D.C.'s WHFS and I would constantly call her and request Winter Hours. Saw the
    band a few times at the 9:30 Club (Maximum Occupancy 183-actual occupancy
    over 350....does anyone remember THE SHARK? about THE FAN?) Good
    times. Thanks for all the information.
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  17. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Capt! It's good to see some activity on here after two and a half years. I stumbled on this forum in a similar manner, also after it had been dormant for a while (over 3 years).

    I hope that downloadable live show is still available for you.

    Every once in a while I come back here, hoping that Michael Carlucci has posted an update on the project he mentioned viz remastering and releasing Wait Til The Morning, Leaving Time and Say the Word in new editions (I know I would get an email, but I can't help myself). I do hope that comes to fruition. Michael, if you're reading this, you've got at least one fan ready to put in his preorder!
  18. D Scott

    D Scott New Member

    I came to Winter Hours in a roundabout way. A year or so ago I fell for a band called The Deep Dark Woods. One of their albums is called Winter Hours.
    The more I searched for Winter Hours by TDDW...the more I found myself getting directed to the band Winter Hours.
    I've purchased and listened over and over to their "Collector's Edition" CD but don't see anything else but the tribute album which I do plan to buy.
    The mp3 download link for their live release doesn't seem to work. Is anything else in print over available in digital form ?
  19. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    D Scott -- that's amusing, because back when I was still searching out Winter Hours content on Ebay, I kept getting matches on the Deep Dark Woods release of that name. I would never have heard of them otherwise. Seems like you had the opposite experience.

    Just a couple of days ago I hit Ebay and Amazon to see what the current availability of the Wait Till The Morning CD was (I have had a copy for years and years, I was just curious). Imagine my surprise at finding that it is now apparently worth its weight in gold. Ebay didn't have any copies for sale at all (just the original vinyl EP), and the only one I saw on Amazon had an asking price of around $100.

    I have read posts on this forum about an independently-issued compilation CD (I don't have it). Does anybody out there know if D Scott can still get one of those?

    And finally -- does anybody know what happened to the "email a member directly" feature that used to be on this site? I know there used to be one -- after the thread had been dormant for a couple of years, I emailed someone directly to let them know I had replied to an old question of theirs -- but I can't find how to do it now.
  20. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    By the way, having mentioned the Wait Till The Morning EP: be aware that the CD reissue of that name is actually a full-length album containing the eponymous EP, plus the Churches EP, plus a previously-unreleased (as far as I know) track called "I Want".
  21. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    Pretty sure that compilation is no longer around. I think Michael would have mentioned it if he still had copies to sell. FWIW, I was never able to get one either.

    As far as your other question, just click the user's avatar or name and then click "start a conversation."
  22. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Ah... I think that's something individual users must have to enable on their profiles. I see the "start a conversation" link when I click on your (manicpopthrill's) avatar, but not on D Scott's.
  23. manicpopthrill

    manicpopthrill Forum Resident

    That's quite possible, or perhaps you have to be here a certain time period before you're allowed to pm other users.
  24. Twangy

    Twangy Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    great thread! i first heard them back when Hyacinth Girl came out, in what, 1986? here in Boston that got a lot of airplay, and I saw them numerous times around town when they came, they were a really good live band, and I started buying all the stuff by them I could! A longtime fave of mine from the Wait Til The Morning ep is Island of Jewels, which i think still does not sound dated….another fave band at the time (saw their farewell tour in 1988) was Translator, whose excellent drummer David Scheff joined for the Chrysalis release, which frankly, disappointed me….no i REALLY need to track down that track Her Heaven!!!!!!
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  25. siestabug

    siestabug Well-Known Member

    Twangy, "Her Heaven" isn't hard to find; it's on one of the few WH-related items that are still in print, the tribute album A Few Uneven Rhymes:

    You can probably find it via many other sources as well. Be sure to check out the power-pop flavored cover of "Her Heaven" by John Caselli on the same collection - a nice counterpoint to Winter Hours' twangy-guitar original.
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