Woofer Pumping--anything to worry about?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by riddlemay, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. Tim 2


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  2. Robin L

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    Have a turntable with sprung suspension, speakers with ports and a wood floor. Don't have any woofer pumping. For one thing, there's a massive, heavy ceramic tile under the turntable, and the turntable is completely level. Speakers—Infinity 2500, are rated to go down to 45 hz but probably go a bit lower. Did have woofer pumping with other systems in the past. I'd say that set-up is key.
  3. JBStephens

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    And the people to whom you returned the turntable didn't tell you that it's not a turntable problem? It's a FLOOR problem. While turntable isolation might help a bit, footsteps are frequency range of single Hertzes. The floor needs to be blocked beneath the turntable.

    Still, it's nothing to worry about. However, a bit of power is being wasted in woofer excursion, and at very high levels, it might cause the woofer to bottom out.
  4. riddlemay

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    The audio store to which I returned the turntable is a very gracious store to whom it did not matter whether the turntable was at fault, the floor was at fault, or what was at fault. The only thing that matters to them, as a matter of policy, is whether the item fills the bill for the customer. They are concerned with customer satisfaction.

    FWIW, I myself didn't blame the turntable when I returned it. I knew the turntable might very well not cause woofer pumping if it were possible to better isolate it. I never maintained to them that there was a defect in the turntable, or that I believed there to be. I simply said it wasn't "working" for me to keep it, given the floor I have. If they had responded, "Well, then you obviously need to revamp your listening room in order to completely isolate the turntable"--an attitude which I suppose some audio stores might adopt--I would have been an unhappy camper indeed.
  5. RustyL

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    I recently purchased a new pre-amp (Bozak Maddison CLK-PH8) and have visually noticed a 10 Hz pumping on quiet passages that seem to be caused by the new hardware. Zooming in on the wave form in Audacity the squiggles are very apparent. Does anyone know if running a software high pass filter on the recording would have any downfalls? Visually it does correct the problem.
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