Would sure like to see Stereo and Mono Beatles US Albums Box Sets on Vinyl using the US mixes

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by GMav, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. GMav

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    I must say I was very disappointed when the US Albums CD box came on back in 2014. Worst part was using the UK remasters, along with no vinyl offered.

    I would love to see separate box sets in Stereo and Mono on vinyl using the ORIGINAL, and UNIQUE mixes from the US.

    Stereo Box: 14 LPs

    Meet The Beatles
    Second Album
    A Hard Day's Night
    Something New
    Story (2 Lp's)
    Beatles '65
    The Early Beatles
    Beatles VI
    Rubber Soul
    Yesterday........and Today
    Hey Jude (The Beatles Again)

    Mono Box: 13 LPs

    Same as Stereo, minus Hey Jude Lp

    Don't need anything from Pepper to Let It Be as they were issued the same in both the US and the UK. Lp of Magical Mystery Tour is now part of the Worldwide Canon, but Hey Jude was originally a US invention and I believe deserves to be included. Not sure about Introducing the Beatles. Much is replicated on The Early Beatles. I believe Story in Mono is just a "Fold Down" but it was released in both formats and I feel it should be included, also.

    180 gram vinyl with original artwork, labels, inserts, etc. etc.

    As a bonus, include a dedicated book to each set (Stereo and Mono)

    I know it will probably never happen, but the US was/is their biggest market and a lot of us grew up listening to the Beatles that way.
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  2. ohnothimagen

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  3. alexpop

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    Hypothetical thread.
    Not the first one.
  4. Shak Cohen

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    I'm not sure that a mono box would be worthwhile tbh, but I'd like the Dexter-ised stereo masters to be pressed to vinyl again. Very exciting, Rock'n'Roll sound to them.
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  5. slane

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    Just so you know - the US Albums set does contain (most of) the actual unique mixes (17 in total). These mixes were not part of the 2009 remasters.
  6. Mark H

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    Nope, A UK stereo vinyl box, done by the same team that gave us the UK mono vinyl box. Forget the crappy US stereos ever existed.
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  7. andrewskyDE

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    Were the edits and mixes replicated from (UK) session tapes or were they taken from the original US tapes?
    To my ears the audio quality sounds improved in the box set (compared to the earlier Capitol CD sets).
  8. Michael

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    !!!! A Huge NO!!! First give this to us on CD as it should have been done from the beginning...teasing us with 2 box sets and quitting the program was a kick in the ass to the American fan who just wants "their" Beatles albums that they grew up with and cherished...the lack of respect to us fans has been daunting...leaving us with a fake American Album box set with nice covers...pox on it.
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  9. Michael

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    nor the last!
  10. Michael

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    add: ON CD of course
    Introducing The Beatles
    The Beatles Story
    A Hard Days Night
    Rock and Roll Music
    Love Songs
    20 Greatest Hits
    Reel Music
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  11. WonkyWilly

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    It's a phony hodge-podge of UK tapes, US tapes & 1987 remixes. Pointless if you are looking to hear the US albums as they originally sounded.
  12. Yayastone

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    Wasn't there supposed to be a reissue of Meet the Beatles in part with Capitols 75th Anniversary??
  13. Sgt.Pepper1975

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  14. CraigBic

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    I wonder what shape the old stampers are in, maybe the safest way to do a box set like this would be to find the best stampers and run off 20 - 30k box sets in 180 gram in accurate recreations of the old sleeves, labels and materials etc. Though they may as well include Magical Mystery Tour as well and Introducing the Beatles if they do this because you know someone out there will think it is criminal not to.
  15. Michael

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    I agree!...Totally pointless...
  16. Michael

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    Yea, and then someone will start a thread bitching about the overpriced crappy quality vinyl pressings. : )
  17. The Beave

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    N o, I did the first one.

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