You could go back in time to see one Beatles' concert. Which of these would it be?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    The Cavern where I could have seen them countless times and would have been able to see Pete Best performing and singing as well...
  2. Hey Vinyl Man

    Hey Vinyl Man Forum Resident

    Cavern, then rooftop. But I'd kill for a chance at a show in Hamburg!
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  3. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    that would be my 2nd choice along all the rest back then...
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  4. Sixpence

    Sixpence Zeppelin Fan

    Candlestick Park 1966. I just missed the show having been born two weeks later ;)
  5. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

  6. Tommyboy

    Tommyboy Senior Member

    New York
  7. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    The last show with Pete Best and the first one with Ringo as the official Beatles drummer.
  8. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I would have liked to see the reaction when Pete was canned and George got his black eye...LOL.
  9. Alan G.

    Alan G. Forum Resident

    Cavern Club; raw and free.

    I was at Candlestick.
  10. Roli

    Roli Well-Known Member

    Roof Top.
  11. Peachy

    Peachy Duke of The Lake

    Old La Honda
    Cavren Club for me
  12. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.

    At the Kaiser-killer? :D
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  13. Trashman

    Trashman Forum Resident

    Don't forget watching Paul plays drums and George playing an upside-down Hofner bass. Clearly John was having none of that nonsense.
  14. Trashman

    Trashman Forum Resident

    No problem. Here are videos of each show for reference:

    June 30, 1966 evening show with dark suits (full show):

    The Beatles Live At Budokan (1966) by Ron Maas - Dailymotion

    July 1, 1966 afternoon show with light suits (clips only):

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  15. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave A Wizard, A True Star

    Los Angeles, CA
  16. bvb1123

    bvb1123 Rock and Roll Martian

    Cincinnati Ohio
    Probably The Cavern because they were so tight back then as a live band but I'd change to Shea Stadium if I thought I could actually hear them play.
  17. FangfossFlyer

    FangfossFlyer Forum Resident

    York, U.K.
    Without a The Cavern.
  18. FredV

    FredV Forum Resident

    My addendum: I’d like to see the Beatles at the Cavern or Hamburg before they met Brian Epstein.
  19. Steve G

    Steve G Forum Resident

    los angeles
    They also played the second of July I think. Three days.
  20. Grunge Master

    Grunge Master 8 Bit Enthusiast

    It would have to be Cavern or a Hamburg show; not only was the band at the top of their live game, you'd probably be able to pull a couple of birds after a few pints of beer.
  21. Trashman

    Trashman Forum Resident

    Yes, five shows over three days, June 30 (evening), July 1 (afternoon and evening), and July 2 (afternoon and evening). But only the first two shows were videotaped.
  22. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

    Yep, Cavern Club.
  23. BlueSpeedway

    BlueSpeedway overground | underground

    London, England
    Roof top. I’ve walked past that building and up that street so many thousands of times in all kinds of moods. And whatever that mood is, I always think of The Beatles up there, almost at the end of their astonishing time together. I would have to see that.
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  24. John B

    John B Once Blue Gort,<br>now just blue.

    Toronto, Canada
    Do you know if they ever performed She Loves You at the Cavern? That would have been extraordinary.
  25. SurrealCereal

    SurrealCereal Forum Resident

    The rooftop. I wasn't really impressed by what I heard form the recent Hollywood Bowl release, and I wouldn't want to strain my ears to hear over screaming fans. It would be cool to hear them in The Cavern as a raw rock and roll band, but the material, performances, and sound quality from the rooftop make it my first choice.

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