Your choice for the hardest song to sing at a Karaoke Bar? Mine is "Along Comes Mary."

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Teufelzkerl

    Teufelzkerl Forum Resident

    Wanderin' Star by Lee Marvin?
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  2. goodiesguy

    goodiesguy Confide In Me

    New Zealand
    The original by Lucky Starr is even harder:

  3. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Let's see one of you microphone macho men tackle this one:

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  4. DBMartin

    DBMartin Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    Anything by Roy Orbison!

    Many of his songs are quite complex and start our relatively low, but end on a high note, and the worst thing is that you have to sustain that note for quite a while... Even Pretty Woman, which sounds deceptively simple to some, is quite difficult to sing, because you have to be able to hit a F#4 and not make it sound like a forced yell...

    Also, don't try any of these unless you're a skilled singer (with tenor range):

    Any Journey song... (Steve Perry is a high tenor)
    Any Boston song... (again, Brad Delp is a high tenor)
    Bon Jovi - Livin' On A Prayer (the chorus will kill you)
    Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark (Bruce really belts pretty high for a baritone)
  5. mr. k

    mr. k Master of the Rummage (retired)

    The Netherlands
    "Too Much Monkey Business" ~ Chuck Berry

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  6. A few years ago I tried to sing along when Becca Stevens did a cover of Joni Mitchell's "Help Me" live. I had to stop singing after less than 2 lines. When I mentioned it to Becca at the merchandise table afterwards she agreed that it was indeed "very hard to sing".
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  7. ShadowNoze

    ShadowNoze Forum Resident

    Austin, Texas
    Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me) would be quite a feat of labial-fricative dexterity...

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  8. Chazzbo13

    Chazzbo13 Forum Resident

    Somerset, PA
    I watched a very close friend attempt "My Way" excellent singer, they hit all the right notes, but the swagger just wasn't there...
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  9. GeetarFreek

    GeetarFreek Forum Resident

    3 Days by Bare Naked Ladies
  10. TimeWarper

    TimeWarper A Well Respected Man


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  11. I tried singing Stevie Wonder's "Send one your love" at a Karoake bar in Japan..And really struggled with it..Tough song to sing!
  12. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Porpoise Song
  13. oxenholme

    oxenholme Senile member

    Elis Regina - Bala Com Bala

  14. greenscreened

    greenscreened Forum Resident

    Please…don’t sing ‘My Way’, ‘Frank’s’ way!

    If a vocalist’s performance of another artist’s song could qualify as an oxymoron, I’d have to say that song would have to be ‘My Way’.
    I get it, if one is gonna pick someone’s vocal style to emulate that’s not in the Rock arena, why not aim for Sinatra, right?
    If while the intro is vamping during Karaoke or Talent Night, you mention that you’re doing a ‘tribute’ to Frank, that I can understand and fully accept…case closed.

    But if you chose that particular tune because you’d like that song’s powerful lyrical statement to be your final self-testimonial, ya’ may want to consider varying the phrasing and maybe consider substituting the exact notes of the melody just ever so slightly here and there, to may make it sound just a wee-bit more believable….
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  15. Barry Jive and The Uptown Five do a fine version of it in ' High Fidelity '.
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  16. c-eling

    c-eling Fruit Juice Everywhere

    I had a hard time with Revolting Cocks cover of Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
  17. soundboy

    soundboy Senior Member

    Frank Sinatra - My Way
  18. bluesky

    bluesky Forum Resident

    south florida, usa
    'Weasels ripped my Flesh' - Frank Zappa
  19. Here we go ( deep breath ) :
    " Bee B Bumble and the Stingers , Mott the Hoople , Ray Charles Singers , Lonnie Mack and Twangin' Eddy . Here's my ring we're goin' steady........................................Aretha!...............Listen they're playing ' our song....celebrate , celebrate dance to the music....wooo"
  20. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    That's the original? Never heard it before, thanks.
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  21. KeninDC

    KeninDC Hazy Cosmic Jive

    Virginia, USA
    The Led Zeppelin's Black Dog is a toughy. I've seen it done with unintentionally hilarious results. Wailing like Robert Plant ain't easy.
  22. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    Bridge Over Troubled Water - good freakin' luck with that sustained note by Garfunkel at the end. :laugh:
  23. goodiesguy

    goodiesguy Confide In Me

    New Zealand
    Yeah, written by an Aussie bloke named Geoff Mack, who gave it to Lucky, who prior to the record was a rock n roller, known for his custom Star shaped guitar, but hadn't had any substantial hits. This one was a huge one in '62 down under and put him on the path to doing more 'Novelty' type discs.
  24. Fastnbulbous

    Fastnbulbous Doubleplus Ungood

    Washington DC USA
    I couldn't carry a tune on a flatbed truck, sober. I'd have to be plenty likkered up to attempt karaoke.

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