50th Anniversary all things Beatles White Album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by tinnox, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Dee Zee

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    The surround mix of Revolution 9 is a great example of Musique concrète! If they could have created this multi-channel mix back in 1968 the Fabs could have had a great art exhibit with it. Really brings this piece alive.
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    I agree they should be included in digital versions. But quite understandable why they are included in the review, digital copies. Cost savings at not giving every reviewer the physical copy while giving them the opportunity of still reviewing the set. Plus they watermark the files helping with solving any leaks
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  3. BeatlesObsessive

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    I guess I could see MMT or YS in some context as part of whatever final form this takes. But as you point out the MMT and YS soundtracks have been remixed by Giles and even if he were to revisit some or all of the mixes that were done pre 1's.... one has to notice that YS Blu-ray was released last summer and I don't see a separate big deal stand alone reissue on that horizon. MMT is worth it's weight in gold so yeah they could justify it commercially and maybe fold the 1967 stuff into that or just upgrade Past Masters and shove the soundtrack outtakes there.

    First two albums could get the ambient treatment .... create a high res DSP profile of studio 2 and wow us with a lifelike 3D image of the soundstage. Pack on whatever dupes or special outtakes exist and you could sell em as part of a Beatles in ATMOS box.

    Giles has done AHDN and HELP soundtracks..he might take another pass at those or carry on completing the album remixes along with Beatles for Sale and the relevant singles and B sides. Add those to the box unless they intend major reissues.

    So as I see it...considering that the longest most voluminous Beatle session produced 3 CDs of extras. It just doesn't seem that it makes sense to drag out the reissue of two key Beatle albums with the greatest likelihood to be presented as events in themselves, Revolver and Rubber Soul, towards the end of a 5 year period. Giles pointed out that his dad didn't even remember remixing Help and Rubber Soul back in 86. It would seem to me that his motivation for doing these mixes is to serve the Beatles catalog and defend his father's legacy within it as various less generous assessments of him have surfaced amidst revisionist tellings of the Beatles story. He has restored Penny/Strawberry to Pepper, honored the arrangements for the White Album. Will plant the flag for Abbey Road. No doubt will emphasize GM 1's producer role on Let It Be(if good sense doesn't prevail and Ethan John's isn't offered a chance to pack up the tapes in the back of his SUV and create the 5th John's Mix for 2020!!!).

    That leaves the mandate for Giles to properly and definitively remix Rubber Soul for Stereo and to present the Beatles masterpiece that doesn't feature Beatles running around the studio with flaming ashtrays or paramours making audio diaries.. Revolver... with unprecedented remix and demix technologies in place.. with the Beatlefan pump primed!! With ATMOS 5.1.4 firmly established... With IMAGINE out the door ...WHITE ALBUM a smash..with PEPPER in the heavens.... ABBEY ROAD in the can!!! ONO no doubt putting together ULTIMATE Some Time In NYC.. McCartney gobsmacked that he got $400 for Wildlife and RRS and eyeing all those film canisters of Broad Street.

    Revolver, Giles...you were only waiting for this moment to arrive... and YOUR bird can sing!!!!
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  4. Someone who has been banned from the thread, I guess? I still don’t understand the post above regarding the song list.
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  5. DragonQ

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    The Moon
    Erm no, it's panned hard left. Unless the CD and BD stereo mixes are different...

    Well let's take the tracks on those two original albums and see how many remixes they've had:

    Yellow Sumbarine: YSS, YS BD, 1+
    Only A Northern Song: YSS, YS BD
    All Together Now: YSS, YS BD
    Hey Bulldog: YSS, YS BD, 1+
    It's All Too Much: YSS, YS BD
    All You Need Is Love: YSS, YS BD, 1+, Love, Anthology
    Magical Mystery Tour: MMT BD
    The Fool On The Hill: MMT BD
    Flying: MMT BD
    Blue Jay Way: MMT BD
    Your Mother Should Know: MMT BD
    I Am The Walrus: MMT BD, Anthology, Love, 1+
    Hello Goodbye: 1+
    Strawberry Fields Forever: 1+/Pepper Deluxe
    Penny Lane: 1+, Pepper Deluxe
    Baby You're A Rich Man: YSS

    This is all off the top of my head so I'm sure I've missed some. But yeah, the point is these tracks are at the end of the "need a remix" list, realistically. Especially considering anything on Love, YS or 1+ have both stereo and 5.1 mixes, so All You Need Is Love has had at least nine remixes, for example.
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  6. Dee Zee

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    And most of those songs have been remixed in 5.1 surround.
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  7. applejam101

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    He made hundred posts saying that the WA should drop Rev 9 and Goodnight and end the album with Hey Jude. The list shows that HJ was considered.
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  8. BeatlesObsessive

    BeatlesObsessive The Earl of Sandwich Ness

    We need a system like the old Abbey Road archives have!!! It should tell us what analog source was transferred when into which digital WHAT? and then how it was used!!!! Lewisohn is busy but maybe the guy who did the McCartney sessions book can interview modern personnel to create an e book....BEATLES REMASTERING SESSIONS.... that way we can know when Penny Lane was 5.1'ed for ANTHOLOGY VIDEO... vs the Pepper Remix.

    With the latest ideas about retransferring to the latest iteration of dsd or high res pcm? from the master tapes into the bestest digital remixing software as of 2019 and not relying on the 1986 or 1997 or 2001 or 2003 stuff. Well the whole thing might make an interesting essay, book, or mix article.

    Even though these songs have been frequently remixed that doesn't mean acceptable and definitive audio remixes of any of these songs yet exist by the standards of those who would decide to release them. According to the unverified rumors the Beatles were in 5.1 by the early 2000's which was the scuttlebutt atter producers of the 1997 DVD issue went through the process of getting those songs remixed. If what was used last year for the YS reissue are the same remixes that would be one thing and a 5.1 audio release would presumably have been offered as well(would have even made sense to pack it into the white Album as a bonus extra instead of those Lady Madonna sessions at the end of the 3rd outtakes disc since the album was mixed at the same time and the 4k Blu-ray was released) or even a reissue of the Songtrack on Blu-ray audio with 5.1.

    But that wasn't done and wouldn't be until Giles reviews them, oversees and approves further and final remix work that is approved for release. Yes that could take eternity or never but with this economy where it is it might make sense to strike while the iron is hot at Christmas 2019 and 2020 because 2023 might find aging Beatle fans unable to bust open that credit limit with the same brio as yesteryear!!!

    I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see Only a Northern Song or even Hey Bulldog being selling points for a whole audio release in this environment. The White Album package was wonderful but gimmes like unedited Sexy Sadie and Hey Jude/Revolution inclusion were off the table. With Giles new involvement with SONOS I don't see such detail work meriting his attention and if it doesn't merit his attention it's not going to happen.
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  9. DK Pete

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    Re: the "ey up" on BB...it's the same on the Bluray, CD and vinyl. Definitely there.
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  10. hamishd91

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    Question: when the band released a track in the 60s it was released basically instantaneously worldwide. Did that mean EMI would have to send out tape copies to Australia and the US via cargo planes/couriers, or was there another method of transferring all that info?
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  11. paul62

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    Oh, flew in from Heathrow on B.O.A.C.
    Didn't get to sleep last night
    On the way the tape box was on my knee
    Man I had a dreadful flight
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  12. paul62

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    Down to Earth
    "Jae" (who is a member here) is very well-qualified to answer your query regarding Australian releases. I think singles like "Love Me, Do" (with the comma inserted) was a needle-drop of the UK single. A lot of Australian Beatles LPs were made with UK pressing plates being sent over. From memory, The White Album used pressing plates from the US of A.
    Here's an interesting thread (which is still open):
    Beatles Australian Albums
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  13. RonBaker

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    I hate to say it, but this was the highlight of the boxed set for me. It scared the crap out of me, but wow! What a great realization of this track!
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  14. Dee Zee

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    Totally agree, the surround mix made Revolution 9 into something much much more. I love the Dolby True HD 5.1 in this set.
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  15. Devilscucumber

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    That's interesting, I was flipping between DTS & Dolby and thought the Dolby sounded a fraction better, not sure if I was imagining it.
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  16. Actually, you are missing quite a few! For example, the MMT laserdisc stereo remixes, MMT original film soundtrack mono mixes, Yellow Submarine original film soundtrack mono mixes (in true mono), Mono Masters true mono mixes (from the unreleased Yellow Submarine EP), and I am sure a few others.
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  17. Is the list from the box set? I haven’t looked at all the artwork yet, even though I somehow received the box one week before it was officially released.
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  18. Do you really think Revolver needs a remix? It’s not mixed in the hard-panned style of the early albums or Rubber Soul. The only hard-panned mixing I can think of is on Revolver, where the horns are mixed to one side while most of the other instruments are mixed to the other (and with the vocal centered in the mix).

    The “modern” mixing style where 90% of the music content is in mono with just a dash of stereo effects is pretty boring to me.
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  19. Gems-A-Bems

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    Revolver needs louder drums.
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  20. Ivan

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    Yes. But I think it's a bit of a grasp to think that it's a serious tracklist. I agree with the theory that the image was made specifically for the reissue.
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  21. Veech

    Veech Space In Sounds

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    "Got To Get You In To My Life" especially!
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  22. paul62

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    Less brass, more drums (and guitars if they can be recovered from the multitracks).
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  23. BuCo

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    Some stuff from Paul's collection:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  24. BuCo

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  25. Ken Wood

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    Interesting! I think the idea behind this was to give each song a photo (not necessarily for a single but for the album art). Or for a song/text-book?
    (when was that Beatles lyrics book made?)
    I wonder if there is a page missing and when this list was typed. It does include songs not recorded for the WA as well as missing some that were. It must have been at least during the recording process because it cannot be shortly post India as some songs were not written then yet.
    Not included here are:
    - Revolution
    - Hey Jude
    - Revolution 1
    - Circles
    - Sour Milk Sea
    - Piggies
    - Junk
    - Dear Prudence
    - Mean Mr Mustard
    - Glass Onion
    - Birthday
    - Wild Honey Pie (though the title does appear, wrongly attributed to Honey Pie)
    - I Will
    - Martha My Dear
    - Why Don`t We Do It In The Road?
    - Long Long Long
    - Savoy Truffle
    - Let it be / Long and winding road (Ok, I know...)

    BUT it includes Maxwells Silver Hammer!
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