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Grateful Dead Archival Live Release Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Al Gator, Feb 5, 2021.

  1. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    Unfortunately, Jerry butchers the counterpoint riff with Phil on Morning Dew with no fewer than three brutal mistakes in less than ten seconds from 5:25-5:34. It's little written parts like these that compliment the ensuing improvisation and when they're badly clammed, I'm out. Coulda been a contender.
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  2. bzfgt

    bzfgt The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler

    New Jersey
    There is a clam in your post!
  3. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    A clam or a Klamm? Duly unclammed.
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  4. dsdu

    dsdu Forum Resident

    Santa Cruz, CA
  5. bzfgt

    bzfgt The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler

    New Jersey
    You didn't get the one I noticed, which is "compliment" (as opposed to the correct "complement"). Ordinarily I wouldn't point something like that out, but I was amused since it was a post about arguably somewhat the musical equivalent of a typo (a wrongly played composed part).

    I actually clammed my post too, at first typing "there's a claim in your post," which I was tempted to leave, but decided was too many layers...
  6. pbuzby

    pbuzby Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    5/19/77 came into circulation as a soundboard a few years before 5/22/77 and then 5/28/77 got out.
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  7. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    The notable differences being that I don't have 1,000,000 fans and don't get paid for this, but point taken.
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  8. mark renard

    mark renard Forum Resident

    DP 3 is a great show. I wish they would release it in full. Damn, those 77 Betty Boards sound like multi-tracks. She sure had the touch.
  9. bzfgt

    bzfgt The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler

    New Jersey
    Yes that's often how these things go. I think a really great underrated one is Baltimore from 5-26....there's a New Haven one in there somewhere too...I haven't seriously listened to the May Sugarees since around 2010, though...
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  10. bzfgt

    bzfgt The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler

    New Jersey
    Not the point!....so point not taken!
  11. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

    The point is taken, the beast is moulting, the fluff gets up your nose. The illusion is complete; it is reality, the reality is illusion and the ambiguity is the only truth.
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  12. jmadad

    jmadad Forum Resident

    I miss @scribbs. I can’t follow any of this.
  13. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

  14. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

    <div style="position:relative;padding-bottom:56.25%;height:0;overflow:hidden;"> <iframe style="width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;overflow:hidden" frameborder="0" type="text/html" src="Dailymotion Video Player - RAF Banter - Monty Python's Flying Circus " width="100%" height="100%" allowfullscreen allow="autoplay"> </iframe> </div>
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  15. Harp Of Glass

    Harp Of Glass Forum Resident

    I asked this in the Grateful Thread a while back (don't think I got a definitive answer). Did they ever play Terrapin Station without the Lady With A Fan part more than once since 2/26/77 or was 5/22/77 the only unique time it happened?
  16. bzfgt

    bzfgt The Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler

    New Jersey
  17. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy


    or shld I say Wierd.
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  18. Crispy Rob

    Crispy Rob Cat Juggler

    Oakland, CA
    I think that was the only time.
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  19. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    When considering matters of errata, context is everything; hence I respectfully disagree with the expunged miscreantexalted ruler. On a more positive note, 5/22/77 does contain one of the best versions of Slipknot!, which, along with KSM/STDOMTT represent the best post-hiatus compositions and performances. For the record, the top five Slipknot!s (that looks weird, dunnit?) are, in order:
    1. 2/26/77;
    2. 6/9/77;
    3. 5/22/77;
    4. 5/9/77; and
    5. 12/31/76
  20. Charlie Z.

    Charlie Z. Forum Resident

    Central NJ
    4/24 has my all-time favorite Tennessee Jed and China>Rider. I can listen to those two all day long.
    The Dark Star is amazing as well.
  21. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

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  22. Charlie Z.

    Charlie Z. Forum Resident

    Central NJ
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  23. Driver8

    Driver8 Forum Resident

    Released shortly after Hundred Year Hall, Dick's Picks 3 was a gem. Jerry was gone and most fans were thrilled with any official live release.

    This was the first official release from May 1977 - a month so hot it has since had 2 box sets devoted to it.

    I remember buying a money order and sending it in the mail to buy my copy of this. I had a few tapes at this point in my life - most were late 80's to mid 90's shows, taped right off the radio with static and everything. Somehow I had obtained a SBD of 2/26/77 and learned that 1977 was a special year for the Dead making this release a must buy.

    It did not disappoint. I'm not a big fan of Lazy Lightning>Supplication but even this version rocks.

    I was excited that this included Help>Slip>Franklin - a combo which was a favorite because of One From the Vault. This one is a great version - perhaps the definitive 70's version(?).

    Music Never Stopped, Dancing in the Street, Estimated>Eyes>Wharf>Terrapin> AM Dew - all killer....no filler
  24. GuitarStrangler

    GuitarStrangler Forum Resident

    Slovenia, Europe
    Yeah, this one sticks out and kinda hurts. But being that it's surrounded by so much perfection, I can be very forgiving with things like this.

    On a side note, I also think this is not the only Dew where this happens. Don't know from memory which ones... Maybe you should compile them? I am sure you'd enjoy the task. :p :D

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  25. Harm1985

    Harm1985 Forum Resident

    DP3 might be my favourite DP. I think I heard it before May 8th. I only found out it was an incomplete show much later. When I first heard May 8th, I remember being disappointed that it didn't have The Music Never Stopped and Help/Slipnot/Franklin because they are so great.

    Now I see these shows as complimenting each other. Both have awesome versions of Dancing in the Streets, it's hard to say which one I like best. May 22 has the better Morning Dew though.

    Being late to the game, I only recently acquired a second hand copy. I found one on Discogs for 20 euro+shipping. Only to find out that instead of the original covers it had poorly copied ones when I received it, along with the original covers for DP1. I received a 15 euro refund and printed higher quality covers myself, so still not a bad deal.

    I hadn't played it in a while but the memories came back straight away. Such a great release.

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