SACD - Are you surprised at the format's recent resurgence?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by soundboy, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. misterjones

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    I meant to say SACD multichannel, along the lines of Brain Salad Surgery. I’m just assuming sufficient multichannel tapes for a 5.1 remix still exist.
  2. ShallowMemory

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    Exit even more money from my account this week having just ordered a copy.:rant:
    My sacd player sounds great fed with classical titles to the point I wouldn't want to risk ticks and clicks with vinyl issues of them.
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    I had the title and sold it, didn’t think it was that great. I have a very large SACD collection. I originally thought they were a vast improvement over redbook. However as time has progressed I now find that with the right DAC/Player that a great sounding CD sounds almost the equal SACD.
  4. ti-triodes

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    Agree 100%. I’ve heard a number of CD releases that blow away the SACD.
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  5. Michael

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    which one? I hear ya on the Classical...noise free! no tics, clicks, pops,'s the the only way to be...
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  6. ShallowMemory

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    The Searchers :thumbsup:
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  7. Michael

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    OK, cool...: ) please let us know what you think.
  8. soundboy

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    At the beginning of 2021, there were 13,736 SACD releases on One year later, as of this post, there are 14,258 SACD releases on That represented an increase of 522 new SACD releases worldwide for 2021.

    After accounting for the releases that have already been added to during 2021, there were an additional 103 SACD releases in Hong Kong. Together with the new SACD releases listed in, that makes a total of 625 new SACD releases worldwide for 2021. In case you want to know how that compare to previous years....


    I want to mention that the above tally is based on what I can verify through and its successor website,, various e-tailers' websites around the world, and my own SACD collection.

    As noted in one of my previous posts, SACD has surpassed 15,000 releases worldwide during the last quarter of 2021.

    For 2022, I hope MoFi comes through with the Eagles and the Van Halen SACDs.
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  9. PineBark

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    I'm curious what the average production volume is for SACDs, i.e. how many units they're making. Anybody seen a stat for that?
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  10. George P

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    I couldn't agree more. I sincerely hope that MFSL can get back on track when it comes to SACD production. They keep releasing SACDs, but actual product availability has been poor.
  11. Galley

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    I spotted a new release album in Target packaged in a Super Jewel Box case, today. I had heard that they supposedly stopped making them.
  12. Say It Right

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    Niagara Falls
    At this point, there is no resurgence, but the format is enduring. (If that makes sense.) The number of titles being released keeps dwindling, along with the lead time. SACD seems to have outlasted Blu Ray audio though.
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  13. jhm

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    Definitely not since Analogue Productions and Intervention Records (and others) continue to release new SACDs in Super Jewel Cases.
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  14. Hopefully 2022 we will see Dutton Vocalion continue with what has been an impressive few years of releases.
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  15. olschl

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  16. originalsnuffy

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    People who own this SACD seem to know the value. I just participated in an auction on fleabay and it went for about $550.

    At this point I would be happy with a rip. Chick Corea was involved in the remix for the anthology collection from about 13 years ago. It was more than a little compressed but did address some issues I had with the original version. Maybe someday that remix will be released in a less compressed and hi res format. We can all dream?
  17. dwilpower

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    Great selection of discs, great quality and at reasonable prices too!
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  18. yasujiro

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    Has anyone listened to any SACD of Naoko Kawai from Tower Records? I would love to know your opinion.
  19. soundboy

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    Since January 1st of this year when 14,258 SACD were listed at, 108 new titles have since been added to online database. As usual, a number of SACD titles have not been added, such as the just released SACD of ELO's "Eldorado" from Mobile Fidelity or the upcoming 20th anniversary SHM-SACD release of Norah Jones' "Come Away With Me" from Japan Universal Music.

    There have been no significant releases of SACDs in Hong Kong since the beginning of the year, although HK Sony Music reissued some of its past SACD releases, including Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue". Perhaps the lockdown due to COVID-19 is affecting new releases.

    Hopefully, the rumored releases of the Van Halen SACDs (from MoFi in late 2022) and the rumored release of Quincy Jones' "The Dude" (on Intervention Records) will come true.
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  20. Claude

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    Since I have ripped all my SACDs, I'm no longer interested in buying new discs when a hi-rez download is available.

    Many new japanese SACDs are mastered from PCM transfers of analogue recordings - which also exist as downloads. Paying high import prices for a disc sourced from the same PCM files as a download seems pointless to me.

    I'm listening to stereo only, so the multichannel layer on classical SACDs is irrelevant for me.

    I'm disappointed that many announced Analogue Productions SACD reissues of Prestige albums haven't happened, years after their LP reissue was released.

    SACDs like these one have been on pre-order for ages:

    Eric Dolphy-Outward Bound-Hybrid Stereo SACD|Acoustic Sounds
    Booker Ervin-Exultation-Hybrid Stereo SACD|Acoustic Sounds
    Benny Golson-Groovin With Golson-Hybrid Stereo SACD|Acoustic Sounds
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  21. olinko

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    Don't know about SACDs themselves, but I for one welcome the fact that DSD digital releases are more available since I only do digital :)
  22. quicksrt

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    So good PCM is fine too since it’s also digital?
  23. quicksrt

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    Ridicules prices I am seeing in audiophile titles. Out of print but fault recent vinyl going for hundreds. Jazz items just crazy prices. It’s not fun anymore if nice things are $200 - $350 a title.
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  24. quicksrt

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    Not really. BR is consistently found in box sets of Beatles and solo Beatles, Stones, etc. many more than just those but those are high profile artists. Plus for surround mixes, Dolby Atmos is the hot flavor of the moment. I’m not sure Atmos works on the SACD format. This is why I think BR is more prevalent at the moment than SACD. But this could be just at the moment and could change.
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