Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece (Emerald Green Vinyl) February 2019

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Mystic Avenue, Jan 29, 2019.

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    I saw this and jumped in. I've talked about this before.
    The original pressings of VF have been hard to come by in decent shape and even the Burbank WB copies don't sound all that hot. With the fact the prospect of this title getting pressed again, I'm hoping this one works out.

    Some of the VMP titles that have been released are a mixed bag, so YMMV?

    I'm actually a bit stoked. This is a reissue that certainly needed to be done again.
  4. culabula

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    Belfast, Ireland
    I’ve got both the original WB UK issue and the later Polydor reissue. Both are as mint as the day I bought them and sound terrific.

    Some days I view my younger self as a great guy.
  5. spencer1

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    VMP is being suspiciously coy about remastering information pointedly ignoring questions about it.

    Really curious and hesitant to buy.
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  6. conjotter

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    I have an original.

    A Must Have for Van fans, regardless of the source.
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  7. rogertheshrubber

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    Freehold, NJ, USA!
    For me, other than (overplayed) Moondance, my fave Van LP -

    Oh and also St. Dominic -
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  8. teag

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    Wonder who remastered and cut this to vinyl?

    Also, where will it be pressed?
  9. Brian Doherty

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    Los Angeles CA
    i listen entirely to the original issue, i think, domestic warner cd from the 1990s. is this known to suck? otherwise only way i've heard it is cassette dub from my brother's likely close to op domestic warner vinyl.
  10. jgrillo

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    Boston, MA USA
    My copy shipped today. When I receive I will gladly add the deadwax info to this thread. What might be gleaned from that may answer some questions.
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  11. So, in order to buy this one, you have to join the club?

    I might be interested in this release but I don't like joining music clubs where I have to buy releases within a certain time frame.
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  12. Baldmann

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    There are three for sale on Discogs at the moment. Expensive though...
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  13. Beaneydave

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    I read somewhere that they are using a remix that was done a few years back but not issued but I agree
    they are being coy.

    peace and love✌Dave
  14. teag

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    I’ll stick with my original unless more information regarding the mastering and pressing is revealed and makes it worthwhile

    Green vinyl. Hmmmm.
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  15. spencer1

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    Well they finally answered me ...

    "Vinyl Me, Please Hi Chris, We appreciate your question and provide all the details around our records of the month in our magazine. Feel free to check out this one and more! >> We were able to reissue this specific album because we picked 'Veedon Fleece' rather than Astral Weeks or Moondance, etc. due to the rarity. To clarify, this album is hi-res digital to Direct Metal Master (DMM). We feel it's extremely rare and special and hope you feel the same! Spin on :)"

    So there ya go, some information.
    They previously said it did come from the original masters.
  16. spaulding

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    The Windy City
    Thanks for that info.
    I'm out.
    My kingdom for a quiet original pressing...
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  17. willmatic

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    Received mine today, nothing in the deadwax to indicate who this was cut by, only machine stamped numbers.
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  18. asdf35

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    Austin TX
    Does it come with a lyric sheet or booklet?
  19. jeffmo789

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    New England
    Is anyone else ticked off that this is being done outside of the official reissue program, which itself has been on hiatus for a couple years? An exclusive vinyl club?

    Yes, The Healing Game deluxe is finally coming out but why not this one too? And about a dozen other OOP titles.

    Continues to be difficult to be a fan of Uncle Van....
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  20. LeeGriffin

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    If you want to get the record, go ahead and join the club. Choose the "month to month" option. You'll be charged for the Van Morrison album and they'll ship it to you. They won't charge you again until the end of the month for the March release. They usually charge me during the last two days of the month. Before then, just cancel. You just sign in on their website, click on "edit" underneath Your Primary Membership, and then click "cancel membership". It's that easy. No phone call, no talking to anyone. I constantly cancel my membership and rejoin depending on whether or not they have a release I want that given month.
  21. DeRosa

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    That's what i did with the Feist reissue a few months ago. Ordered it, when it arrived it was warped and dished.
    So i requested a replacement, which they sent out right away for free without having to do a return.
    When that arrived i cancelled the membership.
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  22. Satrus

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    Cork, Ireland
    Green or any other colour is a complete turn off for me. I wish this coloured vinyl gimmick would just go away!
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  23. teag

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    I agree.
  24. lucan_g

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    It doesn't annoy me. It doesn't excite me. I just care what it sounds like.
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  25. culabula

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    Belfast, Ireland

    Yes, it’s not easy its being green.

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